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  • The end of his Wii Salute, as well as the end of The Nerd Christmas Carol. The latter got lampshaded by his declaration of only reviewing good games lasting for about four seconds before he counterdeclared "Fuck that, let's do some shitty ones!", complete with holding up a Virtual Boy.
    • And before that, when the Nerd is taken back to the past, there is actual late 1980s-early 1990s home video footage of him and his sister playing video games (with his father taking out the trash in his underwear); his playing Super Mario Bros. 2 and losing, with his "This isn't fair!"; and his family gathering together for gift-unwrapping, when he got a Super Nintendo console and squealed in glee, "My first 16-bit machine!" Awww!
  • The short scene with James and Kyle watching and laughing at all the nerd theme song remixes at the end of the The Wizard (film) review intro.
  • The behind-the-scenes video of the first AVGN vs Nostalgia Critic "Final" Battle are both heartwarming and hilarious. Watching the two actors getting along and laughing together is strangely aww-inducing. Especially when the Nerd sics a kitten on the Critic.
  • At the end of his four-part review of the Castlevania series, the Nerd notes that "The credits sequence [of Castlevania IV] shows little replays of each level. It's like watching old memories. And that's what the Castlevania games are to me: Memories that will last forever." The credits sequence of the video then does exactly this, showing scenes from all of the various classic Castlevania games, right up to different renditions of Dracula's keep. In the final screen of the video, as we watch Dracula's castle from the original NES Castlevania crumble in the distance, the following words appear: "You played the greatest role in this video. Thank you for watching."
  • In his Godzilla review, he praises the newer Godzilla games, saying he should have been born later for these games. Even better is that it is rather obvious that it isn't the Nerd speaking, but James himself.
  • The 100th Episode ends with him hugging all his shitty games, having fought for them beforehand.
    • To elaborate, ROB tells him that he aims to destroy every bad game, except for Gyromite and Stack Up. The Nerd realizes that all his troubles will be over...but he decides to stop ROB anyway.
      • And to top it off, the last shot of the review is that of Simon's Quest which reminds us where it all started.
      • Let's not forget this line:

AVGN: THIS IS MY REAL HERO! [Grabs Mario plush]

  • Also, during the Battletoads review, after Kyle Justin tearfully tells The Nerd about how he's been behind the couch the whole time, you see for a split second that AVGN was actually touched before he grudgingly allows Kyle to join in the review.
  • Him going off at "Your mother sucks cocks in Hell!"
  • The entire Swordquest review. It's notably a lot more respectful than many of his other reviews, and the ending really cements it.
  • A meta one, but for the Angry Video Game Nerd movie, James asked his fans to help contribute a small portion of the budget, $75,000, through here. ...and in less than a month after posting that video, over $100,000 was raised, and rising.
    • The donations proceeded to exceed even this by a further $75,000, less than a month after James posted a video video thanking donators for their incredible support. To put this into perspective, the total donations have exceeded the original goal by $100,000, and it's possible that the movie may end up being completely fan-funded.
  • The "Contra Memories" review, where James speaks independently of his "Nerd" character and tells the story of his first time he beat Contra. He talks about how the ending of any game was a lot more special back then due to games in general being harder, not being able to look up the ending on the internet, and not even knowing what the game's villain and/or last boss is exactly. He actually finished the game in the morning before school one day, with his parents watching, and he apparently still tells people "I beat Contra before breakfast!" Seeing James do a nice, positive review praising a game and seeing him fondly look back on his childhood like this is not exactly funny like the other reviews, but definitely adorable and "aww"-inducing.

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