Death Note/Drinking Game

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All The Tropes and Miraheze are not responsible for any damages that result from drinking games,
including but not limited to damages to your liver and other people's cars.

Drinking game for Death Note:

  • Drink for every time Light writes something. Dramatically.
  • Drink for every time Misa does/says something stupid.
  • Drink every time it goes a close-up of their faces with the crazy background. Double for Matsuda.
  • Drink every time Light reassures someone that he is most definitely not Kira.
  • Drink every time a religious reference is made. Two sips if it is completely random.
  • Drink every time something is supposed to be absolutely epic, but comes out awkward/ unintentionally funny instead. Two sips, if this epic act is a completely mundane activity. (Like taking a potato chip... AND EATING IT!)
  • In the manga: Take a shot whenever Soichiro gasps.
    • Or every time "..." (and only that) appears in a speech bubble. On second thought, every other time. Your liver will thank you.
  • Drink every time apples are mentioned, twice when one is eaten.
  • Take a shot every time says "Shut up, Matsuda" or some other variant of the phrase. Take two if it's L that says it.

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