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The comics page can be pretty conservative, but even FoxTrot has snuck a few past the comics code.

  • Paige once told Peter to "eat spit and die."
  • In an early strip, Amend got away with someone taking a hit from a bong. Strangely, the phrase "has the hots for me" didn't go over as well.
    • That whole series of strips, in fact. Paige and Nicole attended a college party, only for the host (drunk and stoned out of his gourd) to try and convince Paige to smoke pot or have sex with him, with the sounds of drunken vomiting in the background. When he tries to convince Paige to "do lines" (snort cocaine) with him, she punches him in the nose and the girls leave.
  • In one strip Jason claimed that Peter likes folk music...because lyrics contains phrases like "folk this" and "folk that." That's pretty daring for a newspaper comic.
  • The Gag Penis strip mentioned on the main article may be the biggest example of Getting Crap Past the Radar in the history of newspaper comics.
    • Amend actually stated that only one newspaper didn't run the strip that day.
  • In one strip, Jason (while wearing a knight helmet alongside Marcus) paraphrases Pulp Fiction's "Ima get medieval on your ass." when about to squirt Peter and Paige Fox with squirt guns.
  • One strip references Shrek's GCPTR by having Paige try to get Peter to let her sneak into the movie. She acts subtle, describing the movie and its cast ("Shrek and Princess Fiona and Lord..."); when Peter refuses, she shoots him a death glare and finishes ("...Farquaad").
  • Peter's pitching in a baseball game and looking at the catcher's signals:

Peter: Two fingers? Shake him off. Three fingers? Shake him off. Two fingers? Shake him off again. Three fingers? Shake him off again. One finger?... Hey, same to you, pal!

  • This strip. When released in book form, Andy's line is changed to one about Bill O'Reilly seeming unusually calm.
  • In one strip, Peter was playing Tomb Raider and extolling its greatness to Jason, who refuses to play it because it stars a woman. He eventually says "Lara Croft isn't just any girl, Jason. Check out those twin bazookas". Jason, not getting the innuendo, responds that they are pistols. A later strip, part of an arc where Jason and Marcus recreate video games in the snow after being sent outside, attempt to play Tomb Raider..and the Lara Croft snowman they've made has two large snowballs lying on the ground.

Jason: Dang, they keep falling off.
Marcus: I told you we shouldn't play Tomb Raider.