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And that's not his chi that's glowing.
  • The Racebending community was created in protest of casting decisions made by M. Night Shyamalan for The Last Airbender. Named after the hiring of Caucasians playing Aang, Sokka and Katara as well as brown people as the Fire Nation. Thus, phrases like "Aang ain't white" and "Aang Can Stay Asian And Still Save the World" became popular among some Avatar fans.
  • Before the movie had even come out, early test screening reviews mentioned a scene that has turned the phrase "punching the fish" into a meme[1].
    • Speaking of Movie!Zhao, did you hear that he found a secret library? He got a scroll that his men are trying to decipher, did he mention that it was a SECRET LIBRARY?[2]

Bill: Let us never speak of what just happened again.

  • Kat-tackle! [dead link] [4]
    • "Are you an airbender, boy?" [5]
  • AANG! JUST ONCE! [6]
  • X! Why are you acting this way? There's Y right beneath your feet! The Z is the extension of who you are! [7]
  • X scene was cut from the movie because it was too "distracting".
  • The amazing line Yue says in the movie, "We need to show them that we believe in our beliefs as much as they believe in their beliefs." is very popular in capslock_atla. What is this, Gurren Lagann?
    • Speaking of which, there's a spiritual place. The city was built around this place.
    • Her penis hair. Dear god, her penis hair...
  • Movie!Ozai's glowing ass, as shown in the picture above.
  • At least the effects were decent. [8]
  • That boy's an earthbender, he was bending tiny stones at us from behind a tree. It really hurt! [9]
  • ....Yes.
  • I am pleased. [11]
  • Watch out for the Fire Nation and their machines.
  • My brother and (insert girl's name here) became friends right away.
  • To get airbending tattoos, you have to meditate...for long periods of time, without losing focus. Some of the great monks...can meditate...for four days. [13]

  1. He actually stabs it with a knife.
  2. The wonderful Rufftoon of Deviant ART, who worked as a storyboard artist on the animated version, pointed out that Zhao mentioned the library (That's supposed to be a secret) several times, as compared to the one time it was vaguely mentioned in the series. The meme was created after she posted a series of humorous guides and overviews of the movie. The one containing this meme is here:
  3. The most notorious example of Flynning Six earthbenders. Four seconds of kata. One rock, slightly larger than a human head.
  4. Katara pushing over a random guard and then just standing there.
  5. What the random guard said that causes this.
  6. How the many changes in the movie affects the audience.
  7. A speech to some prisoners, made incredibly bizarre because of the large deviation from the equivalent moment in the series.
  8. Originated from the Ember Island Players, the effects are in fact one of the few saving graces of the movie.
  9. Proof that the movie Fire Nation are pretty weak.
  10. A battle cry done horribly.
  11. Good news pleases the Fire Lord.
  12. Zuko wants your elderly.
  13. Stoicness. Dramatic emphasis. Unnecessary information sharing. All rolled...into one.