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  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Notably...
    • Liam O'Brien: GARcher Archer fans rejoice, the Holy Grail has a great severance package, since dying apparently landed him a job as one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, specifically War.
      • A particularly amusing instance of this came about because of the frequency of ads for this game on the Syfy... including during Monster, where Liam O'Brien also plays the main character, with a nearly identical voice but very different demeanor and tone, no doubt leaving many inattentive viewers looking up to see what the hell Tenma was talking about.
      • It's possible that more gamers will recognize that Illidan Stormrage now has a job as the Horseman of War.
      • He is also fellow vengeful deity Asura.
    • Mark Hamill voices The Watcher, using his Joker voice. You almost expect him to break out the Evil Laugh after certain lines.
      • He seemed to take particular interest in, and puts unusual emphasis on, a line where The Watcher tells War to kill a bat.
    • Phil LaMarr (nearly unrecognizably) voices the demon merchant Vulgrim.
    • It's Moon Bloodgood as Uriel, remember her?
    • Troy Baker is Abbadon and Straga.
    • Vernon "Bennett" Wells voices Samael.
    • Michael Wincott voices Death.
  • What Could Have Been: About a third of the characters depicted in the art book (available as a pre-order bonus) actually made it into the game.
    • Earlier art suggested that War would have a minigun as one of his weapons. Presumably due to balance issues, they scrapped it.
    • Straga's initial design was similar to Cthulhu. This was dropped, but the prototype concept would be remade into another character called the Wailing Host, who appears in Darksiders II.
    • The Hunter was originally meant to appear as a character in the first Darksiders as an ally to War, but was scrapped for unknown reasons.