Devil May Cry Mercury Rising

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Devil May Cry - Mercury Rising is a fanfiction in progress written by Anima.

Three years after the loss of his brother, resident Badass Dante's demon hunting business has gotten off to a good start. He's having a rather slow month with missions only related to killing off some cannon fodder. That is, until a seemingly ordinary (albeit very wealthy) priest comes to him with a mission. That mission is to aid another demon hunter , namely Mercedes "Mercy" Brooke. She's attractive and his client is filthy rich. Simple enough, right?


From the moment Dante accepts the mission, he gets pulled into a war for the possible fate of the world. Mercy's a lot tougher than she looks, in battle as well as with men. Wherever Mercy goes, her two best friends aren't far behind. Dante also meets the near indestructible and very manly bartender, Lawrence "Lori" Forsyth. Lori happens to be part demon herself, as is Mercy. In fact, the only human among them is Andrea "Chief" Finlay. Andrea appears to be a slightly neurotic private eye with a fair share of idiosyncrasies. This could not be further from the truth. Beneath the appearance of a neurotic detective is an unstable and self-centered nutcase with a violent temper. Below that is someone with a deeper link to Dante than either of them could have ever anticipated.

After thousands of years of imprisonment in the demon world, the Dark Queen Tiamat is due to rise again. In the past, she was a divine immortal who ruled over much of the human world. Under her rule, the human world is the picture of progress and advancement. Her power is already nearly absolute, but she begins to crave more. She is visited by the Dark Emperor, who makes an offer that can fill her thirst for power. He would grant her all the power she desired if she would become his queen and bear him a son. She accepts with almost no hesitation. Almost immediately, she begins to sink into corruption. Years of growing darkness in her soul transmutes her form into that of a dark, twisted shadow beast with the face of a dragon. Her reign becomes one of terror over mankind. Millennia later she is sealed, along with Mundus and the rest of demonkind, into the Demon World by Sparda. Before she is sealed, however, she places her son in a state of suspended animation and leaves him in the Human World. She leaves him with a set of instructions to break the seal around her and aid her in her return to power. The Son of Mundus has walked among humans for hundreds of years, waiting for the right moment to bring about their demise. He also has his own personal vendetta against Sparda as well.

Soon, he begins to act more and more according to his own desires. Not only does the human world need to worry about Tiamat, but her son as well. He seeks to use her to dominate the human race. Their choice would be simple: Either submit to the will of the Dark Prince, or become the Dark Queen's next meal.

The fate of the human world now depends on Dante and three strange women.

The fanfiction and its progress can be read here.

Tropes used in Devil May Cry Mercury Rising include: