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"Woody" takes on a whole new meaning.

A specific type of Memetic Mutation, like the Memetic Badass but far, far worse for the character's reputation. Maybe the character has a habit of making unsettling facial expressions. It could be that those vibes of suspicion are coming from their preferred choice of company or method of blackmail. Perhaps their name, weaponry, or design is a bit... suggestive of something. For whatever reason, the Fanon hivemind will characterize this character as a rapist for the lulz.

Contrast with the Memetic Sex God, who is desired by everyone.

No real life examples, please; First, this is a rape trope, and All The Tropes does not care to squick its readers. Second, this is a trope about how characters are depicted in media. Please don't use this page to smear the reputations of real people.

Examples of Memetic Molester include:


  • The Burger King
    • At Burger King, you can have it your way. The Burger King, however, has it his way.
  • Uh oh... you better start running... No, really. Because if you don't...BELLY'S GONNA GET YA!!!
  • From Venezuela, I bring you Baneskin, the mascot of Banesco.
    • Not half bad than the Childhood Inspector from that very same country. Who gets into your house very quietly, asks children to show them their bedroom and get dressed and then... he gives them a hot dog if he considers they are "child enough". I mean, what were they thinking?
  • The 1960s incarnation of Ronald McDonald is, even accounting for Values Dissonance, creepy as hell. In his first commercial he first shows up sitting by himself in the dark, then the lights come on and it's a guy in the least-convincing clown costume ever, he has a tray with hamburgers and fries at crotch level, then there's this exchange:

Announcer: Ronald, come meet the boys and girls.
Ronald: Oh, we've already met. I know we're gonna be friends because I like to do everything boys and girls like to do.

Anime & Manga

  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    • The Anti-Spiral has become one thanks to tentacle raping Nia in The Movie. (NSFW)
    • To a lesser (and funnier) extent, Leeron. Not helped by the fact that he once scared Gimmy off from his computer by making a hideous face and saying "I'll eat you!", or what his theme song spells out.
    • Gimmy himself poked his finger up the asses of the following in his Parallel Works video: Simon, Kamina, and the Gurren. Freaking. Lagann.
  • Rebuild of Evangelion
    • Mari, who has no concept of personal space and is already perceived as a memetic Yandere. Usually seen molesting the Eva girls and nearly always a (scary) seme in comics; the movie's "choice" of a Rei & Shinji route has fans assuming she gets along a little too well with Asuka...
    • Gendo Ikari (a.k.a.: The Über-Pimp) is sometimes portrayed as being one of these towards Shinji and Rei. Not helped in canon by his Scary Shiny Glasses and behavior around Rei...
  • Pandora Hearts
    • Break. What with his tendencies to harbor a rape face, offer you candy, and try to become "friends" with you. Seriously, this guy will appear under your bed without warning!
    • Vincent and Lottie are also respectively called 'the king and queen of badtouch' by the fandom.
    • Glen/Revis certainly counts since it turns out that he impregnated Lacie.
  • Sailor Moon
    • An episode featuring a flash-back to Minako's days as Sailor V had one of the monsters she was hunting disguised as a rather shady-looking man who proceeded to grab hold of a little girl standing in the nearby crowd and suck her life energy out of her as she screamed. If he really had been just a suspicious man, I think the rest of the crowd would still have had plenty of reason to be as horrified and shocked as it was.
    • Not to mention Prince Diamond with his obsession with Neo-Queen Serenity (and therefore Sailor Moon) and tendency to disregard her personal space, and attempts at hypnotizing her so that he can steal a kiss. Also, the scene where he hypnotizes her and tries to force her to get down on her knees so she can swear loyalty to him via kissing his hand.
  • Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
    • Matoi, who obsessively stalks her sensei Nozomu, has absolutely no concept of his personal space and, in one instance, followed him into the men's bathroom and stood there as he took a piss.
    • Also "Perry" in the Gag Sub episode who was obsessed with opening everything and pulled tons of "rape faces".
  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
    • Rena Ryugu. Be careful around her. If you happen to be even the tiniest bit cute and cross her path...YOU GONNA GET TAKEN HOME.
    • And considering she finds Colonel Sanders... hu... Kenta-kun cute...
    • She'll literally snatch you up from where you stand and run off clutching you like a kidnapper. Poor Hanyuu had to find this out the hard way.
  • Azumanga Daioh
    • Osaka. This lil' Yandere will rape everything. Even the willing. She is the source of all evil.
    • Possibly Chiyo Chi Chi as well. He's just so damn creepy.
    • Not to mention Kimura, what with the whole fixation on High School girls (the manga going so far as to have him insist that the much younger Chiyo "counts" didn't help).
  • Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter is appropriately called "Pedoclown" by the fanbase based on his habit of flirting with the main male characters, most notably with Gon and Killua, who are both twelve-year-old boys. Or how he stared at their butts in one scene with an interested expression on his face while moaning. In the manga, Hisoka quite plainly becomes aroused when Gon and Killua come across him while bathing—the speech bubbles change in position from panel to panel to hover over his moving genitalia. Killua and Gon are promptly squicked outta their minds. Pedoclown doesn't limit himself to shota boys, though. He also likes to perv on Kuroro and Machi. Word of God says he's turned on by anyone with a strong aura. In the "Nightmare of Zaoldyck" musical, Hisoka amps the Pedobear act up by 9,000. He even compares Gon to a little green apple then he licks it.
  • Death Note
    • Light Yagami's slasher smiles and psychotic smirks are memetic enough on their own so it's no surprise he's subject to this particular meme. Also, the deleted scene where Light stays in the graveyard after L's funeral, starts laughing madly, proceeds to crawl on top of L's grave and shouts "What do you think of that, L? This is my perfect victory! That's right—I win!" with a crazed look on his face... and looks suspiciously like he's humping L's grave.
    • BB disguised as Ryuzaki in Death Note: Another Note. There is no good way to interpret the line "I'm an aggressive top."
    • Ryuk's permanent rape face.
    • Raye Penbar is stalking teenage boys for the FBI...
    • "L never misses an opportunity to install cameras in a bathroom..." L is a creepy looking guy who is secretly very wealthy and powerful and has a whole ranch full of children back home and offers candy to teenage boys. Not saying anything.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima
  • Axis Powers Hetalia
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
  • George Tatsunami of S-Cry-ed and his Big Magnum. It's big, it's hard, and it's comin' to get ya. You can't beat his thick, hard magnum with a fist.
  • Diva from Blood Plus. It doesn't help that she actually did it to a young boy. This is probably the only time that this status isn't for the lulz—most things involving Diva are met with revulsion and hatred.
  • Soul Eater
    • Dr. Stein. Take for example, their first encounter. Not to mention Stein grabbing Maka, exposing her belly by pulling up her shirt, marking it up for an incision, and saying he wants to dissect her. He looked like he wanted to do something other than dissection.
    • Noah. Might end up being canon for the manga, depending on if man/boy rape can be mentioned in shounen manga or not...
    • Giriko. Canon molester as of chapter 75. Also, Ephebophile since 15-year-old Maka is a post-pubescent girl anyway (Not that it's much better, but at least do your damn research.
  • Shizuru from Mai-HiME apparently really loves the female student body. There is some canonical basis for it, as when Natsuki is asleep, Shizuru once kisses her (and Yukino implies she might have gone further, but it's never confirmed). In thesound drama "Lingerie Rhapsody," Shizuru takes great pleasure in sizing Mai for a bra, apparently taking the opportunity for a Skinship Grope.
  • Monster
  • Bleach
    • Mayuri Kurotsuchi has so many... unsettling facial expressions and mannerisms that it isn't surprising that he is subject to this particular meme. And this does not help. Or the infamous Intimate Healing he used to revive his daughter Nemu. He forces this to extend to her, as she has minimal will of her own and he uses her to restrain others, such as a struggling Ishida and Ichigo with Marshmallow Hell to prevent them from escaping while he tried to administer medicine. "If he dies, he dies happy."
    • Szayel Aporro Granz, the antagonist opposite of the above Mayuri. He's flamboyant and makes particularly lewd and disturbing comments about his opponents while fighting them. His zanpakuto's name ("Fornicaras") can also be translated to mean "you will fornicate". Depending on dialect, the word takes on a harsher meaning and actually means "you will rape". If he dies he has the ability to resurrect himself by forcing himself into and "impregnating" his enemies which was best demonstrated when he did so to Nemu, making her stomach grow to an unnatural proportion, and spewed out of her mouth as a liquidy-blob thing, leaving Nemu extremely wrinkled, near-anorexic, and dead. And this rape-imaginery-full scene was published in the Shonen Jump, guys. In his Resureccion form, he has tentacles.
    • Ichimaru Gin: Perpetual grin, Slitted eyes like those of a fox, and a short sword that can grow to impossible lengths. Numerous characters in the series aren't fooled by his constant happy façade and state that they instantly feel distrusting of him. Rukia and Hitsugaya especially don't like him and fear him. Tosen notes that Gin's presence and voice has a similar effect on just about everyone he comes into contact with. Gin himself also appears to be well aware of this effect he has on others and often toys with people's emotions, picking at their fear of him, for his own amusement. Gin is a pedophile.
    • Sosuke Aizen is going to get inside of you. No matter what. Many of these quotes and examples seem intentional, from A girl like you should smile more often... to his close contact, chapter 397's stalker tendencies ("I knew about you since you were born") and so on.
    • Nnoitra Jiruga, whom could have easily been created just to give this trope a personification. He's canon lecherous and fanon mass rapist that would rape you to death as soon as look at you. Not to mention his freakishly long tongue and the four extra arms he gets in his released form. One can only wonder what he uses those for. He seems strangely obsessed and sexist towards certain women, stalking and teaming up with Szayel against Nel, and fixating on Ulquiorra's job of guarding Orihime, referring to her as "pet-sama", and even asked Ulquiorra how far he'd gone with Orihime's "training". He also had Orihime hostage at one point, gagging her with his fingers mid-"Kurosaki-kun!" and was hinted to have intentions of wanting to rape her. (Made even worse when you learn that sticking your fingers into a sexual partner's mouth is... a standard and very popular kink in Japanese porn. Yeah, Kubo went there.)
    • 8th Division Captain Kyoraku's behavior towards his subordinates occasionally seems rather loliconish, especially towards the future Lieutenant Nanao Ise during the flashback arc. His Fan Nickname isn't Captain Grabass for nothing.
    • Luppi's fight with Rangiku... The guy apparently likes playing with his victims right? So he grabs Rangiku in his huge tentacles, and suddenly spikes appear on the end of one. Except he planned on killing Rangiku right then and there by driving the spikes through her body. However, his perverted "I'm gonna rape you" face coupled with Rangiku's terrified face did not help his case. Not to mention he comments on her "sexy body" moments before that, and the chapter's title is "El Violador" aka "The Rapist"...
    • Grimmjow: A constant Slasher Smile (or rape face), likes to force his arm through people's bodies and then there's his behavior towards Orihime. Immediately after saving Orihime from Loly and Menoly he suddenly grabs and lifts her off the ground, saying that now she has to do something for him, and he won't let her say no. All with a malicious grin on his face. A few moments later, he takes her to a fallen Ichigo (he wanted her to heal Ichigo so he could fight him), but he transported her there by somehow storing her in his jacket and she had a rope tied around her hands and a gag around her mouth...
    • Shukuro Tsukishima and Ginjou Kugo will appear right next to you with rather scary "rape faces". And Tsukishima will use his sword to brainwash you into loving him as your bestest friend.
    • Psycho Lesbian Chizuru, especially when she's in "Hyper Erotic Mode".
  • Full Metal Panic!
    • Most people have reached the consensus that Gauron is a pedophile that wants to rape Sōsuke. Although fandom tends to exaggerate it, it's implied to be sort of canon in the novels, where Gauron was shown to try to lure 11-year-old Sōsuke to his camp by promising him food, ammunition, and AS parts—which is pretty much the equivalent of luring Sōsuke to his van with candy. Unfortunately for him, his plan failed, though he still apparently fantasizes about murdering Sōsuke and raping his corpse. He actually later lamented about how he wasn't able to rape him. Hell, just take note of this rapeface. The fandom is more justified in his case, considering how every single interaction he has with anyone has rapist vibes to it. In the novels, Kaname finds out that "that creepy, disgusting man" stripped her naked for the experiments, which made her writhe in disgust (coupled with how, later, he calls her "Kana-chan", something only her best friend Kyoko calls her). And then there's his manhandling of Tessa, where he makes it clear that he'll do "X-Rated things unsuitable for minors to see to this cute little captain" if they don't obey. And after she heads off one of his attempts at attacking a submarine, he handcuffs her, pulls her by her hair, gets close to her face, and tells her with a rapeface that he's "really mad," but that he'll "punish her" instead of killing her. And then there's his way of subduing Dunnigan, which looks a lot like him asserting who's the one in charge by pseudo-raping him (c'mon, look at this). Not to mention Season 1's showdown between Gauron and Sōsuke where Gauron grabs Sōsuke's Humongous Mecha with his own and pins it to the floor. Sōsuke's mecha struggles to get away while Gauron says things like "let's be friends" and "I'm so happy, you've stuck with me till the end." Sōsuke is shown sweating and panting, and Gauron's broken down mecha starts leaking white liquid onto him. Of course, Gauron's ultimate intention is to detonate his mecha with 300 kilograms of explosives and kill both of them (which might very well be his idea of getting to fourth base with Sōsuke), but it really looks for all the world like a giant robot sexual assault. Plus, it's very heavily implied that he adopted the twins Yu Fan and Yu Lan for less than wholesome reasons.
    • And there's Tessa who's rather aggressive in her pursuit of Sōsuke and constantly tries to molest him while he's sleeping. At one point Mao even had to handcuff Tessa to her to prevent her from sneaking into Sōsuke's bed again.
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn
    • Spanner is widely known among fans to be a huge pedophile that wants nothing more than to chain Tsuna up in his room and raep him. Granted, he really did strip Tsuna (for no real apparent reason) and handcuff him to his bed, and Tsuna was unconscious for an undisclosed amount of time while they were alone together, but it's interesting how it's become canon for so many that he is definitely a child molester. And yes, his blushing rape face didn't help much.
    • Mukuro Rokudo is going to have some goddamn fun with you. And then there's his attempts to possess Tsuna's body which sounds almost seductive and his head-butting Tsuna while grabbing him from behind and pulling him up again to rest his chin on his shoulder to whisper in his ear. If you replay that part in the anime it looks like he's raping Tsuna.
    • Glo Xinia has a bit of this going on as well. Considering how during his fight with Chrome he grabbed her hard enough to cause her pain, kept getting in her face, and told her things like: "You seem to like being touched by men. Your blushing cannot betray your desires." "Give me MORE!" (after hearing her screams of pain) and "It's time to eat... that ring and you!" It's hinted he might've done something to her had Mukuro not shown up, allowing her time to escape. Also, when fighting Mukuro he comes out with this line, which really makes him sound like a rapist: "Is that girl so precious to you? Then I'm going to take my share of such a precious girl right before your eyes. This could just be the best situation, don't you think? My appetite for that girl just keeps getting better." and "Don't worry Chrome, I will take good care of you for MUKURO TO SEE!"
    • Birds. Just... Birds. What with him being a creepy old man and all, who wears a perpetual Slasher Smile, giggles creepily, and has a strange sadistic pleasure for tormenting/harming the younger folk...
    • And Depraved Homosexual Lussuria. It starts getting ever so slightly disturbing when he's hitting on jail bait, and is insinuated to have necrophiliac tendencies as well. In his words his favorite bodies are the "wasted, cold, unmoving" ones. Unfortunately, Ryohei goes topless during his fight against Lussuria and this only serves to make Lussuria his hardcore fanboy. In fact, Lussuria actually openly ogles Ryohei's muscular physique and refers to his body as "pretty nice", says that he's "just his type" and promptly decides to take him home and make him a part of his "collection"...
    • Byakuran. The man smiles constantly, loves symbolic flowers, kills off one of KHR's other memetic rapists, and has signature moves where he 'penetrates you'. Oh and let's not forget his image song where he asks you to 'give him your body'. Then there's his blatant obsession with Uni once she escapes his grasp. Although there is a good reason for it, the vibes are still there. Also, from the ending of Chapter 275 all throughout Chapter 276 we see Byakuran stealing a page out of Mukuro's book by grabbing Tsuna from behind and suffocating him—meaning Tsuna's all flushed, gasping, weakly fighting back, etc. While Byakuran never stops smiling, calling him Tsunayoshi-kun, and breathing things like "look at how helpless you are..." into his ear.
    • Julie Katou wants you to know that you have "date plans" with him. And he will help you dress for them~ As Daemon Spade he's also a pedophile that wants your body.
    • Dino may also count, especially when you see this first encounter with hibari as his pupil. To quote:

