Chest Blaster

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Mazinger Z demonstrates "Breast Fire".

"Full court shot from Thorias. He's really showing us what a man with a cannon in his chest can do!"
Marv Albert, Futurama

One of the great signature Super Robot weapons, after the Rocket Punch. The Chest Blaster is a heavy weapon, ranging from BFG to Wave Motion Gun in power, built into the chest of a Humongous Mecha. Usually requiring little more than an Asskicking Pose and a vocal command to activate.

Real Robots occasionally have torso-mounted weapons, but these are usually lighter, secondary guns, although some do have racks of missiles mounted in the chest or shoulder. If the Robot is made to look female, well, you know exactly where the missile launchers are.

A Super-Trope to Torpedo Tits.

Compare Breath Weapon, Eye Beams.

Not to be confused with Chest Burster.

Examples of Chest Blaster include:

Anime and Manga

  • Mazinger Z is, unsurprisingly, the Trope Maker, with the titular mecha's Breast Fire attack. See also Great Mazinger's Breast Burn, UFO Robo Grendizer's Antigravity Storm, and Mazinkaiser's Fire Blaster.
    • In Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-hen, Shin Daion's entire torso flips open to reveal a rack with TEN of these chest blasters.
    • Not to mention the *ahem* missiles, used by Aphrodite A, Venus A and their "sister" robots. Talk about a "killer rack"...
      • These missiles made another appearance as Gold Claw's ultimate attack in RE: Cutey Honey.
    • A homage to the Breast Fire can be found in the PlayStation 2 game Robot Alchemic Drive with Vavel's Lava Stream attack, complete with the arm-flexing motion.
    • Go Nagai also has a thing for bellybuttons. See Mazinger's Missile Paunch, Great Mazinger's Navel Missile, Mazinkaizer's Gigantos Missile & Kotetsu Jeeg's Spin Storm.
    • Plus there's also the Mazinger Angels Manga, featuring Aphrodite A, Venus A and Diana A. Not only to they all retain the original missiles, but they've each got two upgrades, with Aphrodite A being able to field either Iron Cutter Missiles with the big sharp wings from Mazinger's Iron Cutter Punch, or the megaton hammer, a huge flail connected to the chest. Diana and Venus both have drill style missiles (Drill Pressure and Screw Crusher Missiles), plus Diana can produce the chest mounted Liquid Shooter which sprays a jet of acid, or a chest mounted fan thing that shoots a tornado of super cold air. Venus has a similar fan thing that shoots a tornado of fire. And all three robots can produce swords from there too.
  • Getter Robo's Getter Beam is actually located a little lower, in the robot's stomach.
  • Although GaoGaiGar itself lacks a Chest Blaster, HyoRyu and EnRyu have fire and ice blasters in theirs, respectively. They even have a built-in dial they can use to adjust the power.
    • Genesic GaoGaiGar has the Genesic Bolt fired from Galeon's mouth on its chest. The Bolt is used as part of the Bolting Driver, but in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3, it can be used as an attack of its own. Genesic Galeon can also release raw Genesic Aura as the chest of both Genesic GaiGar and Genesic GaoGaiGar.
  • God Gravion's Graviton Arc in Gravion.
  • The Gundam Heavyarms in Gundam Wing had gatling guns mounted in its chest.
    • As does a debatable Expy, the Gundam Leopard from Gundam X.
    • Other examples of Gundams with chest-mounted energy cannons include Virsago Chest Break from Gundam X, Forbidden and Calamity from Gundam SEED (and subsequently, the Sword Calamity in Gundam SEED Astray), and Abyss and Strike Freedom from Gundam SEED Destiny. The enormous and appropriately but uncreatively named Destroy has four energy cannons in its chest. Given that its chest alone is larger than most mobile suits' entire bodies, that's not too surprising.
    • The Dom and Rick Dom from the original series have a scattering beam gun in its torso, while the RX-79[G] ground-type Gundam from The 08th MS Team has a "multi-launcher" and a vulcan cannon in its chest.
  • The Pokémon Deoxys is said to shoot beams from his brain. Which strangely is in its chest.
