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Digimon Adventure

Kids Meet Monster Friends
Fight Vampires, Clowns, Dragons
Best Summer Ever


Fridges full of eggs?
I really can't wait
To go back there


Love the characters
Digimon are the champions
Nostalgia ahoy!

Digimon Adventure 02

New Kids, New Baddies
The Age Limit Hit Early
[[Canon Discontinuity

|Worst. Boss Fight. Ever.]]

Its predecessor was great
But tough to follow

I don't understand
why this show got so much hate:
I liked the ending.


Digimon Tamers

MIB with Mons
God thinks Humans are Evil
[[Eldritch Abomination

|Lovecraft Would Be Proud]]

This is real life
You love the character depth
And Leomon dies!

Digimon return
Kids grow with them had only
Pac-man not been real.

Digimon Frontier

Amazing concepts
Horrible plot construction
Gosh darned Royal Knights

Digimon Savers

Agumon action!
The format we know and love
But [[Darker and Edgier
|dark and edgy]]

|Orange ball invades park]]

A dork commits genocide

The fried eggs look great

Digimon Xros Wars

A terrible war
Fought with The Power of Rock?
The [[Goggles Do Nothing
|Goggles]] are back!

The kid tactician
General or prodigy?
Let's just keep watching