Dino: I see a problematic kid here. That's fine, (takes out whip) this way things will go faster! (rape smile)
Hibari: ... (prepares to defend himself)

  • Rozen Maiden
    • Suigintou can rape the willing.
    • Meh! Megu managed to will the rapist.
    • Possibly related meme is the featherp0n0s, which appeared on certain image boards recently. Don't look for it unless you like that kind of stuff.
  • Char Aznable of Mobile Suit Gundam is often the target of jokes concerning his... questionable relationships with young girls. It's once even brought up in-universe.
    • Similarly, Yazan Gable of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam is gonna violate you, regardless of age. Or gender.
    • And Prince Ali of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is even more explicit about doing so For the Evulz. Be careful and never take a car ride with him, ladies!
    • Two other molesters from Gundam 00: Graham Aker directs massive Foe Yay toward Setsuna/his mecha, and a lot of his comments are a weird combination of threatening him and flirting with him. Also, Hallelujah is a big fan of The Reason You Suck Speeches, and if you are a female opponent, his taunts sound like he's about to rape you.
  • Strawberry Panic
    • Shizuma will give you one glance, which will freeze you in place, and then she will grope you to her hearts content, whether you want her to or not.
    • Kaname Kenjou: First Momomi, then THE WORLD.
  • Ogata in Hikaru no Go is frequently characterized as a pedophile in fanfics. Maybe it's because he seems awfully obsessed with playing a game with little boys. To the point where he drags Hikaru, drunk, over to a dark room where they can play Go alone? And he's shown blushing and leering at him with one of those raep faces? Yeah.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya. Then again, also sort of canon with her cosrape of Mikuru. In the novels, she actually reaches up Mikuru's skirt before Kyon intervenes. At one point in the 8th novel, Haruhi also wrestled Kyon to the ground and stripped his blazer off of him. The grappling techniques she used were mount and guard. Kyon thought "Is stripping Asahina-san not enough for you, you perverted girl!?" and called it "reverse sexual harassment". It, of course, leads to a classic Not What It Looks Like scene.
  • Karasu from Yu Yu Hakusho Look at him for God's sakes, just LOOK at him.Specifically his interactions with Kurama.
  • Naruto
    • The fanbase and outside consensus widely considers Orochimaru a pedophile. He has a fondness for caressing little kids faces for no apparent reason and wrapping his ridiculously long phallic-looking tongue around people's bodies, trying to trap them. Or his perpetual overseeing, leering eyes, Slasher Smile and overall snake-like appearance. Not to mention the fact that the majority of his henchmen are teenage boys, and he brings them over to his side with promises of power. Or how he acts in this chapter towards Kabuto.
    • Karin is Single-Target Sexuality Memetic Molester. She's obsessed with Sasuke, and has a conversation with Suigetsu which had him telling her that he knew "what she did to Sasuke" - she flips out about it, slaps him, and later we see Juugo questioning why, exactly, Karin is rubbing herself all over Sasuke's discarded clothes. In an omake, she stole what she thought was his toothbrush, for perverse reasons. At one point, she says she was going to "ravage" him. He was still unconscious at the time.
    • Tobi has the habit of sneaking up behind people and, in one instance, watching them while they're sleeping. Also, when he was More Than Mind Controlling Sasuke, he had him tied up and cornered in a room alone with him.
    • Itachi's infamous raep face, his Foe Yay behavior towards Naruto and Sasuke, and the crow-job he gave to Naruto.
  • According to many a Samurai Champloo badfic, Mugen is Rapey McRapist and his True Companions are his preferred victims.
  • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!: Meta Knight, to most Japanese fans. Most likely born from his tendency to appear out of nowhere in the anime and comment on the situation as if he had been watching all along. Also, he hangs out with a twelve-year-old girl.
  • Gun X Sword: Although he's otherwise a perfectly upstanding person, Van is infamous for his dreaded "Raep Face".
  • Shaman King
    • There's two: Faust and Marco are obviously pedophiles looking to rape their respective favorite little boys. Everyone else says so.
    • The Magical Girl AU created by the author makes reference to this—Marco helps the girls precisely because he is a pedophile, and he even gets thrown in jail on the charge of being a molester. Ryu's own pedophiliac tendencies, apparently seen as more pure-hearted than Faust's and Marco's, get turned up to eleven, as he is the villain of this AU, "Lolita Majin", a terrible demon who kidnaps children "to satisfy his lust".
    • Faust can't be a pedophile, he's completely devoted to his wife's corpse.
  • Pick a Go Nagai character. ANY Go Nagai character.
  • The anime version of Aion in Chrono Crusade gets this treatment from fandom—backed up with a lot of scenes that appear to be meant to make him seem Hotter and Sexier, like his Forceful Kiss on Rosette. Almost all of the Fanfic you can find for Chrono and Aion as a pairing has him either raping Chrono, or coercing him to the point that Chrono's consent is somewhat dubious.
  • The second season of Darker than Black has an unsettling element of Lolicon to it, and the protagonist, Hei (formerly a Memetic Sex God) has gotten a bit of this because he accidentally groped the much younger co-protagonist when trying to take something from her, and there's a frightening possibility that the series will ship-them.
  • Takakazu Abe from Kuso Miso Technique is both this, possibly an in-canon Memetic Sex God... only on men he wants though.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
    • Pride is a shadow-tentacle monster who is "watching you from the shadows". In one scene, he possesses Al's body and Al comments that Pride "came inside him" and that his soul felt icky afterward. Lest you think the first was just an unfortunate translation, at other times, being inside of Al's armor/body has had a sexual component (i.e. Mei, who has a crush on Al, being jealous when Winry rides inside him, after she has "taken a ride" previously), so Pride is definitely being equated with being a rapist. And in chapter 106 Pride tries to take over Ed's body as well. He makes a cut on Ed's face and forces his shadow arms inside to try to take over Ed's body as a new container. You can see the shadows force their way inside and slowly spread across Ed's face and shoulders. However, in at least one scanlation Pride turns from Memetic Molester into Memetic Molestee when Ed takes him out. Just enjoy it here. To make it even more disturbing, Ed was chosen for the Grand Theft Me because he was Hohenheim's son, and thus is partly related to Father.
    • Father also has some of this. After going One-Winged Angel, he pulls so many disturbing facial expressions. And then there's his behavior during the "Eclipse". Not only does he act like he's having an orgasm the whole time, but there's also the fact he comments that his "sacrifices" struggling just makes things better for him (since it provides more alchemical power).
    • Don't forget the Man in White/Goldtoothed Alchemist and that epic rapeface of his. Not to mention he's reading hentai...
  • Nabari no Ou: Hattori may have risen to this, thanks to all the neck-touching and his 'praise' of Yoite.
  • Dragon Ball Z
    • The Piccolo Dick meme, which is a .gif of Piccolo engaging in a... less than childfriendly activity with Vegeta. This meme is pretty popular amongst certain Image Boards, obviously. This .gif is also just one of an entire series of .gifs depicting Vegeta being violated by everyone from Goku to Chiaotzu. And a machine operated by Bulma. This probably makes Vegeta a Memetic Molestee.
    • Android 19, Android 20 a.k.a. Dr. Gero, and Cell who have all shown signs of this in the actual story. Android 19 completely tackles Goku to the ground while he drains his energy, and Android 20 has put his hand through Yamcha while keeping his other hand over Yamcha's mouth, and both he and Cell have violated Piccolo by jumping on him from behind. Not to mention Cell's absorption of 18, which, along with everything leading up to it (Ominous Walk, creepy smile, 18 being utterly terrified) kind of SCREAMS rape. So much so that there's at least one flash out there that takes this to its logical conclusion. And let's not forget the disturbing porn dedicated to the same scene.
    • The Tree Of Might movie, Turles. He plants a seed into Earth that sucks out the planet's life force leaving it as dry as a desert. The scenes where he tries to get Gohan to join his team or die also raised a few eyebrows.
  • Hellsing
    • Guess what Alucard just caught? He... just caught... you. The TV series version doesn't help his image. When he features pinning a very young Integra against a wall with no sense of personal space, telling her how he feels "a rage swelling between" (his) "legs!" with a very wide grin as he leans closer to her face. That's why sometimes Gonzo's Alucard goes as "Pedocard" among fans. Also the... rather suggestive way he killed Rip Van Winkle.
    • Alexander gets it to a milder degree thanks in part to The Abridged Series by Team Four Star. Doesn't help that he gave off some VERY rapey vibes to Seras the first time they encountered one another.
  • Haguro and Ryuuko of Wolf Guy Wolfen Crest. Unfortunately for poor Inugami. In regards to Haguro, it's not that memetic anymore. Poor Chiba and Aoshika-sensei.
  • Ghost Stories: Babasare. Seriously, what is the reason of him appearing only to children?
  • Rosario + Vampire: Kurumu-style face rape!
  • Girls Bravo has a few: Kazuhara, Lisa, Kosame, and Hijiri. It's practically canon too.