  • The most powerful weapon of the Guyver was a pair of chest mounted weapons called the Mega Smasher. These are usually protected by the hard, pectoral-shaped chest armor which must be (usually) pulled open manually to reveal soft, gelatinous "blast lenses" which look like a cross between an eye and an egg yolk; they expand (apparently filled with liquid) to fire. All of which makes for a very interesting visual when the female Guyver from the later manga volumes uses these; her "mega-smashers" are noticeably larger in relation to her body than the male's. A Guyver upgrade, the "Guyver Gigantic", has disproportionally larger and more powerful "Giga-Smashers".
    • Aptom has also picked one up in more recent manga chapters after being forced to absorb a whole heap of Hyper-Zoanoids while Brainwashed and Crazy.
  • In Digimon; we get MetalGreymon's Giga Blaster and Andromon's Gatling Missile, Imperialdramon Fighter Mode's Giga Crusher, and WarGrowlmon's Atomic Blaster, and probably others.
  • The Big O and its "Final Stage", a disturbingly phallic one-shot laser cannon.
  • In Part 2 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, after Stroheim becomes a cyborg, he uses a machine gun mounted in his stomach. Which for some reason requires him to take an amazingly flamboyant pose when he fires it.
  • In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Lutecia's Kaiju-sized summoned creature has its biggest attack come from a Power Crystal hidden in its stomach.
  • Tekkaman Blade kept his Voltekka in his shoulders, but Tekkamen Evil, Sword, Axe, and Vesna fire theirs from their chests.
  • Viral's mecha from Gurren Lagann used a hidden chest-mounted missile blaster to surprise-Macross Missile Massacre Kamina so that he could get away from battle he knew he was going to lose.
    • In Lagann-hen, Yoko's personal Tengen Toppa, the Yoko W Tank, has a pair of gigantic missiles for... well, you know.
  • Code Geass
    • Lelouch/Zero's Shinkiro mech has its all-powerful, awkwardly named Diffusion Structure Phase Transition Cannon (phew!) mounted in its chest. And yes, it does pose dramatically as it fires.
    • Xingke's Shenhu mech has the equally awkwardly named Heaven Frightening Overlord Heavy Particle Cannon, also fired with a dramatic pose.
    • You forgot to mention that the Shinkiro's chest cannon has a disco setting.
  • Daimos has the Double Blizzard, an attack that comes from a pair of fans attached to the Super Robot's chest which Kazuya uses as part of his Finishing Move. This later gets upgraded to the Fire Blizzard. Which, couple with the Freeze Blaster, give the Monster of the Week the intense feeling of being microwaved.
  • The BU-55C and other combat Boomers from Bubblegum Crisis often have heat cannons in their chests (and shoulders). One of the Hyperboomers in episode 6 had a gravity cannon. Early sketches showed that they toyed with the idea of setting a pair of beam cannons in the chest of one of the hardsuits. No prizes for guessing where...
  • Gaiking has about three of these, all of which overlap with Breath Weapon and/or Eye Beams, since its chest is a gigantic skull.
  • Detonator Orgun's ultimate weapon is a solar-powered Wave Motion Gun. It's used in a specific pose.
  • Sigel, the "greeter" robot Skuld rebuilt into an AI, thought she had missile launchers built into her chest. She was very embarrassed, after pulling open her blouse to "fire," to learn she'd bared her (not anatomically correct) bosom for nothing. Well, the sight did paralyze poor Banpei....
  • Parodied in Macademi Wasshoi, where a giant robot version of dog girl Meido Eneus has two breast missiles that are also the cockpits for Miyabi and Synclavia. When the missiles fire, they go with them to their explosive end. Also parodied when Ataro attempts to fire the breast missiles again, only to find he already shot the only two he had.
  • Queen's Blade
  • Exaggerated by Jack Rakan in Negima when he develops the "Eternal Negi Fever" attack, which is a Whole Body Blaster.
  • In Transformers Car Robots, one of the Predacon lackies, Gildo (modeled after the Beast Wars TM 2 Maximal Nightglider) fired a "center laser", complimenting the "right" and "left" laser from each of his cohorts, Gasskunk and Gushar. (In the dub, they were respectively known as Dark Scream, Gas Skunk, and Slapper.)
  • Daltanias's Sigma Beam and Chodenji Eraser


