First: Do No Harm

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    First: Do No Harm is a Web Serial Novel by User:Insanity Lord (Justin J. on Fictionpress). It follows the life of Chastity 'Vanilla' Jackson, a doctor and scientist in the 22nd Century, and the lives of her family and those close to her. Currently nearing the end of its first arc, with a small side arc put in focusing on her brother Kidari and a wanderer named Christopher.

    Tropes used in First: Do No Harm include:
    • Afraid of Blood: Vanilla, which is bad because she's a frigging doctor, and just seeing a small amount of it sends her into a catatonic state for a full night.
    • Badass: Christopher, who goes head to head with a minotaur, whose bones are made from steel with just his fists. He eventually kills it by getting it on its back and stomping down on its throat, crushing the larynx.
    • Badass Bookworm: Vanilla. She's both a scientst and a doctor, so she's obviously very well educated, but not afraid put herself in danger. The same can be said for her niece, Rosalina, who defeated trained soldiers with nothing but a pencil, her hands, and a stolen knife when they tried to kidnap her from Vanilla's home.
    • Badass Longcoat: Christopher and Kidari both wear longcoats, and they're both quite badass, taking on an entire city full of zombies and demons with nothing but their fists, a single gun, and magic!
    • Berserk Button: Almost everybody in the cast has one:
      • Christopher: Threatening his wife (Vanilla) even if you have him at your mercy is a bad, bad idea and will quickly result in him going into full Avatar of Destruction, Death, and War mode and destroying your body, even if you are an immortal demon lord.
      • Kidari: Turning children into zombies will make him lose control of his emotions - a very, very hard thing to accomplish, he's so in control of them, and he will unleash a wave of fire so powerful that it melts glass from windows and turns tiles into molten sludge along with putting the poor children to rest by burning their bodies to ash.
      • Vanilla: She loves children, in fact she's very much a Mama Bear about them. Intentionally making your child sick to get attention will get her attention, and then she'll have to excuse herself from the case in case she gives into her rage and throws you off of a building. She didn't, but she came close. Another good way is to go after her niece with a rocket launcher, at which point she has no problems breaking bones.
      • Katherine: Same as Vanilla. In fact, this trait seems to run in the family, as she works in Child Services for the express purpose of helping children legally. When the mother that was hurting her child for attention (she's explicitly said to have Münchhausen By Proxy Syndrome) pulled a gun out on her (stolen from a police officer that she had just attacked and stunned with a chair) and started yelling about how her son should be giving her all the attention, she kicked a table into her body to stun and disarm and coldly told her that if she weren't in such control of her anger, the woman would require a wheelchair to leave the room.
    • Big Bad: Astaroth, from the side arc. So strong that he wiped the floor with Christopher and Kidari, who had been almost unstoppable up until this point. Then he presses Christopher's Berserk Button and the tables turn quite fast.
    • Blessed with Suck: Christopher. His glyphs grant him a massive boost in power, and even access to magic if he taps into them enough (he hates magic though), but his body can't take the stress and usually gives out if he overuses them. Good thing he's immortal...
    • Curb Stomp Battle: Astaroth wipes the floor with Christopher and Kidari, shrugging off their attacks, the same ones that had been destroying his minions, with barely any effort in his human form, which is weaker than his true form. Then he manages to enrage Christopher enough to force him to tap into his full power as the Avatar of Destruction, Death, and War, and then it turns into a quick, brutal, one-sided fight...with Christopher emerging victorious.
    • Deadpan Snarker:
      • Christopher, a lot. Most of the time he's commenting on the situation they're in, or how scary Kidari is, though.
      • Rosalina is another example, as every time her aunt Vanilla reveals more of the tech she uses/created/patented under different names, she flat out comments on how it's either impossible (teleportation - Vanilla has pretty much perfected it and mocks the government scientists for not doing it right, as well as a true artificial intelligence - Vanilla is working on it, she just has a few bugs to work out), or not something a civilian can legally get their hands on (nanotechnology - Vanilla created it, and has a far more advanced version of it than the government does.)
    • Genre Shift: The story shifts from dramatic science fiction to action filled urban fantasy in the form of a magically induced zombie outbreak in an abandoned city at chapter 9.
    • Grand Theft Me: Pulled on Violet's husband Marshall by Astaroth, who then turned Marshall into a demon just to see what kind of damage the already monstrous man could do with demonic power.
    • It Got Worse: The Knights of Purity, who make it their mission to 'purge' the world of anything non-human are gunning for Vanilla and her family under orders from Marshall.
    • Names to Run Away From Really Fast: Christopher Glayden, also known as the Right Hand of Destruction, Avatar to Keiji, Goddess of Destruction, Death, and War. The Big Bad of the side arc recognised him when he brought out his scythe and was terrified of him, even though he had been wiping the floor with both him and Kidari mere minutes before.
    • Not Quite Dead:
      • Christopher, who gets his neck snapped by a demon in chapter 9, only to revive with little more than a complaint about being taken by surprise in chapter 10.
      • Another example would be the minotaur, that revives as a zombie moments after Christopher kills it. It gets turned to ash by Kidari moments later though...
    • Oh Crap:
      • Kidari has one during the side arc when Astaroth creates a lich to hunt them, and they haven't got the power needed to destroy the monster.
    • Shout-Out: And how! There are plenty:
      • Star Wars: Vanilla calls children 'younglings', though this was an unintentional reference entirely.
      • Doctor Who: Vanilla lives and works in a city called Blaidd Drwg, which is Welsh for Bad Wolf.
      • The Dresden Files: Vanilla has some crazy ideas at times (being a somewhat sane version of a Mad Scientist at times), including a robot ninja riding a robotic t-rex meant to look undead. She had to dismantle it, though she started selling toys based on it..and kids apparently love it.
      • Devil May Cry: In the side arc, Christopher finds a claymore and a pistol and wonders if he should dye his hair white, start spouting corny one-liners, and butchering Shakespeare. He then dismisses the idea as stupid.
    • Technical Pacifist: Vanilla. As a doctor, she's sworn to heal, not harm. It doesn't really count for people that attack her family though as the mercs that assaulted her home found out the hard way.
    • Unstoppable Rage: Vanilla. In the first chapter she storms a villain's lair, destroys all of his robotic guards, sedates him, and hangs him upside down with a message to just wait for the police and a warning to never go after her younglings again.