Utopia Academy/Tear Jerker

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HORRIBLE AND SAD DEATHS DURING ROUND ZERO since that's what you came here for anyway:

  • Tsuki takes a bullet and dies so that Sora is able to keep fighting without worrying about her. It works a bit too well.
  • Nunnally is killed by a laser. While Euphemia mourns, Kallen's evil shadow counterpart guns her down.
    • Lelouch is killed by Shadow!Mei, but not before being dragged to the bodies of his sisters, and having a Heroic BSOD.
  • Edgar is stabbed in the back by his own shadow while he tries to protect Kevin. And then Kevin is killed anyway.
  • Sulu is killed by Dark Kallen, and his body is found by the real Kallen, who seems to have a thing for him.
    • Kallen then proceeds to kill Dark Sulu, telling him, "Sorry. I get the feeling that Sulu would be pretty pissed if I died right here. So for him, I have to keep going." Could possibly double as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Molly from Runaways is killed by the shadow version of Fletcher, a good friend of hers. There are tears.

Everything else:

  • A good number of characters forgot the names and/or faces of those dearest to them thanks to the school's Laser-Guided Amnesia system. Cue frustration and tears.