  • Iron Man's Uni-beam.
  • Metallix AKA Metal Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog, especially the British comics continuity.
  • One-time Martian Manhunter foe the Human Flame had a "crime suit" that shot fire and lightning out of little nubbins on the chest. Flaming shock-nipples of crime!!! He later had to downgrade to an older model that really did only shoot fire from the nipples, but was eventually able to ditch that for cybernetic enhancements that eliminate the need for a suit in the first place.
  • Mongol of DC comics at one time shot lasers out of his chest(though he seems to have dropped those in favor of a Green Lantern Ring)
    • Interestingly, Big Atomic Lantern Boy of the Super Young Team has a chest blaster and a mysterious connection to a coalition of cosmic lanterns... In any case, shooting rays from his chest is Big Atomic Lantern Boy's only power, but he can control the intensity and the kind of radiation.
  • Energizer from Power Pack had this ability when she was only five years old. One wonders if the power wasn't transferred to her brother when the authors realized what it would look like when she grew up.
  • The Face, who briefly contended for a shot at being a Teen Titan, has an odd variation on this; his powers are Eye Beams and a Breath Weapon, but since his face is also his chest, it has the same effect as a more normal version of this trope.
  • Darkhawk's amulet embedded in his chest fires forcefields.
  • Thunder, one of the New 52's Ravagers, fires sonic force beams from the huge node in his chest. Unfortunately, he also seems to have fairly limited control over his powers.

Fan Fiction

  • In Aeon Entelechy Evangelion the good guys jury-rig one by placing an experimental, magically enhanced nuke inside the recently blasted hole in Unit-01's chest, with the plan that Shinji will materialize the AT-Field in such way that the explosion will go in one direction instead of blowing up everything around it.


  • The original Mechagodzilla was able to fire an electric current from its chest. The Millenium series Mechagodzilla, Kiryu, had an Absolute Zero Cannon in his. In Tokyo SOS it was replaced by three Hyper Maser guns.
  • In the live-action Iron Man film, during the final battle with Obadiah Stane in his Iron Monger suit, Tony is in a standoff of sorts where Stane has lifted a car full of innocent civilians above his head and is about to throw it. Tony's hand-mounted repulsors have no apparent effect on Stane but he uses his (evidently weaponized) chest RT, which is much more powerful, to knock his enemy out from under the car, and catch it by the front bumper. It is never seen again in the movie, probably because when he used it with his Mark I reactor, it ate about a fifth of his remaining power.
    • He casually destroys a watermelon with it while drunk in the sequel.
  • In the Live-Action 2007 Transformers film, the largest transformer in the film, Blackout has one he attempts to use twice but never fires.
  • Austin Powers fembots
  • X-Men First Class had Havoc, who uses a machine to harness his energy powers into a Chest Blaster.


  • The Bounty Hunter Trilogy has one instance where Boba Fett teams up with a massive cyborg to take down a heavily protected bounty. The cyborg's main (and only, really) weapon is a medium sized blaster cannon attached to his chest and shoulders.
  • Woken Furies by Richard K Morgan at one point features an... enhanced individual with a short-range directed-plasma energy weapon implanted into his torso. The protagonist is duly impressed by the extreme mess it causes when used, and makes a mental note to lead from the right if he ever has to tangle with the cyborg, as the plasma vents are all on the left side.

Live Action Television


  • Katy Perry's "California Gurlz" music video has Katy armed with whipped cream sprayers on her boobs massacring an army of gummi bears.
    • In her latest video, "Firework", she and several teenagers shoot fireworks from their chests. Granted, it's in a much more heartwarming manner than "California Gurlz".
    • Until it's parodied by The Lonely Island at the end of "I Just Had Sex".

Tabletop Games

  • With a lenient DM, a warforged artificer could probably make something like this for themselves by installing a Bag of Holding into their chest and putting a balista (firing explosive bolts) in there with a small construct instructed to fire the moment the 'bag' is opened.
  • The new models for Tyranid raveners in Warhammer 40,000 have an organic variant of this, with the weapon they carry impanted in their torso.
  • Torso-mounted weapons are commonplace in BattleTech. Arm-mounted ones enjoy wider firing arcs for obvious reasons (though not as much wider as one might think since the torso itself can be twisted sideways to some extent), but the side torsos in particular have more free room to actually install equipment in.

