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  • This movie is packed full of it. These include the air conditioner's blow out (and his dead corpse sitting in the dark in the back of the room for the majority of the film afterward), the various nightmares, the deeply unnerving and upsetting flower scene, the various Family Unfriendly Deaths, etc.
  • Borderlining on Fridge Horror as well; when one closely observes the movie after childhood, it will become frighteningly noticeable how many suicides/attempted suicides there are in it - Kirby swallowing his cord; the Air Conditioner making himself blow out; Lampy almost killing himself via electrocution; the one green car willingly driving onto the rack heading for the crusher; the flower losing all will to live and shows strong implication to not survive long past its scene; and of course Toaster sacrificing himself to save his Master.
  • The Air Conditioner scene.
    • Think about the Air Conditioner for a moment. This is a character that is wedged in a wall, and has spent his entire life watching as the kid (or rather, The Master) would play and interact with the other appliances. His 'function' was just to sit there and watch something he couldn't have. He flat-out STATES this as he short-circuits in a scene that can easily be seen as a bitter man committing suicide in a fit of rage.
    • He doesn't just die. He rages himself to death, spewing sparks and flames while he slowly flies apart.
    • If it makes you feel any better, the Air Conditioner does get better near the end when The Master fixes him.
  • The Monster Clown in Toaster's dream is particularly notable; just thinking about that clown and its Slasher Smile sends shivers down the spine.
    • The Toaster's dream in general, which accentuates his fear of shorting out and accidentally killing the kid.
    • You're Welcome.
  • The scene where Blanky is lost in the dark, stormy forest all night, and then the battery is going out, and even though the battery gets recharged, we are led to believe that Lampy died in the process of said recharging!
    • Lampy being struck by lightning. It shouldn't happen to such a nice cartoon character!
  • This scene is freaky enough to a kid (and a Parental Bonus for an adult who knows what happens when a vacuum cleaner runs over a cord), but then you realize that this is essentially the equivalent of someone swallowing their tongue during an epileptic fit. Geez, this was a dark movie...
  • The worst part is when a blender is dismembered by the goofy shopkeeper who laughs as he does it. This is played exactly as if it's getting brutally murdered (which on the level the audience is watching it really is), dripping fluids and all.
  • "It's a B-Movie". Menacing, deformed appliances, the little plaintive part in the middle ("There goes the sun"), and the spooky shadow puppets. Heck, there's even an Eye Scream with the portable fan thing. I know, I know, Dark Is Not Evil...
    • The lyrics are downright creepy as well:

"There goes the sun
Here comes the night
Somebody turn on the light
Somebody tell me that fate has been kind
You can't go out
you are out of your mind!

  • The magnet. Oh, God, the magnet.
    • An angry creature from above chasing you wherever you hide? And you CAN'T MOVE? 100% Paranoia Fuel.
    • Making this scene even worse is when you really get into the idea of a "Junkyard". In this movie, it becomes a disturbingly grotesque mass grave...
    • How about Rob's near-demise? Seeing the cars get crushed one by one is bad enough, but when a human is there, someone we can physically relate to, that's even worse!
    • The worst part about that whole magnet scene was the fact that even when he's picking up cars, the magnet has eyes (if hostile, glaring ones) that humanizes it. However, when it crosses the line into actively homicidal in trying to kill Rob, its eyes disappear, erasing any humanity in it and rendering it more frighteningly alien.
  • The song "Worthless" is packed full of Nightmare Fuel that would probably only apply to older people watching the film, since the catchy but fairly complex (for a kids' movie) lyrics are riddled with oblique hints of aging, death, and suicide. Seriously, try imagining humans singing that song and see where your mind takes you.
    • Don't have to imagine it: There's a video for it.
    • The compactor is more-or-less eating the cars.
    • This line may be the most chilling in the entire song, and that's saying quite a lot:

I took a man to a graveyard
I beg your pardon, it's quite hard enough
Just living with the stuff I have learned.

    • This can hit kind of hard to anyone who has had depression:

I just can't
I just can't
I just can't seem to get started
Don't have the heart
To live in the fast lane
All that has past and gone.

    • And don't forget the one car who, after singing part of his verse about how his life has amounted to nothing, jumps onto the conveyor belt of his own volition. The people who wrote this must have been going through some seriously tough times.
  • The titular toaster's Heroic Sacrifice, and decidedly Family-Unfriendly Death Disney Death. Egads!
    • The Toaster's graphic mutilation in the inner workings of the trash compactor!

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