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  • Dawson Casting:
    • China Anne McClain (age 13), Sierra McCormick (age 14) play 11-year olds as does Jake Short who at 14 is old enough to be a high school freshman on the normal non-A.N.T. schedule, while Allie DeBerry (age 17) is only two years older than her character Paisley, who's 15 years old.
    • Sierra, who is 14, more than likely wouldn't be in High School yet since most kids who have a birthday after August have to wait until are 5 at enrollment to start school. However, she was on Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? nearly four years ago. Which would mean she either was in fourth grade, or she started school a year early is and indeed in high school now, theoretically speaking of course. Still a huge example of this trope.
    • Parodied with the cast of the show within a show, High Heels High, who all look as if they are in their 30's.
    • Most of the high school students you see in the background at Webster High look as if they fall into this trope.
    • Cameron's actor is 18 but looks much younger, so young, if his voice wasn't as deep as it is, (and it's not that deep) he could have probably been cast as and A.N.T. Chyna is roughly the same height as he is while being 4 years younger, and the actors have about a 5 year difference in real life. That could turn out to be very interesting and funny in later seasons since he is the only main cast member that is pretty much done growing.
      • He was even mistaken for an A.N.T. on the show on a couple occasions.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • What is Ms. Briggs doing in Chyna's school?
    • And the lead character is Big Rob's niece who almost spilled the Nick/Macy secret, and Tina the Angel from Wizards of Waverly Place.
    • Paisley was the (older) girl Flynn had a crush on in one episode of Shake It Up.
    • Chyna's mom was Yvonne Hughley.
    • Greg Brady hosted the in-unverse game show "The Brainy Bunch".
    • Tinka Hessenheffer played Fletcher's date/babysitter in "Some EnchANTed Evening".
    • Lilith's former vessel is now an ANT with a photographic memory. Actually rather disturbing, when you think about it.
    • Sarah is Cameron's imaginary prom date.
  • Irony as She Is Cast: Allie DeBerry as the Dumb Blonde Paisley is actually said to be very smart. Justified as actresses such as Reese Witherspoon and Amanda Seyfried, as well as many others have proved in the past that it takes a smart actress to pull off the dumb blonde, especially considering roles that the aforementioned actress has done in which they weren't a dumb blonde. In addition to that, she previously sang in a choir. And while she isn't said to be a bad singer, she is the only member of the cast who hasn't sang at all aside from Jake Short (Olive singing the Slovakian national anthem barely counts as singing) on a show with a lot of singing on it.
  • Retroactive Recognition: China Anne McClain and Sierra McCormick both appeared on the Hannah Montana episode "Welcome to the Bungle", both playing confused and distraught audience members on a talk show that were fans of Hannah that mindlessly did whatever Hannah said she liked, and whose parents were concerned enough about the mixed signals Hannah gave the kids to bring them to a talk show featuring Miley so their daughter's could put her on the spot.
    • Stefanie Scott's appearance in "Beethoven's Big Break" might also count since it was her first film role and she was roughly the same age (if not younger) as the AN Ts are in-universe.