Video Games

  • Most core parts in the Armored Core series has these in the form of a gun barrel. Though these only work as an anti-missile system.
  • Mazinger/Mazinkaiser's Expy in the underrated Dreamcast/Arcade game Tech Romancer has the same, calling it the Heat Blazer.
  • Grungust's Final Beam in the Super Robot Wars series. See also the Type 0's Hyper Blaster, the Type 2's Maxi Blaster and the Type 3's Omega Blaster. There's also Giganscudo's Giga Blaster.
    • See also the Dygenguard's General Blaster (more properly a Shoulder Cannon), Granteed's Orgone Slave, and Combatible Kaiser's Kaiser Burst. And we can't forget the Infinity Cylinder of the Astranagant or Dis Astranagant's Ain Soph Aur. And there's the newcomer Solvlius Rex's Regret Buster.
  • The mutants in Wolfenstein 3D have something like a pistol lodged in their torso; the "boss" version Ubermutant from Spear Of Destiny instead has a gatling gun. And a knife in each of its four hands.
    • In the case of the regular mutants, it's not mounted to their chests but gripped in hands attached to arms protruding from their chests.
  • The only armament of the S'pht compilers in Marathon is a large energy weapon in their floating body, concealed within their cloaks.
  • Demi and Wren in Phantasy Star IV can install chest-mounted weapons, one of which is capable of nuking a space station in seconds. Different than most of the examples in that the two androids in question are roughly man-sized.
  • Chrono Trigger has, in the next-to-last battle against Lavos, the "Doors of Doom" attack. Most people refer to them as "Titty Lasers" or "Nipple Beams".
    • Hardcore CRFH fans know them as "Nipples of the Apocalypse".
  • The final form of the final boss of Aquaria shoots a massive laser out of his chest cavity once you pull his eye out. The capper is that the laser takes away a huge amount of health, but you pretty much have to get shot with it (unless you're really good at dodging) to hit the boss's weak point.
  • Some Mechwarrior chassis (in the PC versions, at least), allow players to mount weapons in the various Torso sections. There's actually a good reason to do so, too, since these get the heaviest armor.
    • 'Torso' in this case also includes the armpits, hips and shoulders but the pectoral region offers the most (visible) protection (besides the abdominals) as it has the most 'mech surrounding it.
  • Destroyman in No More Heroes has nipple machine guns. And a crotch laser.
  • In Fallout 3, the weapon of Liberty Prime can be used by the player with the use of a cheat code. The weapon has no model, so it appears as if the character is holding an invisible rocket launcher. Guess where the beam comes from, though...
  • In Supreme Commander the Cybran ACU can be upgraded with a Microwave Laser Generator, which possesses an insanely high DPS (4000 the highest in the game). Although the upgrade is installed into the right arm, the weapon itself fires from the ACU's chest.
  • Although not a mecha/robot, Raven from Tales of Vesperia can use his Blastia heart to turn the battlefield into a laser show. More typically to this trope, the gigantic stone robots powered by Blastia do it as well.
  • Makai Kingdom has the Robosuit, a major Shout-Out to the Mazinger franchise and its kin. It has a huge V-shaped chest cannon as its most powerful attack.
  • Roll's appearances in the Versus games are meant to make her play much like Mega Man. Well, he enlarges into a Mazinger Z Expy and fires a gigantic Arm Cannon for his Hyper Mega Man special. So naturally Roll becomes an Aphrodite A expy with Breast Missiles for her Hyper Roll.
  • Xenosaga's T-ELOS and KOS-MOS literally burst out their cleavage to fire their most powerful attacks. Specially KOS-MOS, who has her cup size upped for the last leg of the final episode.
  • As a Shout-Out to the previous example, Xenoblade Chronicles has Fiora's Final Cross art, which is almost identical in appearance, and likewise performed by a Robot Girl
  • The extremely well-endowed Jennifer from Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice (available as DLC) has a chest-blasting attack that lacks subtlety and is even slightly uncomfortable to watch.
  • RICHAAARD!!! Hawk gets one in Metal Wolf Chaos.
  • The final boss of Mischief Makers (which is basically a Megazord) has a giant "V" shape on its chest that, of course, fires a giant energy beam for its ultimate attack.
  • In Redneck Rampage, the alien vixens wear purple chrome bras with dual machineguns. Your skinny, male redneck character can wear and use it.
  • Leisure Suit Larry 5 has the Hooter Shooter bra cannon.
  • In the Mortal Kombat series, the cyborg characters Sektor and Cyrax can shoot missiles and bombs, respectively, from their chest. The cyborg version of Smoke had a spear that he shot from his chest, but this was removed in later installments.
  • Dive Man's Water Cutter is fired like this in Rock Man 4 Minus Infinity.

