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  • A priest/lawyer addressing the famous Rogue-Mage Raz in a trial:

Inquisitor: You...are the worst of all... Your crimes are the stuff of nightmares to all decent folk and just ways! YOU ARE AN ABOMINATION UPON LIFE AND DECENCY!!! VANDALISM, BANDITRY, SPYING, PIRACY, ABDUCTION, ILLEGAL USE OF MAGICAL ENERGIES, LOITERING, RESISTING ARREST, and worst of all.... tax evasion. WHAT HAVE YOU TO SAY FOR YOUR HERESY?

    • That last one is actually pretty serious. What do you think all those rebellions over moonshine are for?
  • Birthright Campaign: The Official Playtest Notes:

Then a terrible natural cataclysm struck Temple X in Duerlin; the earth belched fire, the skies vomited hail, and the crocus did not bloom.

  • In Mage: The Awakening, Hallows (places of natural magical power) can be tainted by foul magic, violence, and other negative influences, with the side-effect that:

Tainted Hallows radiate poisonous magic into the surrounding countryside, curdling milk, blighting crops, sickening animals and children, attracting ghosts and corrupt spirits, and ruining television reception.

  • The old Ghostbusters RPG from West End Games has this in the intro to the Training Manual: "To be a Ghostbuster, you gotta face unimaginable horrors -- horrors which threaten life, sanity, happiness, the very fabric of the universe -- and even your profit margin."
  • In a post by Word of God detailing what Erandis Vol of Eberron with her (immortal) time (and why she isn't a higher level than 17): "What is she doing in those six centuries? Managing her vast network of underlings. Studying archaeological tomes for reference to the Qabalrin Codex. Knitting."
  • One Exalted writer quote listed the scale of damnation, as "how disturbing the Unconquered Sun finds you", to go the Maidens -> Luna -> Raksha -> People Dressed As Cupcakes -> Yozis -> Neverborn.
  • In Magic: The Gathering the card Balshan Collaborator has the flavor text: Power, gold, crackers - every bird has its price.