Digimon Savers/Awesome

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  • ShineGreymon Burst Mode vs. Kurata/Belphemon. It was a very satisfying smackdown.
    • Episode 38 in its entirety: the final showdown with Belphemon and Kurata's long awaited end.
      • What makes it even better is that Kurata, the most Complete Monster in Digimon history, is practically begging for Burst ShineGreymon for mercy as he's marching towards him with a slow, Unflinching Walk and a one of the most hate filled Death Glares in Anime history. Kurata knows how utterly screwed he is and begs Masaru and ShineGreymon to have mercy on him. After all the absolutely terrible things Kurata did, seeing him brought down to begging for his life is extremely satisfying. Made even greater when they show him no mercy and finish the genocidal freak off for good. Oh, and the following dialogue is an invention of the dub, which just goes to show that sometimes dubs can beat the originals in certain aspects.

Kurata: Please! H-have pity on me!
Marcus: Pity is all I ever had for you, KURATA!!! (PUNCH!)

  • The battle with Craniummon (basically, a colossal knight Digimon); Masaru stops Shine Greymon from getting stabbed with a spear approximately the size of a skyscraper by punching it. And it not only works, but it knocks Craniummon on his ass.
    • That's nothing, usually, it's the Digimon who defeat the enemy Mons. Masaru ended that fight by shattering Craniummom's unbreakable shield, with a blow from his bare fist.
    • Savers practically had one CMOA per episode. Usually it was Masaru punching the Monster of the Week in the face bare handed in order to get Agumon to evolve. Note that the very first MOTW was a 50-Foot tall chicken.
  • Nanami's is after Touma defeats her, deliciously enough. He won the fight, but she won the war. Not only did she succeed in the destroying the dam and draining the water that protected ElDoradimon, she severely wounded his confidence by pointing out that it wasn't his prized strategies that beat her; rather, it was Masaru's reckless hit-and-hit-hard tactics, and Touma was already feeling inferiority in regards to Masaru. Touma joining Kurata a few episodes later is suddenly much more plausible.
  • Touma revealing that he didn't actually betray the team. "There's a simple reason for that. I placed a bomb in it."
  • The entire final battle with Yggdrasil. Masaru and Agumon pulling a Colossus Climb on the "God" of the Digital World, everyone else going through all their digivolution forms as they back them up, all while the Royal Knights are holding up the entire Digital World to prevent it from crashing into the real world; and when they reach the top and Yggdrasil manages to grab Masaru and Agumon with its strangling Combat Tentacles, Agumon enters Burst Mode and gets surrounded by a flaming draconic aura and blows a gaping hole in Yggdrasil that makes him blow up and reduce to his sleep mode size(an odd crystalline figure) to retreat, prompting Masaru to shout "YOU'RE NOT GETTING AWAY!" and do a huge flying leap off of Agumon's back and punch Yggdrasil so hard he blows up in a cataclysmic explosion. AWESOME.
  • Yoshino gets one later, going up against some sort of test-of-strength punching machine. With her Digisoul powered up, she delivers a punch which overloads the machine.
    • The episode in which she battled Ivan was pretty awesome too. Particularly the BARREL SMASH!
      • What, no mention of her matador action against Cerberusmon in episode 30? She stood it down without fear and pulled off a very clever startegy in order to get Marcus to activate his Digisoul.
  • Rosemon had one in episode 37 of Savers: Agumon is inside his egg, MirageGaogamon about to get crushed by Kurata... When all of the sudden, she stops him by swinging her whip at him and shouting: "Don't forget that we're still here as well!"
    • And then several episodes earlier, killing a swarm of Dokugumon as Sunflowmon. Pretty much makes up for her horrible track record until then, don't you think?
  • Merukimon get's a fairly impressive one in episode 25 of Savers. After getting shot in the back by Gizmon AT's deleter beam thingy, he gets up, in extreme pain, charges forward and flattens Gizmon XT with a single punch, smashing it's face? in and weakening it, all after Gizmon evolved to Perfect level and whooped the Power Trio six ways to Sunday, and with a huge hole in his torso no less. He then gives his dramatic Final Speech, finally spurring Ikuto to make Falcomon evolve to Perfect and finish off Gizumon XT In the Name of the Moon.
    • Crowmon's beatdown of Gizumon XT also counts, as he pummels him in two moves. One to crush its Chest Blaster and slam it into the wall and then obliterating it with is Savage Emperor attack.
  • The dubbing team get one when they were faced with the little problem of Disney wanting a giant bomb Digimon gone. Thier solution? Turn it into a giant orange Digimon, let Kirk Thornton voice it and turn it into Don Patch. In short, they turned an editing situation into a Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo reference (which had completed its run shortly before Data Squad started). GET UP, STAND UP!
  • When Geo-Greymon and Gaogamon first tag-teamed Digmon, he went down hard!
  • Thomas breaking out of MetalPhantomon's spell and MachGaogamon's battle against him.
  • Yatagaramon's/Crowmon's first appearance.
  • Satsuma and Kudamon tend to make Big Damn Heroes entrances when they can help it, and how. First time was Quilimon basically curb-stomping the Bio-Hybrids. The second would be Kentaurosmon saving the gang from the Royal Knights.
  • Speaking of the Digimon movies, while Bokura no War Game is this troper's single favorite piece of animation in the entire franchise, the Digimon Savers movie, Activate the Burst Mode! is a close second. First of all -- there are no humans until the very end. Yes, this is a Digimon movie about the Digimon. Masaru, Touma and Yoshino have all been frozen, and Agumon, Gaomon and Lalamon are forced to conduct the battle with the help of a Mysterious Waif, Rhythm. This would just be interesting if not for the fact that Gaomon is a badass of the first order, Lalamon has sausage nunchucks, and Agumon is a big damn hero. Seriously. Gaomon goes all Jackie Chan on a bunch of Goblinmon, turns around and asks Lalamon for a sausage, Agumon breaks through to Burst Mode and Lalamon turns her goofiness into utter badassitude. It's a Non-Serial Movie, as Burst Mode has special plot relevance in the series proper, but it's still cool!
    • And the only human character who actually does anything, is, of course, Masaru. All the screentime he gets when he's not asleep is pure badass. When Agumon has no strength left to fight Argomon, who has now gone Mega, Masaru comes out of nowhere, and pulls a fucking Kamina before fufilling his punching stuff awesomely quota for the day by punching Argomon in the face and knocking the Godzilla sized monstrosity straight on his ass. Then he and ShineGreymon team up to tear Argomon a new one. I love this movie.
  • Marcus/Masaru gets one at the end of the series when he chooses to go with Agumon to the Digital World when you realize he is giving a giant middle finger to three seasons of Digimon series tradition by not accepting the typical Digimon fate of being stranded from the Digimon world and separated semi-permanently from your partners/spirits.