Web Original

Western Animation

  • Jenny in My Life as a Teenage Robot.
  • Megas in Megas XLR has a number of these, including the original Wave Motion Gun (complete with the prow of the Yamato).
  • The Iron Giant featured a chest blaster that unleashed a ball of glowing energy...which seemed to make even nukes pale in comparison.
  • Optimus Primal from Beast Wars had a weapon like this in two of his many bodies. His "Optimal Optimus" form was equipped with a pair of huge, laser-sight equipped cannons that dramatically unfurled from his chest, while his technorganic body from Beast Machines fired energy... shuriken... thingies from a slot-like opening.
    • Depth Charge also fired energy discs from a slot in his chest, which became his mouth in beast mode. They were referred to once as "power pizzas." Seriously. His toy could do the same thing, of course, with plastic discs.
  • The heroes of Pale Force (played by Jim Gaffigan and Conan O'Brien) have nipple beams as one of their attacks.
  • In the Sealab 2021 episode "I, Robot, Really", when Capt. Murphy (with Sparks' personality grafted into a cybernetic appendage) is converted into Barbeaubot/Sparkamus Prime, he has two large rockets sticking out of his chest. He calls them "D-cups...full of justice!"
  • One of Farnsworth's atomic supermen in an episode of Futurama had a cannon mounted in its chest. Its caliber? Basketball.
  • Unicron of Transformers Armada has a minicon-powered cannon in the chest of his Supreme toy. Presumably he has the same cannon in the show. Does he use it to cook the planets he is about to eat? A few others have smaller guns on their chests.
    • Other notable Transformers examples include the 2007 movie line's Wreckage, Generation 1's Fortress Maximus and all designs derived from him, and both the original and Transformers Animated versions of Warpath, who both have an entire tank turret for a torso. A more obscure but extremely literal example would be the little-known Action Master Treadshot...whose design was based on a transforming robot toy who had the barrel and cylinder of a revolver sticking out of his chest.
  • The Afro Droid in Afro Samurai had a rather, uh... suggestively-shaped energy cannon in its chest. When he fires it, Ninja Ninja replies with "I think he blew his load"
  • |C.O.P.S. featured Buttons McBoomBoom, who concealed a pair of machine guns in his chest. He could not conceal the fact that he has the greatest name in all of fiction.
  • Post-mutation Waspinator from Transformers Animated fires his sting-beams from the, uh, vestigial arms hanging off of his robot mode chest.
  • Transformers (2007): Blackout has a gun that he flips out of his chest rather emphatically on two separate occasions, though he never gets to actually fire it.
    • Isn't that the blue particle cannon thing he uses to wreck the base in his debut scene? The one that fired the really big shots?
      • Those are fired from his arm (watch when he fires them, you'll see his arm snap back from recoil).
    • The comics and toyline also gave us Wreckage, Swindle, Camshaft, and their gut-guns.
  • An evil, working-robot clone of Big Guy in the Big Guy and Rusty The Boy Robot animated series gets to use this, since it doesn't need a pilot.
  • The Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Super Robot has this one. As well as about every other Super Robot trope...
    • Somewhat Deconstructed in that it's often a last resort weapon because it drains most of the Super Robot's power supply to activate it, rendering it frequently counter-productive in attrition battles.