Death Note/Haiku

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Kid finds deadly book
Amasses giant hit list
Then gets killed himself

—Willy Four Eyes

A strange genius
Who Looks Like Cesare and finds
any criminal


The Shinigami,
Ryuk, warned you from the start.
Face it, Light--you're doomed.

—Mark Lungo

'Justice' is a strong
word. How about something else,
like 'mass murderer'?


next trick I'll conquer the world...


"God of the new world"
Light Yagami and notebook.
Just beat L by chance.

—Wanderlust Warrior

Evil is rampant
Yet, now with the means to judge,
I become Justice.

—Ruin Takada

Death Notes don't belong
To those that fail to see the
Beauty within life.

—Killing Joke

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