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Reviews of Boku no Pico

Anyone who says this series doesn't cater to pedophiles is full of it.

GethN7 (talkcontribs)

FYI, due to the magic of this shit being common spam on 4chan in response to a lot of stupid shit, I decided to see what the hell it was all about.

I want my innocence back.

The first episode is basically about the series protagonist getting turned into a sex toy by an older guy. Seriously, unless you an outright pedophile apologist, there is no way in hell this would not be considered child porn if it was live action.

The second episode has a very small amount of legal age heterosexual activity, namely the protagonist's older sister getting herself off with a banana, but most of it is dedicated to Boku (series protagonist) having sex with an even younger boy named Chico, and if the first episode didn't make you ill (assuming you aren't into shotacon), this will. Even more disgusting, the older sister happen to catch them in the act by the end, and proceeds to jack off to it.

The third and final episode adds a third boy to the mix, Coco, who also cross dresses as girl, like the other two guys did in episode 2, and the third episode ends with all three having sex with each other.

Again, the only reason this isn't considered actual child porn is because it's animated and thus in the legal gray area of "as long as no actual kids are getting harmed".

Still, I have no doubt shit like this has gotten many a deviant with pedophilic urges off, and dammit, I still want my innocence back.

Flyingcat (talkcontribs)

Who's saying this doesn't cater to pedophiles? People on 4chan?

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