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  • In TransplANTed, when Chyna performs at Lexi's party, Lexi walks over to Cameron and says "That girl stinks." Cameron's immediate reaction: "That girl is my sister and I'm trying to listen to her sing."
    • Lexi herself probably won't be giving us many of these, but in that same scene, she seems to grudgingly acknowledge that Chyna saved her party even though she's snapping at Paisley to shut up about how talented Chyna is.
  • Cameron and Lexi's preceeding Odd Friendship in the show is actually pretty cute. It's strange that they own the only moments listed here thus far, even though they're the usual antagonists.
  • When Lexi and her partygoers attend Chyna's "party" (a term I use loosely), you get the feeling Lexi actually enjoyed herself for a while. At least until Olive drove everyone away in her sleep. It was kind of sweet to see her not giving Chyna grief for once.
    • Also, Lexi and Chyna at the end of "America Needs Talant". The two of them actually hug each other! It appears that the above statement of Lexi not giving many of these has ended up untrue!
    • Just before that, when Lexi expresses her fear that her song would never have been as good as Chyna's, rather than holding Lexi's attempt to cheat against her, Chyna is quick to assure Lexi of her talent, and seems to direct her ensuing "You Are Beautiful" song to her as well.
  • In IgnorANTs is Bliss, when Olive comes clean about regaining her memory after a bout of amnesia, but still pretending to be absentminded enough to get kicked out of the ANT program, and to be placed in kindergarten, she returns during Chyna's new speech, which isn't going so well, and recites Chyna's old speech word for word, which ends with her saying how Chyna now loves being in the ANT program because its where she met her best friend.
    • Even more heartwarming when you realize that she lost her memory while trying to help out Chyna.
    • Also, Chyna fought very hard to keep Olive in the ANT Program after she lost her memory and was considered useless.
    • In the same episode, Gibson revealing that he owns, cares for, and is apparently very responsible with a blind dog.

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