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Anything by Wall of Illusion

  • Recommended by Doma Doma
  • Wall of Illusion writes some of the most eloquent and generally awesome Death Note gen I've ever seen, with a concentration on the next-gen arc. (The A Series of Unfortunate Events crossover didn't pan out so well, though, and is a Dead Fic besides.)

Anything by Mikanis

  • Recommended by aimsme
  • Eloquent, beautiful and intellectual. The first fic of hers I ever read was the magnificent Of Music, and she's never since let me down.

Anything by Silver Pard

  • Recommended by chibiaries
  • Her Death Note fics flow like poetry; I especially encourage reading "12 Moves Sideways" the best Harry Potter/Death Note crossover I have ever read, and "Redivivus" is very amusing, suspenseful, and full of dark humor. The side stories for Redivius, "The Slow Path of Rehabilitation" has a nine-year old Reincarnated!Light set loose on Japan, and L is...just L. I especially loved the chapter where Light owes Ryuk a dare.

Anything by Keem

  • Recommended by Hijikimeosae
  • Her writing is just excellent, with a flawless style that matches the atmosphere of Death Note perfectly. I am convinced that she could write something about Light turning into a unicorn and still make it work wonderfully well.

Anything by Robin Rocks

  • Recommended by Tazzatron
  • Her most famous fanfiction, Poison Apple, is possibly the best written story in the entire fandom. Words cannot describe how amazing it is.

Anything by Serria

  • Recommended by feral
  • Amazing. She has some of the best fics, especially Light exploration, on the site.

Anything by Bialy

  • Recommended by Bookhobbit
  • She has a lot of wonderful Matsuda fics, probably some of the best I've ever seen. There's some extremely good Mello-centric fics, a couple focusing on Matt, Near, or L, and a lot of really good stuff for the SPK. She also has some Mello/Sayu and Mello/Halle, along with a couple L/Light, although the recommender has read none of these.

Anything by Translucent Darkness

Anything by Rinna-kun

  • Recommended by Socially Disoriented
  • She doesn't post on anymore, but hot damn. This troper is completely in love with that beautiful, understated writing style of hers. Major warnings though, for those of you who don't like slash, as most (but not all) of her fics are Mello/Near-centric. It's tasteful, though. Promise.

Anything by Bloodshot Eyes

  • Recommended by Aramisa.
  • This writer knows the material she's working with and writes some of the darkest Death Note fics you'll find out there, wich is fine since this is, again, Death Note.

Anything by Sashocirrione

  • Recommended by Ruin Takada
  • This author is skilled, articulate, and ever so, ever so deranged. If she isn't writing about your usual Death Note pairings, she's writing about the weirdest, crackiest crack pairings you probably never thought of (e.g. Lx Rem). Her humour is hilarious, and her angst is hair-tearingly good. Aside from that, she has a soft spot for weird pairings, fluffy endings, graphic sex-scenes and the reviews she receives often go along the lines of "You warned me it was gross, but I just didn't listen, and wow was it ever gross."

Anything by Disguise of Carnivorism

  • Recommended by feral
  • A very talented author who writes truly beautiful prose that you would expect to find in high-end literature rather than on This author focuses on Light-exploration and Dark Fic and never forgets that that Light is very nuts.

Death Note Kink 2

  • Recommended by feral
  • The Death Note Kink Meme

Anything by oursolemnhour49

  • Recommended by whiteladydragon 00
  • A fan fiction writer relatively new to the Death Note fandom, her roster is an impressive mix of unassuming but witty humor and satire, and deep, thoughtful exploration of the characters and themes that may have been skimped on in the canon series. One of her oneshots, Breaking The Fourth Wall, for instance, is a collection of letters written by most of the DN cast addressing the fandom at large…specifically what they think about how they’re handled in fan fiction. On the more serious side, you have A Shinigami’s Justice, which concerns a conversation between L and Rem on the subject of justice just before she kills him and herself, and A Beautiful Way To Kill, which is about an exchange between Rem and Misa that expounds on Misa’s belief that to die or kill out of love is a beautiful way to go. But these are just three of her fanfics; the rest of them will not disappoint, either.