  • The Millennium Earl of D.Gray-man is well known for this due to his over the top and permanent raep face. This is giving Tyki Mikk the thrills. He will break you one more time. With this hand! Not to mention the fact that Tyki destroys Allen's Innocence.
  • GetBackers has Takuma Fudou. Don't say that Fudou's "throbbing desire" to force Ban to "give his body to him" isn't an allegory for rape.
  • Angel Sanctuary has Rosiel. Dude gets REALLY touchy-feely with just about everyone he meets. It's hard to tell if it's Ho Yay, Foe Yay or just his way.
  • Princess Tutu
    • Drosselmeyer. Children who like stories, come here!
    • Neko-sensei will make his underage, misbehaving students marry him!
  • Alois Trancy from Black Butler. He'll hump your suitcases and doors, as well as Anything That Moves. And Claude is a rapist. And Sebastian is a pedo-demon whenever he's around Ciel.
  • Haruka Nishida from Kanamemo.
  • Code Geass
    • Nothing and no one is safe from the likes of Nina Einstein. Table-kun is proof.
    • Suzaku is a borderline rapist, but only near Kallen and Lelouch (he loves to dominate and pin Lelouch to the ground). The second season reveals that during the Time Skip, the Emperor used his own Geass to give Lelouch Fake Memories. The scene gets almost uncomfortably close to an actual rape, with Suzaku holding Lelouch down and Lelouch begging for him to stop. Also, In Code Geass R2. Suzaku, trying to find out if Lelouch has regained his memory and become Zero again, attempts to use the Refrain drug on Kallen to make her tell him the truth. Kallen is so disturbed and shaken that she begs for him not to, as though she were about to be literally raped by him. Just before dosing her, Suzaku realizes he is becoming Not so Different from Zero, and stops. When you think back to season one and how the mind of Kallen's biological mother was nearly destroyed by the drug, it's not that much of a stretch to believe that poor Kallen would liken a forced dose of refrain to a sexual violation.
  • Ichigo Mashimaro: Itou Nobue loves little girls. She especially loves lifting their skirts and stealing kisses from them while they sleep.
  • Claw from Kimba the White Lion is not only a bit too obsessed with plotting against Kimba, but the one episode where he tries to marry his underaged girlfriend Lyra pretty much sealed his position among fans.
  • Lorenzo Leonelli of Heat Guy J. He's dead at the start of the series, but he's important in flashbacks. And because he was physically and emotionally abusive to his son (driving the latter insane), Fanon assumes he was sexually abusive, too. He is shown as being kind of creepy and imposing, which doesn't help any.
  • In Durarara!!, many a fan have concluded that Izaya's just as much of an asshole in bed as he is everywhere else.
  • Pokémon
    • Brock is known for his "SURPRISE BUTTSECKS" tactics.
    • Cilan is on his way towards this after one episode, where we learn he utterly ruined this girl. The expressions he makes during their rematch make it appear to the viewer that Cabernet was right about Cilan being a monster. It snowballed into "tasting" jokes. His habit of saying things have a good taste doesn't help—people still claim he plans to eat his Pokemon.
    • Muk, Muk, MUK.
  • Hansel and Gretel from Black Lagoon. Possibly. Considering what Gretel did to Eda and their behavior in the omakes, it might not be entirely without reason.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Kyubey gets this a lot. Homura meanwhile combines this with Single-Target Sexuality; she's a Memetic Molester of Madoka. Her magical power is especially well suited for that. Now that Madoka has become a cosmic principle, she's returning the favor to Homura. She's a Homusexual. This fan version of the opening is a shining example of Kyubey at his worst, as well as a logical conclusion to what he could do with his stretching hand-like ears.
  • Masakaki of Control is probably a demon and looks like an even creepier version of Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka. He has a Stealth Hi Bye ability which tends to involve him appearing somewhere suddenly and then just when you thought he was gone, reappearing again. So far, he seems to favor appearances in the protagonist's bedroom, and evidences No Sense of Personal Space.
  • Both Lessar and Misaka Worst of A Certain Magical Index get this treatment. The former has No Sense of Personal Space towards Touma and seems to be constantly trying to seduce him. She's often drawn in fancomics drooling and giving Touma rape face eyes. Worst is a molester of Accelerator, asking him to spank her in the streets and grab her breasts because it'll piss him and Last Order off.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena
    • Kids, if Akio Ohtori offers you a ride in his very phallic shaped car, SAY NO.
    • If you see Touga Kiryuu shirtless, ladies, GET THE HELL AWAY.
    • And if Souji Mikage says you should "go deeper"? REFUSE.
    • Saionji Kyouichi counts too with his behavior towards Anthy.
  • Tiger and Bunny
    • Albert Maverick is starting to get this rep. Really not helped by him drugging Barnaby in a way that eerily reminds you of date rape tactics. And later wiping his memories.
    • Before Maverick and his date rape parallels made their debut, there was Lunatic. That fully equipped medieval dungeon of his has to have some purpose.
    • Jake Martinez, whose outfit can charitably be described as looking like a male hooker's. Taking down Origami Cyclone, Sky High, Rock Bison, and Wild Tiger all down in Curb Stomp Battles naturally spawned a lot of rape fanart.
    • Also Barnaby himself, who's often portrayed in fanart as being a raging Kotetsu fanboy in a manner similar to "Perverted Homura" from Puella Magi Madoka Magica (whom he is sometimes drawn as being dressed like).
  • Blood C: The commentators on Nico Nico Douga make Fumito Nanahara into this, saying that he likes drugging the coffee and also the Guimauve marshmallows he gives to Saya. After Episode 11 and 12, it turns out... they were pretty much right about that.
  • Mirai Nikki: Yuno Gasai is gonna PROTECT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU.
  • Rune from Karakuridouji Ultimo. For obvious reasons. Just compare the fandom's opinion of him back in Part I.... to now.
  • IceDevimon from Digimon Tamers could've just been a Stalker with a Crush, but from very first sight, he's been stalking Rika and is awfully handsy. Then there's his line about her switching from Renamon to him, "why waste your time with Beauty, when you can tame the Beast". Remember, he's talking to, and grabbing, a fifth grader.
  • Livebearer in Toriko IS this trope taken as far as insanity and imagination can go.
  • Satoshi's adopted dad in D.N.Angel based on his creepy smiles, obscuring glasses, and behavior towards his adopted son Satoshi. This leads to a scene in Stage Four (manga volume 15) in which he forces Satoshi to transform while holding him down over a table—yes, the entire has very disturbing rape undertones.
  • Koharu of Koharu no Hibi is another Single-Target Sexuality Memetic Molester towards Akira.
  • In Fruits Basket, there is this scene of Shigure being a perv (as usual). Not to mention the entirety of Akito's character's interactions with Yuki or with pretty much anyone. She's/He's frequently made to be very perverted in fanfiction.
  • In the Yaoi hatedom Semes are often considered this, if not outright psychopaths. When you consider that some of the anime/manga out there is incredibly graphic and violent with how it portrays the Uke clearly not enjoying it then they rather have a point.
  • Tsukiyama of Tokyo Ghoul. To many, "eating Kaneki" has become synonymous with "boning Kaneki". To be fair, a lot of the Ho Yay he generates is a bit predatory.

Comic Books

  • The Corinthian from The Sandman. He has his share of victims. Most of them are guys though, and he really likes eyes. Plus, there's the fact that he takes a distinct relish in despoiling innocence that implies eye-taking is at least as good as sex for him. He's literally made of Memetic Molester Nightmare Fuel! When his creator Morpheus found him hosting a serial killer convention, Morpheus berated (and unmade) him for thinking too small.
  • Batman
    • The Joker
      • According to Word of Alan Moore, The Joker didn't rape anyone in The Killing Joke, but at times it seems that everyone who read the story assumed he forced himself on Barbara Gordon. Even so, it's hard to imagine that Barbara didn't feel extremely violated when all was said and done and you can't blame people for thinking what the Joker explicitly did do (stripping her naked and sending pictures to her father) was a form of rape or almost-rape. This being the Joker, he probably made it feel as close to rape as possible for poor Barbara without actually raping her.
      • His rather Squicky Mind Rape of her father, James Gordon, who was naked at the time.
      • Look at how many people he Mind Rapes and preys on in The Dark Knight Saga, coupled with his unsettling Glasgow Grin.
      • In the graphic novel Joker, the Joker did indeed rape a thug's ex-wife.
    • The Mad Hatter
      • A lot of comic book fans get a creepy vibe from the Mad Hatter. Yeah, a creepy-looking guy in his 40s who dresses up as the Mad Hatter and has kidnapped kids in the past, tends to give off a pedophile vibe.
      • In Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, this is a fact and contributes to the already overwhelming Nightmare Fuel within its pages.
      • An alternate explanation is provided in Secret Six, but if anything it's even worse.
      • In Streets of Gotham, the pedophile angle's back.
      • He'd do anyone, so long as they're wearing a hat.
    • Batman himself is labeled as this by some fans in Frank Miller's All-Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder. He says he kidnapped a traumatized youngster, Dick Grayson, (age 12), mentions how strong he is for his age, all the while a muffled *mmff* could be heard inside the Batmobile.

"Fast hands my my little Robin. Fast hands, big mouth..."

