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Despite being set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with a series that got cut short, the AW era contains many, many examples of awesomeness, described below:


Garrod: This is a holdup.

  • The last time Garrod used the Satellite System with the original GX is a CMOA for several people the least of whom Jamil who: Soon after waking from a coma comes up with a plan that has Garrod use the Satellite System, instead of blowing up half the terrain around them Garrod dodges the Microwave ray milliseconds before it was set to charge his Wave Motion Gun evaporating the Lake he was hovering over and creating sufficient cover to allow the Freeden to escape.
  • Garrod defeating Carris with the X Divider. Granted, he had observed Jamil Neate in action, but to see a Newtype be defeated by a non-Newtype with only courage, hard work and guts on his side is an awesome moment in and of itself.
    • Even the construction of the X Divider is itself a Crowning Moment of Awesome. What can you say about Kid Salsamille stabbing himself in the leg with a goddamn screwdriver just so he can stay awake and finish working on the Gundam X's repairs?
  • Everything that Tiffa Addil and Lucille Lilliant did together in the climax of the Sea of Lorelei arc. Especially on behalf of Lucille, who did her share comatose and locked in a capsule, and using Tiffa as a Soul Jar..
  • Jamil Neate owning a literal horde of grunts with the X Divider, GX Bits and Lucille Lilliant's assistance in using the Flash System.
  • When Garrod and Katokk are invading the New UNE ship to steal the Double X, some of the soldiers toss a grenade at them. Katokk just says "You threw that too early!" and kicks the grenade back at them to blow up in their faces.
  • The first time Garrod uses the Double X. He uses the head vulcans to repel enemy soldiers, scoops up Jamil, Tiffa, and Katokk's body, and flies them to the Freeden. Then, when he sees a squadron of Balients closing in, and with a yell of "I won't let you do it!", Garrod flies into their midst head-on. Keep in mind that the Double X's armament at the time was a set of head vulcans, a pair of chest vulcans, and a pair of beam sabers. He takes down Every. Single. Mech. Singlehandedly.
  • In the episode when everyone's trying to hold off the Federation so Garrod can go into space, the numerous Heroic Sacrifices, albeit nonfatal ones, which hits its pinnacle with the Cool Ship Freeden ramming an enemy vessel when all seemed lost. This troper can't remember who said it, but someone said a simple phrase which perfectly captured the spirit of the moment and how loyal and determined everyone was.

"Garrod! FLY!"

  • Speaking of Jamil: "When a man strays from the right path, a kind man needs the courage to raise his fist and correct him."
  • The fact that Garrod manages to change every catastrophic vision Tifa sees, largely by force of will, is something quite awesome.
    • Especially how he gets her back from the SRA and deals with their colony laser.
    • You still haven't mentioned that Garrod's optimism, tempered with the lessons he's gotten from piloting the Gundam and being part of the Freeden Crew, essentially changed the world.
  • "How did he adapt to space combat so quickly?!" - Lancerow Darwell
  • "Too bad I'm a liar, old man Excellency. :)" * shoots Twin Satellite Cannon* - Garrod Ran
    • To expand on this: Garrod pulls a reverse version of Hostage for Macguffin by demanding that the villains return his kidnapped love interest or else he'll use his Wave Motion Gun on their Wave Motion Gun. They refuse to believe that he has said legendary weapon in his possession... so he fires a warning shot. With a Wave Motion Gun. After the villains stop freaking out, they realize that the weapon is incapable of rapid fire, so Garrod has wasted his shot. Garrod responds by firing a second warning shot (since he was actually in an upgraded version that was capable of rapid fire). The villains freak out again and eventually decide to just give up their hostage and let Garrod have his way. As soon as his love interest is safely back with him, Garrod says the above quote and blows the enemy's Wave Motion Gun up anyway. Good times.
  • Garrod successfully causing Smug Snake and Magnificent Bastard Shagia Frost to go through a Villainous Breakdown in the final moments of the series.
  • The ending, where the creators shoot down nearly every - and I mean nearly every - possible shipping angle (with the exception of Carris) by pairing off everybody available with... everybody available. It was a bit of an Ass Pull, but the awesomeness of cramming all that character resolution into one episode overrides it.
    • That and making the ending concise, coherent, and in tune with the series' optimistic tone as a whole. Give it up for the writing staff.
  • Episode 24. Sara, Tonya and Kid are in a shootout with the New UNE forces, and the New UNE brings in an IFV mounted with a heavy machine gun. Looks like it's all over...until Ennil El comes in with her own IFV mounted with a cannon. Hilarious and awesome at the same time.