Atlantis: The Lost Empire/Nightmare Fuel

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  • Rourke:
    • He was perfectly willing to kill everyone in Atlantis to get what he wanted, which was money.
    • That whole scene where Milo does away with Rourke. Milo stabs him with some broken glass from Kida's containment box and turns the man into a roaring, demonic ice creature with red eyes. The creators of Silent Hill would be impressed.
    • Even before that, when Rourke is trying to kill Milo on the zeppelin. Before, hey, he's a little angry HOLY SHIT HE'S GOT A FIRE AXE!!!
    • The fact that he was still going after Milo even after being transformed?
    • Or when Rourke throws Helga from the balloon and she falls between the propeller blades? Not to mention the implication that the fall broke her back.
  • The Leviathan. It's a crustacean-shaped sentient Magitech Mechanical Monster with glowing red eyes and a deadly particle beam-looking Breath Weapon. Given that the sphere in the front of the Ulysses has at least seven visible decks, each with a decent amount of headroom, the entire ship winds up being around a thousand feet long. The Leviathan's larger claws are large enough to wrap fully around the Ulysses, and from turn-arounds, appear to be somewhere near a twelfth of the Leviathan's total length. That gives the Leviathan a length that would be better measured in miles (being somewhere in the range of 12-14 thousand feet long, or 2-2.5 miles)
  • Though they're harmless when the heroes actually get to Atlantis, the fireflies end up setting the camp on fire when they decide to leave their hive. Milo and the others were lucky to get out alive.
  • From the sequel. The Kraken is so large we never see the entire thing in view. Only closeups of its body...