  • Spider-Man's archnemesis Norman Osborn has always had a pretty creepy vibe. Here he is nonchalantly watching Namor shower [dead link]. Norman Osborn is the Anthropomorphic Personification of the Amber Alert. He has a very... interesting relationship with Peter, to put it basically everyone else he comes into contact with.
  • Bueno Excellente from Hitman, who "defeats evil with the power of perversion"? He's even implied to have molested (they don't show it, but whatever happened took two hours and we're only shown the first couple of minutes) an unconscious LOBO (which Hitman videotaped, and used to blackmail the Main Man into leaving Gotham City/Earth) and Kyle Rayner in JLA/Hitman. The fact that he only says his name makes it even creepier.
  • Similar to the Mad Hatter, Toyman of Superman fame is rapidly becoming one of these. This is a character whose gimmick is weaponized toys, and has killed at least one child with little remorse. However, he is an odd case as Toyman also has been shown to actively dislike children. His molestor status has mostly come from adaptive series such as Superman the Animated Series, Superman: Doomsday, and Smallville which play this to the hilt without every explicitly saying anything. The writers of Doomsday admitted that the mini-series Lex Luthor: Man of Steel was inspiration for some elements in it like a scene where someone dropped Toyman from a really high height. In said mini, it was implied and at one point outright stated that Toyman was a pedophile. In the comics, DC has since decided that Toyman isn't really a pedophile. It was all just a pedophile robot clone he accidentally built. OOPS!
  • In Porra, Mauricio!, a Tumblr seeing perverted content of Brazilian comic Monica's Gang, two characters earned this status: Hiro, due to a comic where he talks about he and his friends swimming naked (something which occurs repeatedly in the comic); and Jeremias, primarily because he's black.
  • The venom symbiote in Spider-Man. Also, in the animated adaption he once attacked Spiderman from behind, wrapping his arms around him and yelling "Surprise!"
  • Ultimate Wolverine has this reputation, which is odd, since his mainstream counterpart is a Memetic Sex God. The reasons: A) having sex with a teenage (but legal) Jean Grey, B) while in the body of Peter Parker, attempting to do something to a teenage and very much illegal Mary Jane, and C) hiding in some plants and watching a twin brother and sister have sex with each other. As one commentator put it "I'm the best at what I do, and what I do is hide in the bushes and watch creepy sex."

Films -- Animation

  • Nine
    • 2. Apparently, he's even more smashing in bed. Not to mention his penchant for invading the other character's personal bubbles, or the fact that 9 in particular is his favorite target for such things.
    • Also the twins (though that isn't such a stretch from canon) and 1 (in his case probably his... forceful, dominating manner and expressions).
  • Tom and Jerry: The Movie
    • Dr. Applecheeks is a Memetic Molester of a somewhat different flavor. In a ten-second scene given appropriate notice by The Nostalgia Critic, he steals an ice cream cart by approaching the camera in a menacing, inappropriately predatory fashion as it fades to black. Video Memetic Mutation followed.
    • Captain Kiddie, from the same movie, probably deserves this reputation more though, since he's practically a walking stereotype of a pedophile.
  • Scar from The Lion King, what with his way of walking like how a snake slithers, his almost sensual voice he uses when talking to Simba, his "fake" way of doting on a young Simba... his facial expressions that are made of pure evil... The pulling on Shenzi's cheek... which she´s obviously not OK with... Now consider the scene in The Musical where he practically tries to rape Nala...
  • Stanley from A Troll in Central Park enjoys being kissed by a baby girl a little too much.
  • Kent Mansley from The Iron Giant. It doesn't help that he crosses his legs, covering his crotch, as he sits there watching Hogarth in bed with a creepy smile on his face.

Hogarth: (on the phone) I'll try to come over. But there's this weird guy here who's watching me.
Dean: What's that supposed to mean?

  • Mr. Cherrywood in the Care Bears movie. The Nostalgia Critic pointed out in one frame where he has a pedosmile on his face that just screams "I just touched half of these children. And I'm okay with that."
  • The Coachman from Pinocchio. Many fans took note of the creepy Slasher Smile he makes when he says the word "boys" and how he wants to take them to Pleasure Island.
  • Ruffnut and to a lesser degree Tuffnut from How to Train Your Dragon. You're crazy, and she likes that.
  • Toy Story: Woody and Buzz—see here and here. Woody was made a lot worse. Besides the punny name for a rapist, a Woody doll made in Japan (Site NSFW) has an alternate face that screams, "I'm gonna rape you and then stuff your body in the wall". The Woody figure pictured above also comes with a pair of binoculars... People have actually made several pictures of Woody molesting different anime characters (for example, see this and this) Considering what some of the other things people have done with that doll Woody, he might just be a Memetic Humanoid Abomination instead. In case you are wondering, there is Deviant ART group dedicated to this Eldritch Abomination Woody, called hail to crazy Woody. This is technically just a bunch of pictures of the Woody toy, but pretty much all of them ended up being this trope, because... yeah.
  • Beauty and the Beast: No one rapes like Gaston!
  • Ursula in Disney's The Little Mermaid specifically in her dealings with Ariel, and those tentacles.
  • Frollo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame due to his creepy and unhealthy sexual obsession with Esmerelda.
  • Kaa from The Jungle Book is a popular subject for this trope in Rule 34 circles, owing to both being a giant snake (crush, vore) and his Hypnotic Eyes (mind control).

Films -- Live-Action

  • The Chronicles of Narnia
  • If the Kink Meme is anything to go by, and his behavior in Tron: Legacy is any indication, then Clu's heading here faster than a stolen light-cycle.
  • Jesus Quintana from The Big Lebowski. Paradoxically, nobody is allowed to fuck with him.
  • Harry Potter
    • Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. His first appearance involves the following: he introduces himself to Harry, talks in a simpering, slithery voice, (Mister Potter? Lucius Malfoy. We meet at last.), shakes Harry's hand and then suddenly pulls Harry close to him where he uses his cane to pull back Harry's bangs to take a look at his scar, without his consent. (Your scar is legend...) Or how in the fourth movie he stops Harry with his cane and tells him ominously, "Do enjoy yourself, won't you? While you can..."
    • In Deathly Hallows there's a bit where he tries to convince Draco to do something whilst leaning really close to him, stroking the back of his neck and whispering creepily. Draco has pretty much the same look on his face as when Bella was doing it: "Why oh why must my family keep pseudo-hitting on me?"
    • Let us not forget that incredibly uncomfortable moment in the sixth film when Bellatrix, apropos of nothing, kisses Draco's neck. In a way one does not kiss a nephew. Made considerably worse by the frequent implications of inbreeding when it comes to the pureblood families (in the books at any rate).
    • Oh, and then there's Ralph Fiennes creepy portrayal of Voldemort in the fourth movie onward. Especially creepy is the way he calls Robert Pattinson's dead character "such a beautiful boy" and strokes the corpse's face with his toes.

Voldemort: I could not touch him! It was old magic, something I should've foreseen... But no matter... no matter... things have changed... (gets close to Harry) I can... touch you...NOW! (touches Harry's forehead causing Harry to scream in pain while Voldemort mockingly screams with him, almost sounding as if he's having an orgasm)

    • That graveyard scene was just unfortunate in a myriad of ways, wasn't it?
    • Peter Pettigrew slept in Ron Weasley's bed.
    • Bellatrix also gets on the action in Deathly Hallows - Part I She pins Hermione on the floor and lies on top of her during their "girl talk"
    • There's also the Snatcher (Scabior) who keeps cropping up in the Deathly Hallows films and his uncomfortable fixation on Hermione. According to an Entertainment Weekly interview, they had to tone the creepiness down.
    • Then there's that awkward moment where Voldemort hugs Draco and moans his name while doing so making it sound more like he's having sex with him.
  • Willy Wonka from the more recent adaption of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory inspired quite a lot of people to call him a pedo. (Probably due to some superficial similarities to Michael Jackson to begin with; at the time the film hit theaters, Jackson's trial on child molestation charges had just wrapped up.) Note that he was intentionally depicted as eccentric by Johnny Depp, who got his inspiration from the overly enthusiastic kids show hosts of his youth, as opposed to Jackson.
  • Inverted by Peter Molyneux's "Milo" demo at E3 2009—the title character is a 10-year-old boy whom the player interacts with. Cue a million pedophile jokes.
  • Star Wars: Emperor Palpatine seems oddly interested in Anakin. And later Mara. And then Luke. And then Anakin. The look on his face here does not help matters. Then there's the scene where Anakin is debating whether or not to kill him, particularly made clear by the Riff Trax version:

Palpatine: Are you going to kill me?
Anakin: I would certainly like to!
Palpatine: (closing his eyes and whispering) I know you would.
Kevin (as Palpatine): Oh baby...
Palpatine: I can feel your anger...
Kevin (as Palpatine): Ohhh, I can feel it...

  • Transformers
    • Soundwave has already gotten this for "raping" a satellite in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Which of course leads to Crack Fics about the two (the satellite being upgrade to a female autobot). Also in the third movie, Soundwave holds Carly hostage inside his vehicle form and proceeds to threaten her with several sharp metal tendrils.
    • Megatron gets this reputation as well, especially in regards to Sam.
  • Star Trek
  • Especially on the Star Trek XI kink meme, Big Bad Nero tends to be written as something of a rapist. Has been seen perving on Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Chekov, and probably Bones and Sulu, somewhere.
    • So, to a lesser extent, has Ayel, Nero's Dragon (quite often with them being this way to each other). Chalk it up to Evil Is Sexy.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy Krueger. The biggest piece of evidence probably being a line from Freddy vs. Jason:

Dream Girl: His name is Freddy Krueger and he loves children... especially little girls...


  • The Child-Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, for somewhat obvious reasons. Practically made canon with his Villain Song in the stage musical, which included a line about how the children "won't even need [their] pajamas". It proved so disturbing that the song's been cut from many productions.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: The host of the pageant.
  • Troll 2: Grandpa Seth. He'll touch you in your private area.
  • The creepy hospital guy who licked Sarah Conner's cheek in Terminator 2.


  • Twilight
    • Edward Cullen is wooing teenage girls everywhere with his Rape Face expression. Face aside, it doesn't help when you're probably over a hundred years old and pick up chicks from a high school cafeteria. And watch them in their sleep. A 117-year-old man dating a teenage girl. Yup, nothing wrong with that...
    • Quil, the werewolf in love with a TWO YEAR OLD! Have you seen the movie posters? He looks 24 and creepy, she looks about 12. With barrettes in her hair.
  • The Lord of the Rings
    • If you are young and pretty and fall into Middle Earth, Boromir will rape you. Then Legolas will rush in with the Healing!Sex to make it all better. (That sounds like some sort of really profitable sex scam Boromir and Legolas cooked up.) That's why sensible real fanpeople know to only fall into Middle-earth.
  • Harry Potter
    • Fenrir Greyback's obsession with kids (his tendency to bite them, which turns them into werewolves, and then kidnaps them and raise them to hate normal wizards) has been interpreted by a lot of the fandom as pedophilia. His remark about Hermione -- to Ron, when she was about to be tortured, in Deathly Hallows -- ("Reckon Bellatrix'll let me have a bit of the girl when she's finished with her?") only adds to the rapist vibe.
    • Young Tom Riddle seems a heck of a lot like an internet predator. He meets Ginny through a medium (not face to face), gains her trust and eventually starts manipulating her, and then convinces her to meet him in person, leaving her traumatized and drained. Tom also kind of seduced the much older Horace Slughorn. There were also those two younger kids whom he led to a cave while on a field trip. According to the owner of the orphanage they didn't seem to be physically hurt, but they were "never quite the same" after whatever it was that happened in there...
    • On that note, many found Horace Slughorn's fondness for "collecting" children, particularly teenaged boys, a bit suspect.
    • What about Lockhart? A school full of girls drooling over him, and his talent with Memory Charms...
  • The Chronicles of Narnia
    • Edmund Pevensie is portrayed as this in fics, especially the Edmund×Lucy ones, since he shows a particular satisfaction mocking and tormenting her in the first movie. This is also probably due to Skandar Keynes's mischievous expressions that he likes to adopt during his performance. Not to mention the character's personality that doesn't quite match the typical hero.
    • This is also available for Mr.Tumnus, who allures a little girl into his cave to kidnap her, and The White Witch, who apparently enjoys invading Edmund's personal space.
    • The White Queen Jadis is just as much a creepy pedo in the books as in the films. She offers Digory (the future Professor Kirk) kingship over Narnia in the first book chronologically—with her as queen, of course. Then she pulls the same stuff with Edmund, and her creepy levels go up to ten because Digory is a better boy to begin with, while Edmund is a surly jerk who doesn't need much tempting—he gets better, of course. Plus The White Queen offers Edmund sweets before giving him a ride in her sleigh. "Want some [candy] little boy?"
  • IT: Pennywise The Dancing Clown will eat your children, but only after he terrifies the living daylights out of them since he believes that "you all taste so much better when you're afraid!"

