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  • Francoeur's flashback holds one for the film makers: his transformation seen through his own eyes.
  • The climax holds many:
    • Raoul pulls a Go Through Me to protect Lucille and Francoeur.
    • Lucille basically telling Maybott who the real monster is and wrestling the gun away from, especially considering he dwarfs her!
    • Emile, sick of being bullied and belittled because of his size, Takes a Level In Badass and fights directly Maynott. And wins by using his wits!

Emile: It's always been like this. The big ones taking advantage of the little ones. NOT ANYMORE!!


Paté: Victor Maynott, you're under arrest for the murder with premeditation of mister Francoeur.


Paté: I was so intent of being a good cop, of following the law, that I became blind to your psychopathic ambition. And this flea opened my eyes.
Maynott: It was nothing but a bug!
Paté: A bug who was far more human than the scum I'm looking at right now.


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