Pennywise: I'm every nightmare you've ever had! I am your worst dream come true! I'm everything you ever were afraid of!

  • Speaking of Stephen King, The Green Mile's William "Billy the Kid" Wharton is this trope. He molests every thing he considers "attractive" and not just that. Unfortunately, this includes jerkasses like Percy, too.
  • Although the novel suggests otherwise, it was heavily implied by fans and movie critics alike that John Rainbird, the main villain in Firestarter has a rather disgusting obsession with 9 year old Charlie McGee. It only further cements it when he talks to or about her. ("She's very beautiful and very young."). However it was not until the less than popular sequel that confirms it.
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events: Count Olaf would just like Violet to know that "You may not be my wife, but you are still my daughter, and--" Just to put it out there: Count Olaf was originally planning on marrying and later consummating his relationship with Violet, who is his adopted 14 year old daughter. Count Olaf? Oh, he's about in his mid-forties, and he has the appearance of an ugly old man. In the second book, he actually makes a non-subtle threat in the form of rubbing a knife up and down her thigh. He also frequently makes comments on Violet's beauty. In a later book, Olaf and his gang were talking about which of the children might have survived a fire. His answer? (Paraphrased) "I hope it's Violet. She's so pretty." All I have to say to that is Yikes!
  • The Wolf from Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods, although a loose analogy to a human "predator" always ends up being referred to/played as a child rapist, even though the only thing he wants to do to the "Little Girl" is literally eat her. If you look closely at the PBS broadcast of the play, Mr Wolf's sexual interpretation is very... ummm... evident.
  • Considering that the above example is partly based on Little Red Riding Hood and other fairy tales (with all the creepy baggage and Grimmification that tends to go with the package), can you really blame people for thinking such? The original Big Bad Wolf has not escaped from this either, but considering he stalks a young girl across a forest then impersonates a trusted member of her family to get closer to her, this sort of thing is more than slightly inevitable. The story was essentially An Aesop about how women should be wary of strangers because they might intend to rape and kill them. There isn't anything memetic about it.
  • Discworld: "Greebo could, in fact, commit sexual harassment simply by sitting very quietly in the next room." (Note that that line isn't a meme. It's a quote from one of the books.)
  • Ser Gregor Clegane of A Song of Ice and Fire is the biggest Complete Monster in a cast that has no shortage of terrible people. He's a sadistic mass murderer and equally active rapist, but because he's such a devastatingly powerful warrior, the Lannister house does everything it can to keep him from paying for his crimes. While he's nicknamed in canon "The Mountain that Rides", some fans have nicknamed him "The Mountain that Rapes" on account of his proclivities. Fan Nickname aside, this one isn't so much memetic as horrifically canon.
  • Drake Merwin from Gone (novel), although Canon seems to be encouraging this now. In Gone and Hunger, it was mostly just a couple lines he says to/about Diana, but by Plague, he's talking about Brianna enjoying nonspecific torture he's pretending she received from him, winking at Astrid while threatening to "come up and play" with her, and fantasizing about what a long time he'll take with Diana when he gets to her. In short, downright creepy.
  • The Star Wars Expanded Universe gives us Jacen Solo and his second Sith apprentice, Tahiri Veila. They love his first Sith apprentice, Ben Skywalker. Really. That Jacen's mentoring of Ben is played for all its worth like pedophilia doesn't help. Tahiri then actually offers Ben sex in exchange for information!

Live-Action TV

  • House
    • Tritter, with his main victims being House, Wilson or Chase. In the fic writers' defense, David Morse was unbelievably creepy in the role.
    • House himself can be seen as this sometimes. Remember when he asked a little girl if she had hair in her special place? But House manages to avert this quite well, actually. Despite constant sexual comments towards almost everyone and claiming to spend absurd amounts of money on prostitutes, there are about three times in the entire series he has had sex, one of which was a hallucination.
  • Heroes
    • Chandra Suresh. Chandra×Gabriel and Chandra×Eden are usually considered consensual, if squicky, but Chandra×Mohinder, Chandra×Shanti and, for some bizarre reason, Chandra×Monty? Not so much. It's been mentioned that Mohinder wouldn't have been able to run out and buy last-minute curare to dose Sylar with, so it's become a running joke that it was Chandra's, which he planned to use to drug the specials he lured back to the apartment.
    • Arthur Petrelli 90% of the time this is his fanfic characterization, because he apparently wasn't enough of a douchebag in canon. (The whole "bad-touch power" thing doesn't help.)
    • What about Sylar? Jeez, Zachary Quinto manages to make him multiple types of creepy at once, including serial-killer-creepy, Mommy-issues-creepy, mind-rape-creepy, literal-mind-rape-creepy not-literal-mind-rape-creepy, I-will-find-you creepy, and most of all, rapist creepy. He's even creepy in the flash backs and flash forwards when he's not a serial killer. Zachary Quinto is amazing-ly creepy.

"Eat your brain? Claire... that's disgusting..."

  • Merlin has Gaius, to an extent, based on several slightly squicky scenes where he asks young men to take off their shirts, and drugs them then sits and watches them fall asleep. He's a physician. The shirt needed to be taken off so that he could assess the damage and possibly apply the necessary medicine. While drugging Arthur was unethical to the extreme, he was ordered to by the king, and, at least, he did do the responsible thing and stay close by in case Arthur had a reaction to the drug. He didn't have to look like he enjoyed it though...
  • Inversion: Doggie Kruger from Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger will be anyone's bitch—gay, straight, male, female, non-human, non-organic... they will tie him up and have their way with him, any time, any place, any way, any kink. He may secretly enjoy it, but he has no choice.
  • Papa Lazarou from The League of Gentlemen, in and out of canon. You're his wife now, Dave.

"How nice to see you again. All. Grown. Up."

  • Beakman's World: Lessee, Mad Scientist, lime green labcoat, literal lab rat... you wonder what Beakman's done to his assistants. Especially Phoebe...
  • Justin from Wizards of Waverly Place is a smart, controlled, studious, mature, flawless young scientist-bookworm, who always takes care and saves his little sister from impending doom. His expression in this image suggests that it's not quite like that.
  • Doctor Who
    • The Master, most commonly with the Doctor, due to No Sense of Personal Space coupled with epic levels of Foe Yay, though other characters are certainly not immune. Sort of inevitable considering his tendency to spout ridiculously suggestive lines while he asserts his dominance, physically or emotionally, and how his friggin' name is the Master.
    • Especially considering his tendency to tie up and imprison the Doctor, once for an entire year! It would be harder to believe he DIDN'T do anything untoward in all that time...
    • The Doctor is over 900 years old. Rose was a 19-year-old girl. Age difference of roughly nine centuries. I'm saying nothing.
      • The worst part? He's been saying he's 900 for centuries.
      • Seriously, the Doctor does a really good job of avoiding this trope when you think about it.
      • The Dream Lord mocks him for this in "Amy's Choice", saying that he abandons people once they "grow up" and that "the old man prefers the company of the young".
    • Minnie from "The End of Time". Who wouldn't want to grope The Doctor's butt?
    • Amy Pond towards the Doctor.
    • And Captain Jack will get you bi tonight.
  • Sportacus from LazyTown.
  • Supernatural
    • Azazel; if you don't see it, you aren't paying attention. Mostly confirmed in the flashback of how he first met the Winchester family.
    • Alastair. Oh dear.
    • Lucifer. Dear God. His tormenting of Sam in season 5 in regards to wanting to possess him (needing his consent to do so, talking about how he will make Sam 'let him in') was joked about... then in season 7 they became dodgier bunk-buddy comments about making Sam his bitch in "every sense of the term" during the year Sam was trapped in Hell with him. It's now pretty much considered canon by much of the fandom that he tortured Sam sexually.
  • Firefly
    • Jubal Early crawls inside you uninvited.
    • And The Operative wants to take you home.
    • The Reavers raping you to death first is the best possible outcome.
  • The Temple Guards of Legends of the Hidden Temple. They sometimes hide in trees and grab children with their branches. They'd also sometimes hide in armor that the player was supposed to press themselves against and grab them with that.
  • Quite a few monsters and/or villains in Are You Afraid of the Dark? have aspects of this trope. Notable examples include a silver midget from "Renegade Virus" who stalked a kid and tried to take over his brain ("I think I'm going to enjoy being inside your brain." * Slasher Smile* ), the vampire from "Night Shift", Nosferatu from "Midnight Madness", The Ghastly Grinner, the Crimson Clown (the thing crawled into a kid's bed and tied him up), Peter from "Captured Souls", Zeebo the Clown, Dr. Vink, the life-sized doll from "Dark Music", the spirit that haunted the pool in "Dead Man's Float", Captain Cutter in "Cutters Treasure", Madame Visage of "Many Faces", and many more.
  • Dollhouse Bennett]] seems to enjoy tying people down to her tables and doing horrible things to their brains.
  • Oliver "Creepy Ollie" Leek (also known as Eek!Leek) has this reputation in the Primeval fandom. Try and find any sort of fic where he gets laid and there isn't coercion of some kind involved. Try.
  • Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you got to wonder why no one questioned him always being alone with teenage girls. Lampshaded three times:
    • First one:

Willow: He's our grown-up friend, but not in the creepy way.

    • Second...

Giles: Now wait a minute—you think I'm evil... if I bring a group of girls on a camping trip and don't touch them?

Buffy: When I kissed you? You know I was thinking about Giles, right?
Spike: (Double Take) You know, I always wondered about you two.

  • The Reaper from Criminal Minds. In his debut, its mentioned he has a thing for teenage girls, and the scenes where he's torturing Hotch in "Faceless, Nameless" have a distinct rape vibe, especially since he's shirtless. In "100", when he's taunting Hotch over the phone, he even says something to the effect of "Tsk tsk. Be gentle. Like I was with you."
  • Will Schuester on Glee often seems a little inappropriate with his students, giving rise to the PedoWill meme. There is also a video about it.
    • Happend to Dave Karofsky after 'Never Been Kissed'. The amount of Karofsky rapes Kurt fanfics after that episode are too many to count.
  • Creepin' Littlefinger of Game of Thrones, with regard to Sansa Stark.
  • Hoyt of Rizzoli and Isles has a lot of creepy rape undertones to his behavior.


Hush little baby, don't say a word, never mind that voice you heard, it's just the beasts under your bed, in your closet, in your head.

  • The original rapist to appear in a heavy metal song is "Captain Howdy" from the first half of Twisted Sister's Horror-Teria, but don't worry; in the second half, Captain Howdy face some vigilante "Street Justice."
  • Mr Sandman in Today's Lesson (by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) "has a certain appetite for Janie in repose / he digs her pretty knees and that she's completely naked underneath her clothes". Yeah...
  • The man wearing a black and red striped sweater in the music video for Three Day's Grace's song "Never Too Late".
  • Watch this video from start to finish and (when you're done laughing) tell us you're not creeped out by this guy!
  • Show of Hands' "Innocents' Song" has King Herod as a Flying Dutchman Shadow Archetype of Santa Claus who's either a Memetic Molester or a Memetic Child Eater.

Who's the smiling stranger
With his hair as white as gin,
What is he doing with the children
Who could have let him in?

  • The male singer of the "Baby It's Cold Outside" duet.
  • Aerosmith's "Uncle Salty"
  • Mr. Lapage in Steely Dan's "Everyone's Gone To The Movies."
  • The Toy Master by Avantasia. Don't you be afraid, come and step inside, take a look around...
  • Ozzy Osbourne's "Mr. Tinkertrain" is quite clearly about a child molester.
  • "I'm So Pedophile" by Onision
  • Maurice Chevalier singing "Thank Heavens for Little Girls". Hrm.
  • Kate Cebrano's "Young Boys Are My Weakness".

Myths & Religion

  • YMMV but the whole idea of Santa Claus "seeing you when you're sleeping" and "knowing when you're awake"... Well... someone had to feel violated, or at the very least, creeped out, by that whole idea. Which leads to the old joke: "Why is Santa Claus so jolly? Because he knows where all the naughty girls live."
    • Well there's the fact that he likes to have little kids sit in his lap while holding them close...
      • There's no shortage of reports of pedophile Santas or Easter Bunnies.
    • Saint Nicholas, the "template" on which Santa Claus was based, gets this a lot as well. He's "comes for every child" and before the 1980s, it was a common aesop that "naughty kids" would be taken by him as punishment. Considering all recent media attention, it probably doesn't help that he's a Catholic Bishop.
    • Hell, even the friggin Easter Bunny gets this treatment.
    • Krampus, a.k.a Beksnickel or the Christmas Devil. You've probably never heard of him, but he was an infamous Christmas character back in the 19th century. Back in the day, most families were too poor to afford presents for their children. Since it wasn't feasible for parents to bribe children with presents for good behavior, people came up with this terrifying alternative. They told stories of Krampus, an overly hairy goat-man with fangs and a long tongue, who would arrive a day before Santa, lure naughty children to him with a trail of food, stuff them into a large basket on his back, and take them away. Prepare to be disturbed.
  • Zeus, probably the Ur Example.
  • Worse than Zeus was Priapus, whose two defining traits are his permanent erection and his insatiable lust. Signs bordering the lands he protected warned trespassers in vulgar terms not that he would kill them, but that he would rape them.
  • Loki. He'll swing with anyone. And I mean anyone at all.

Pro Wrestling

  • Randy Savage became this by the Fan Dumb thanks to a certain IWC urban legend that allegedly involved a then-18-year old Stephanie McMahon, and whether if it was rape or consensual is up to debate. They would claim that this is why Savage is blacklisted from the WWE, despite the fact that not only was he interviewed on the inaugural issue of WWE SmackDown! magazine in 2003, but he also had a DVD set dedicated to him released in 2009.

Randy Savage: ...and uh, Triple H, you already know that I'm gonna bitch-slap ya, and take your girl, Stephanie McMahon!

  • Edge will steal your girlfriend. You can't stop it, you can't do anything about it, and she will leave you for him. Just don't even fight it.
  • If The Iron Sheik hates you, he will put you in the Camel Clutch, break your back, fuck you in the ass, and make you humble!
  • The Ultimate Warrior raped Santa Claus. Such is the power of his Destrucity.
  • Edge mentioned in his autobiography, Adam Copeland on Edge, that Bradshaw soaped his ass in a shower. The Fan Dumb picked up on this and implicated that Bradshaw might have raped some wrestlers.
  • Goldust. Goldust.

Tabletop Games

  • Warhammer 40,000
    • Lucius the Eternal is jokingly considered the ultimate rapist by the fandom. Although he's actually a masochistic swordsman, the fact that he serves Slaanesh sort of turns him into this trope. He will penetrate the rear armour of anything with his Rod Lash of Torment. OH YEAH!!
    • On the subject of Slaanesh, Daemonettes have been depicted as raping (or being raped by) almost everyone in the setting at least once. Being daemonic servants of the literal god of perversion and depravity doesn't hurt.
    • The Sisters of Battle are pedophiles thanks to a certain Image Board's Tabletop Games section.
    • Any and all Dark Eldar are subject to this treatment, and although they are known to rape on occasion they much prefer to torture their victim to death, resurrect them, torture them again and then eat their souls. However, since torture is basically sex for them...
    • Slaanesh him/herself is usually portrayed this way by certain Imageboards, usually being depicted dressed like Dr. Frank-N-Furter and deliberately trying to get anybody entering his/her domain to become slaves to him/her, and gets a massive turn-on when asked to go fuck him/herself with a chainsword.


  • Mr. Bucket wants your balls in his mouth.
  • See Toy Story example above (in movies) for the creepy Woody doll.


  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: Beadle Bamford. Granted, he does spend most of his stage/screentime with canon rapist Judge Turpin. Also, he's really really creepy in the movie. Then there's his cane, which he can make longer or shorter because it folds up. Ew... (And Turpin is, in some circles, a memetic Anthony-rapist. Also creepily movie-canon.) Turpin basically calls Anthony a slut when he first meets him. Being a sailor, he Really Gets Around. This scene also has a pretty heavy Turpin-creeping-on-the-physically-small-longhaired-pretty-Anthony vibe, at least in the film. Showing a victim porn (which is basically what he's doing) is a tactic of real life molesters. Not to mention his disturbingly excited look when he watches Judge Turpin rape Sweeney's wife.
  • Inverted with Florinda in The Rover. Almost every male character tries to rape her at some point, although most of them didn't know it was her at the time, so they're Easily Forgiven.
  • The Wolf in Into the Woods. There are several reasons for this; the fact that he seems much older than Little Red Riding Hood (due to the actor playing him), the weird "walking in place" thing he does on stage, him singing a song about consuming Red and one other thing... HIS FURRY PENIS IS VISIBLE DURING THE ENTIRE SONG!

Video Games

  • Mass Effect 2: Based on 90% of his dialogue, you wouldn't expect Only Sane Man Jacob Taylor to be on this list. Unfortunately, his pre-final-mission romance scene contains one of the game's most notorious lines. "Like sneaking into the captain's quarter's... heavy risk... but the priiize!"
    • The default Shepard is famous on the forums for his rapeface. Many more motivationals like that exist.
    • Canonically, Harbinger wants to dominate you utterly, body and soul, and in combat he often tells you to submit so that he won't have to hurt you. Add to that an inhuman but oddly compelling voice, and you've got everything required for some weird fanart.


  • Yume Nikki has Kyukyu-kun, a phallic object that loves rubbing on the stair handrail suggestively; stabbing it makes it rub faster, as if it's "excited." It doesn't help that it's standing right next to a door that leads to one of the most frightening Mind Rapes in the game.
  • Interrogator Vishas in World of Warcraft is a prime example. (Naughty secrets!)
  • In Dawn of War: Dark Crusade, Governor Lukas Alexander really wants to get his hands on a drugged and imprisoned Farseer Taldeer....
  • The Blue Demon from Ao Oni, and how! ("It's raping time!")
  • Emperor Doviculous in Brutal Legend. And he's voiced by Tim Curry no less...
  • Fenris' former master in Dragon Age II comes across as one, and has a rather scary amount of canon evidence to possibly confirm it.
  • Zangief from Street Fighter. A huge dude wearing neither a shirt nor pants, with a ton of chest hair and scars. His moveset revolves around grappling moves, and his signature move involves grabbing his opponent's crotch while slamming his opponent's face into his crotch. Seriously.
    • In SFIV, he's shown approaching a group of (obviously male) kids, dressed like that. It's made creepier by the fact that he sneaks up on them, and they're all freaked out when they realize he's there. Actually, he did that to listen what they were saying (some of the kids were saying Zangief is a wuss, and he'll go and prove them wrong).
    • Balrog (the "Boxer") and his disturbing ending. He kidnaps a 10-years-old kid and walks in the distance with the line: "Well, this must be my lucky day" (justified by the fact that the kid, as one of Seth's test subjects, is supposed to have some strange Shadaloo power... which means a money reward for Balrog).
      • His ending in Super SFIV, which ends with him telling the kid he "has to do something for him now". Run, kid, run.
    • Along with his various other memetic titles, M. Bison (Dictator) could fit here too. Consider: he surrounds himself with twelve or so unfailingly loyal teenage girls as his Dolls. And then, there's that scene in Street Fighter II V when he meets a captive Chun-Li, not to mention that all of his endings involving Rose involve things like knocking her out, possessing her, or carrying her off......
    • It's shocking that Vega doesn't come up here as often as Bison, considering he's a canon Combat Sadomasochist. He has an obsession with Chun-Li that comes from The Movie (where he implies that he'll rape her alongside beat her, which gets him a savage beating from Chunners in reply), and has been re-sparked in SFIV as well. (And this is not counting how he brainwashes her in the Alternate Universe Street Fighter II V, made even creepier because that particular incarnation of Chun-Li is fifteen as much.) And then we get to Cammy...
    • Urien got a little bit of this in Street Fighter III namely due to one of his winquotes. It probably doesn't help that he's a Mr Olympia-esque, large, black man dressed in a tiny white fundoshi (Japanese "thong" formed by wrapping a single strip of cloth about the crotch). And one that kidnaps children, too, like Chun-Li's adoptive daughter.
    • In Super Street Fighter IV, ninja girl Ibuki (who made her debut in III) gets some of this too, as her entire story revolves around looking for cool boys. It didn't take long for the masses to speak of how horny she was or the lengths Ibuki would go to get some. Of course, she (like many of the other popular ladies of SF) could fall into the opposite end of this trope spectrum.
    • Possibly the worst example by far comes from series' newcomer Juri Han, who hits almost every kink in the book and is a Psycho Lesbian Depraved Bisexual Omnisexual. For one, her post-battle comments make it clear that she's going to rape and/or kill her defeated opponent, and that's not even getting into her rival battles, which sound like she's willing to get it on with Chun-Li, Cammy, and M. Bison.
  • Tales of the Abyss: Van Grants. His Fan Nickname isn't "Master Badtouch" for nothing, you know.
    • In addition to molesting at the speed of light, he can also shoot laser beams with his eyebrows and the source of his power is his beard.
  • It's a widely accepted truth among Tales of Graces fans that Pascal is a pedophile, though this doesn't hurt her popularity one bit.
  • Hugo Gilchrist of Tales of Destiny is considered the greatest badtoucher in the entire Tales (series).
  • Kingdom Hearts: Some of the Heartless attack by slashing at you with their claws, slowly advancing towards you, and then attempting to jump on top of you.
    • Ansem, Xehanort's Heartless, when you battle him in the first game. What with his shirt open in the front to reveal much of his muscular chest, his overall dominating presence, white gloves, black tight pants, and piercing red eyes. And lets not forget one of his attacks include his Heartless attempting to make a grab for you when Ansem screams out in a loud voice, "SUBMIT!!!!!"
      • His possession of Riku, including one scene which has him struggling to escape Ansem's control, with Ansem groaning and Riku saying, "No... you won't USE ME FOR THIS!"
      • It's not just "Ansem" - everyone connected to Xehanort is one of these. Xemnas gets it for creepy facial expressions and watching Roxas sleep. Terra-Xehanort gets it for picking Aqua up by her chest in a cutscene. Master Xehanort gives even "Ansem" a run for his money by leaving a half-naked Ven catatonic and wrapped in a blanket after using him to create Vanitas and isolating Terra so he can't resist their forced (and rather painful) union. He also has a move where he pins you down in preparation to use a Blizzard attack. Even Terra himself can't avoid it, due to an intentional misinterpretation of a scene where he has five-year-old Riku touch his Keyblade and makes him promise not to tell anyone. At this point, you have to wonder if they're doing it on purpose.
    • Marluxia, who the fandom characterizes as a gay rapist and sometimes portrayed as a pedophile, due to how touchy-feely he is with Namine.
    • DiZ in KH2, where he restrained Namine, struggled with her, and put his hand over her mouth.
    • Vexen. It's not as common nowadays, but when Chain of Memories was first released he was often accused of being a creepy pedophile, mostly due to the fact that he created a perfect replica of Riku. This is turned up to 11 in the manga version with his creepy faces and lines. [1]
    • After The Reveal and release of Birth By Sleep, about 90% of all fan fiction written about Vanitas has him threatening suggestively, making out with, or almost raping someone. It's all against their will and completely one-sided, of course. Though, some of his 'victims' seem to enjoy his pursuits a little too much...
      • Doesn't help that, like Larxene below, he's canonically sadistic. Neither do his battle taunts, "What's yours is mine!" and "Show me anguish!"
    • Larxene, being a canon sadist (sexual or not it's debatable), gets this. It's usually with Namine.
      • It doesn't help that when you fight her she says "I'm gonna break you!" which many fans have said it sounds like she's saying "I'm gonna rape you!"
      • Larxene's behavior towards Axel would probably be considered more than memetic if she was a man. She's all over him in Re:Chain of Memories even though (if his body language is anything to go by) he's not comfortable with it, and she doesn't really seem to care (in fact, that's probably exactly why she does it!)
      • And then there's Riku-Replica's desperate attempt to back away from an advancing Larxene.
  • The tune Burn, Bobonga! from Chrono Trigger is now forever associated with getting molested, and specifically victim of the oddly faced Brian Peppers. Thank you YTMND!

Lucca: Liar! I was a perfect lady last night! But why does my tummy hurt so...?

  • Everyone in the hilariously bad Pokémon hack "Pokémon Quartz", especially your rival, J Akira, horrible Marty Stu Author Avatar Baro and the fat, ugly (yet somehow able to use "charm") bear Pokémon Babos.
    • Babos gets worse when it evolves into Osoe. Poor Foxy had to censor a lot of the time Swap.bear was in combat in that Let's Play.
  • From canon Pokémon there is Cynthia, the Champion in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. She was shipped with Dawn and bam, now she's a pedophile. Not usually portrayed as a rapist though. She's an odd case because she's also a Memetic Sex God.
    • Before her was Steven, Champion of Ruby/Sapphire, former in Emerald. Less of a stalker, but he still invited small children into his house. Alone. Now, however, his dorky man-moe has made him the molestee. He's one of the most shipped people with the protagonists, most likely the most shipped other then with each other.
    • Hypno. Mind Rape: Canon. Body-rape: memetic.
    • Oh boy, Silver. He was just a Jerkass in the original Gold/Silver/Crystal (regularly shoving you around, even if you're a girl), but the remakes have added in a scene in the Radio Tower where he strips you of your Team Rocket uniform (it's a long story). Don't think for a second that the fandom has let this slip by unnoticed.
    • And Whitney. There's a scene at the Pokeathalon stadium where she picks out a jersey for the player character to wear, guessing his/her size while thinking out loud. The issue here is that in the Japanese version, her exact phrasing is "Are you an S or a M? Yeah, definitely an M." Upon deciding you are an M, she forces you into an outfit of her choosing.
    • Professor Oak. After all, he came when he heard you beat the Elite 4.
    • Proton is beginning to come one of these. Unlike most of the other examples, it tends to not be soft and more of a Mind Rape too, considering he's a canon sadist.
    • Scott, the owner of the Battle Frontier in the Emerald version is somewhat subject to this as well.
    • If the Japanese fan art is anything to go by, Cheren and N of Pokémon Black and White are already well on their way to becoming this.
    • Lyra. According to fans, she raped a Quilava, probably killed Kris (the character she replaced in the remakes) and is a Yandere. Come present day, she's still as memetic as ever.
    • Ghetsis, especially where N is concerned. N himself is subject to this as well, usually with the female protagonist.
    • Also from Generation V, Grimsley the Dark Elite Four trainer. The fact that he's based on vampires probably lends a lot to it.
    • Maxie, the Team Magma boss, tends to get this treatment as well. But not Archie. Make of that what you will.
    • A classic example is Ditto. Since it's mostly used for breeding Pokemon, this was somewhat inevitable.
  • There was a bit of this after Yoshi Touch & Go for the title character, which probably wasn't helped by the fact the helpful green dino seems to always be around children.
  • From Ace Attorney: Damon Gant will rape you. In the game he didn't do much more than stare.
    • You're forgetting his constant offers to go swimming with him. That and his stare is scary.
    • Not to mention his "confident" animation, where's he's tightening his tie, complete with this look on his face that screams "You. Tonight."
    • Insists on seeing Ema Skye alone in his office, while ushering Phoenix and Detective Gumshoe from the room rather hastily.
      • And the next day, Ema is very... withdrawn. And don't forget Lana is absolutely terrified of what Gant could do to Ema.
      • Oh thank you. Suddenly that scene has taken on an entirely new meaning...
      • Please say that new meaning wasn't confirmed. Please.
    • Kristoph Gavin gets this treatment a lot in the fandom as well.
      • Which can be extremely hilarious to some, considering his younger brother Klavier is widely regarded as the Memetic Sex God of the fandom—hell, he was once the page image! Maybe it's something in the blood?
  • Duke Davis of the NES game Bad Street Brawler has a couple of (unintentionally?) perverted moves; a dash attack where he rams face first into the opponent's crotch and a trip where he fondles his opponent after knocking him/her down. It doesn't help that he runs around wearing a yellow tank top and matching short shorts.
    • And a titty twister! A TITTY TWISTER!!! Strangely, his in-game sprite makes him look LESS like a molester, even while engaging in said moves... It's his blank Agent-like stare on the game box that's particularly creeparific.
  • In F.E.A.R. fandom, Alma is very rapidly gaining this treatment, and for good reason. She actually does rape you at the end of Project Origin.
    • It doesn't help that the back of the manual for Project Origin shows child Alma giving you this horribly creepy emotionless stare, with the words ALMA WANTS YOU written in blood underneath.
  • The Fire Emblem fandom has Gheb, which is fairly accurate to his portrayal in game. He was so well-liked that a patch was created wherein Gheb is the main character.
    • Don't forget Gheb didn't actually die. It was a fake double named Gleb.
    • It's basically canon Valter wanted to raep Eirika, but considering his fellow villains comment rather heavily about his track record of canon psycho stalker behavior and the fact he has a Gauron-esque obsession with hunting down Ephraim (Eirika's brother), it's no surprise he has this reputation.
    • Oliver from Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn the fat, decadent slave-trading nobleman, is apparently able to charm the pants off everyone, for the sake of beauty.
    • Radiant Dawn's Heather should've had a spot reserved here.
  • Wolf O'Donnell, leader of Star Wolf, especially with his suit from Assault up to Super Smash Brothers. He's a real Manly Gay and Leather Man combined with a slight hint of furry. His official pictures also depict him with that grin or look that screams "RAPE!" And let's not forget Leon's comment about him.
  • Weegee. Just look at him.
  • Ignatius Mortimer Meen. Oh, look, what clever children...
  • Tingle from The Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask is clearly a Pedo with a boner for Link. CLEARLY.
    • It only makes it worse that you first meet Tingle in jail in Wind Waker...
    • To say nothing of Ganon or the Traveling Maskman.
    • Or the ReDead enemy class. Or the Gibdo class in some games.
    • Or Zant in Twilight Princess. What with his grappling with Midna in one scene, that has him leaning in to whisper "I need you" to her while she struggles against his hold, or his penchant for randomly appearing behind you.
    • Morpha in the Water Temple of Ocarina of Time is basically a giant water tentacle that can manipulate water and sneaks up to Link, looking at him from under the water's surface in it's first appearance, and constantly attempting to commit both tentacle rape and goo rape on him.
    • Nabooru, due to her promise of doing "something great" for young Link if he could retrieve the Silver Gauntlets. This is practically canon, as is hinted when she laments about not being able to give you your "reward", especially since you grew up to be so handsome. Though like with the "you're not afraid of dragons are you" lady from The Legend of Zelda CDI Games, the implications of such sexual advances are are considered less dire when a woman is making them.
    • In that vein, Telma. She does go after a much older man later, much to his displeasure.
    • Like Like came first
    • Rauru from Ocarina of Time, according to some. Note that Link is wearing an earring when he wakes up that wasn't there when he went into his 7 year sleep, and in those seven years, Rauru was the only one with access to his body. The chances of the placement of that earring being the only thing Rauru did are... slim. Recall that before Link went to sleep, he wasn't wearing pants. Seven years later, he wakes up wearing tights. Do the math.
    • Demon Lord Ghirahim will get you from behind.
    • Ganon's scheme of kidnapping little girls in Wind Waker reeks of this. They don't posses the Triforce of Wisdom, so why is he still keeping them locked up in a cell below....his room....Uh oh...[1]
    • Vaati is the embodiment of this trope partly because it's actually canon. He is a Really 700 Years Old Dirty Old Man who kidnaps young maidens out of lust.
  • From Silent Hill: Pyramid Head, sex god. A brisk walking pace is the best defense. Comparatively logdisp. Pyramid Head carries around a phallic sword that represents, among other things, James' issues with women.
    • While the character actually is a rapist (the first few times he's encountered Pyramid Head is in the middle of raping an enemy monster—or several—to death), it still qualifies due to the exaggeration of how much he goes around raping things.
      • Although some will argue that the first time, Pyramid Head isn't raping the Mannequins, but is trying to seperate two fighting monsters. His doing it in canon in later games may be Ascended Fanon.
    • And then there's almost every single other monster in the games, especially the Personal Space Invaders, and especially the Abstract Daddy/Doorman and Slurper monsters.
    • Dr. Kaufmann in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories: "You know, people who are getting enough don't need analysis. You clearly are not getting enough. Let's see this through to the end."
  • While not very widespread, The Fear of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater has been known to get this treatment from time to time. Considering his freakishly long forked tongue, ability to turn invisible and love of paralytic toxins, it's really not surprising.
    • Ocelot sometimes gets this treatment as well. The remarks about "long silver bullets" and the fact that he's an interrogation specialist don't help. Mostly if you're a guy.
    • Volgin and Raikov are both Memetic Violators of Personal Space. If you are male, and within grabbing distance of either of them, fandom says you are not getting away with your junk ungroped.
  • Persona 4: Igor's portrait when he talks to you looks rather creepy, like a rape face.
    • Doesn't he always? The fact he's a capable pianist does not help much. Those long, gloved, bony fingers just WANT to reach out of the screen and molest you. Or strangle you.
    • This adds to the creepiness.
    • Also from Persona 4, Tohru Adachi earned something of this reputation after The Reveal.
    • The Shin Megami Tensei series as a whole brings us Mara, a giant penis demon and a god of temptations. (Yes, we mean those kind of temptations, and then some.) His (or in the case of Strange Journey, her) innuendo-filled pre-battle dialogue certainly doesn't help.

"It will only take one thrust to penetrate your frail form and finish you off immediately!"
"Through my charms, your kind will reach their climax and...die!"

Sigma: That's right, folks! I'll do it again, and again! I will make X and Zero mine! Now, come and get me!

  • Since we're on the subject of Mega Man, Let's Do IT! showing a very... interesting Alternative Character Interpretation of Crash Man. (And Flash Man and Quick Man too, to a lesser degree...)
  • The spirits possessing the OopART in the second Mega Man Star Force game kept inducing nightmares demanding Geo submit to them. What they said? "GIVE ME YOUR BODY!" Geo almost always ends up in a traumatized possession shorty before waking.
  • Sander Cohen from BioShock (series) will rape you. And probably film it so he can sell the result as avant-garde cinema.
    • Yi Suchong as well. If he hated kids so much, why'd he do all his work around them? Answer, He actually loves children... but in a different way.
  • Soulcalibur has Voldo. From his movements, to his finishing moves, to his Bondage Fetishist get up. Walking Rape machine hands down.
    • Ivy Valentine is also a bit of an example of this but usually in the Ho Yay variety for certain "obvious" reasons but Taki and Sophitia are often considered to be her most likely targets. It also doesn't help that canon supports her getting intimate with a guy would be a bad idea, and it's obvious she's really frustrated sexually, especially given her BDSM personality.
  • Lu Bu from Dynasty Warriors. He even has a joke Fan Nickname of Lube Up given how he's generally the toughest opponent on the field.
    • Pfah! Quite a wuss, really, if anything due to the juggle mechanics Dynasty Warriors inverts it. Number of times killed by Lu Bu: 4. Number of times killed by the Qiaos: like, 1400? They only need one good attack to start chaining, while Lu Bu will pass over you most of the time due to his moveset (especially true for his Musou). If you are close enough, his attacks will whiff. Cao Ren gets an honourable mention for being quite a grappley fellow for a beat-em-up, dressing like Megaman, and being the Implacable Man as it takes one more hit to knock him out of the 'throw' or 'charge attack' animations. Another honorable mention goes to Huang Zhong, normally a bit of a joke, becomes quite lethal on hard and above due to the immense power boost on his arrows. Which he fires into your chest at point blank range.
  • The Jockey from Left 4 Dead 2... there are some very, VERY Squick drawings. Given his actions, however... be glad that they didn't use his original design. Ready the Brain Bleach.
    • Doesn't help that the Jockey is actually called "face humper" in-game. In addition, the Smoker qualifies with his extra-long tongues, the Tank for getting people out of the closet, and the Hunter for jumping on the Witch. The Charger is surprisingly exempt from this, since you know what they say about zombies with one huge arm...
    • Poor Zoey has become a memetic rape victim. Being the only female (Rochelle who?) stuck with three guys with big guns, Smokers who just got off the set of the japanese porn they were filming, tanks, hunters, even the witch on occasion, Let's hope she's got a chastity belt made of adamantium.
    • Some safehouse graffiti warns that the one in the dark hoodie (the hunter) will try to touch your nipples. That's right, evem the hunter is trying to violate you.
  • Mr. Sandman from the Punch-Out!! games. Especially in the Wii version. Doesn't help that he's a Scary Black Man and talks a lot about putting "Mac Baby" to bed.

Mr. Sandman: Hey Mac Baby! Brush your teeth? * leans in* It's bed time...

  • The second-player Luma in Super Mario Galaxy 2 can grab onto enemies. And NPCs. Special note goes to the fact that when aimed at Peach, it appears to be fondling her breasts. Oh, and when it interacts with Yoshi, he runs off crying after Luma finishes with him. Once you start thinking "rape" when Luma attacks, it will be impossible not to laugh.
  • The DJMAX (Technika) fanbase somehow managed to turn a song into one: Enemy Storm [SP], aka: You gonna get CROOVE'd.
  • "I am the milk is delicious....
  • Jak and Daxter: Erol wants more than just to win, eco freak. Erol wants you!
  • Mr. Blank was always watching over you...
  • BlazBlue's Hazama. It doesn't help that he's also a memetic troll, nor does his resemblance to Michael Jackson (see below).
  • I-No from the Guilty Gear series looks like a prototype of Hazama. On screen she licks and strokes her guitar and takes her top off when she wins.
    • And her quotes make her pass the memetic molester territory and make her a memetic rapist. Specially on EX mode.
  • Creepers only want hugs.
  • The scientist and the FBI Agent from the E.T. Atari game; you know they're doing more than just "research"...
  • Albedo from Xenosaga. Not only does he look and act like an insane Roman Emperor, but he surrounds himself with artifically created little girls. And then there's the.....things he does with MOMO and Jr.
  • Rasputin from World Heroes. The dude has a special move that involves dragging the opponent into a rosebush and doing god knows what with them! Plus, the enhanced version of the move has the opponent try to escape only to be dragged back in! [2]
  • Amnesia the Dark Descent has three:

Web Comics

  • In-universe example: In Ghastlys Ghastly Comic, there was a debate over whether it would be more frightening to be raped by Christopher Walken or John Malkovich, and how it might be possible to stop them.
  • Homestuck
    • The Fandom seems to be giving this treatment to sober!Gamzee. The rapefics were already hitting the web just a few days after his Face Heel Turn.
    • Doc Scratch seems to be going this way too, due to recent interactions with Rose and Jade. The revelation that he is part Cal probably helped... This has persisted even after the revelation that he is not anatomically correct. It then gets even worse in the 08/07/11 updates. Apparently 1. he's been keeping Aradia's ancestor the Handmaid locked up in his apartment, 2. she's lost her furniture privileges before, 3. she does not want to be there 4. she's been raised by Doc Scratch her whole life.

Web Original

  • The imageboard Choose Your Own Adventure Ruby Quest features the mad doctor Filbert, who has an official license to rape (implied in canon,[2] exploited in fanart), and exploits this on absolutely everybody in the facility. Occasionally, his molestations even have healing powers.
    • One of the other adventures run recently, Knight Blades has Yellow Fang, second in command of the Fang mercenary group. It's pretty much implied he's raped all his compatriots at one point or another with a variation of the 'candy van' tactic. He may have passed suddenly, but his legacy lives on!
  • Dr. Octogonapus from the Lazer Collections.
    • He later reveals to Randal that he's his son. And lordy. The lines he comes out with when he's trying to teach Randal a little bit about his new powers:

Dr. Octogonapus: Feel the power in you, Randal. Let it seep up your thighs and penetrate your body! Let it PENETRATE YOU, Randal!
Randal: (smashes a car) Feels good...
Dr. Octogonapus: Now release! Let it build up, and RELEASE!
(Randal groans and fires his lazer beam at the smashed car, completely destroying it.)
Dr. Octogonapus: (grins) Come my son. You have much to learn.

Gohan: So... can I... help you?
Vegeta: No. (strokes Gohan's head) But maybe I can help you. (rapeface)
Gohan: Uh... I need an adult.
Vegeta: I am an adult.

"I'm terrifying and a potential rapist. But I'll never say it flat-out."

Western Animation

  • Mr. Dink, the creepy next door neighbor from Doug fits this trope to a T.
  • There's a distinct pattern of who got this treatment (molester and victim) on Avatar: The Last Airbender during the initial airings of each season:
    • Season 1: Zuko-->Katara Rape Is Love fics; Zhao-->Katara
    • Season 2: Azula-->Everyone, including especially her brother.
    • Season 3: Surge in Azula-->Suki; Ozai-->Mai (Paging Dr. Freud!)
    • On a related note, there's a meme about Toph to the effect of "I have learned that pedophilia is OK if it's for someone who would have an easier time raping you."
      • Her "I will rape you" smile doesn't help any.
      • On a sidenote related to said smile, there seems to be a new meme springing up on /co/, "Toph Rapes Everyone" - the capitals are a must, apparently—equating said act to the same sense of inevitability as death, taxes, sunrise, and sunset.
    • Much of fandom take the opposite view of ZUke Zuko, declaring that "the question is not if Zuko will be on top or on bottom, the question is if he will be facing up or facing down."
      • Zuko wants you to bring him your elderly! And he wants to touch little boys and tween girls while they are unconscious.
    • And now Amon in The Legend of Korra. The events of "The Revelation" and "The Voice in the Night" have only emphasized the point.
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Handbanana is going to see you. Tonight.
    • This may be the only example ever where that is exactly what he is like in the actual shows, except there he only does it to Carl.
    • Hey he's just a dog he only know words like "ball", "Good"... and RAPE
    • Does Handbanana count as a memetic molester when his cannon motivation is actually molestation?
      • Carl himself has some 'rape-ie' tendencies.
  • Vlad in Danny Phantom. Come on now. Vlad's first appearance alone has him creeping into Danny's room just watching the boy struggle in his sleep, not to mention the multiple attempts Vlad has done to try and lure Danny into the dark side which when taken in a different context, it sounds almost seductive. And of course there's the episode "Eye for an Eye" where Vlad gives such quotes as ("I'm rubbing your nose in this mess you made, Daniel, doesn't it smell yummy?" and "You forgot to take your supplements, have a dose of vitamin-ME!" for example). Then there's the fact Vlad made a prepubescent female clone of him... whom he only planned to use to perfect a male clone.
  • Metalocalypse
    • Seth. Specifically, his creepy, unintelligible breathy mumble of a voice and constant swearing under his breath.
    • Dr. Rockzo also counts as this. First, he is a clown. Second, since the Dory McLean incident he's a canon Ephebophile. Lastly: Murderface. Keys. Pocket. Awkward.
    • "Manvona Incubusso". Gender Flip fanart is made of this, [dead link] with a dash of Evil Is Sexy.
  • Tarantulus from Beast Wars. Two quotes specifically "Surprise!" to Rattrap after jumping on top of him, and "My filters will adjust; it is the act I enjoy more than the nourishment," to a Bound and Gagged Cheetor.
  • Slade from Teen Titans is always joked about being an Ephebophile, being an adult man obsessed with teenage heroes Robin, Terra, and Raven. Plus he's a serial mind-rapist in canon. Pretty much all of Slade's actions and words have a rapist vibe to them.
    • In the comics canon, Slade actually was having a sexual relationship with Terra, who was sixteen at the time.
    • This was to the point where someone was capable of creating a Hentai Flash animation in which he rapes Raven without changing his dialogue.

"It is going to happen. And no matter what you wish. No matter where you go. No matter how you squirm. There is nothing. You can do. To stop it."

    • And he's voiced by Ron Perlman. His voice will molest you. Every time he talks, it's like he's sliding his hand underneath your shirt and you can't stop him.
  • Transformers Animated Lockdown, especially with regard to ninjas and motorcycles (of which Prowl is both). His hobby involves strapping people to tables and taking bits off them, there's a good chance he'll do other things while you're down there.
  • Transformers Prime
    • Airachnid, mostly due to her....uncomfortable obsession with and behavior towards Jack (even referring to him as "my Jack"). Like Lockdown, she's made a hobby out of keeping "trophies" from her various hunting exploits, and simply loves invading your personal space. Not to mention the extra legs have all sorts of creepy implications...
    • Knock Out seems to straddle the line between this and Memetic Sex God, depending on who you're talking to, but one thing is agreed upon by the fans: he wants to do bad things to Optimus Prime's rims. Very bad things.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy has the Kanker Sisters.
  • Dr. Rabbit. As stated by one Youtube Pooper, it's as if they were practically begging for someone to edit the cartoon to make him seem like a pederast.
  • In the old Popeye cartoons, Bluto/Brutus would often find himself chasing Olive. Did he really just want to kiss her, like he always said? His lecherous attitude, combined with Olive's panicky reaction (HELP! HELP!) suggests otherwise.
  • Code Lyoko: William's Rape Face is a fairly minor example.
  • Drew Pickles from Rugrats is one of the best-known examples, thanks to YouTube videos.

Drew: Hello, my name is Drew Pickles and I am really really gay.
Drew: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Bag. That was swell.

  1. Possibly so his bird doesn't keep tracking and kidnapping the same girls.
  2. the rape part, that is, not the licence to do so
  3. Toot toot!