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Strap yourselves in for some full on talking about stuff.
Tom Siddell, Gunnerkrigg Court
I am an ENDLESS BARREL of exposition!
Mr. Verres, El Goonish Shive
Are we supposed to be following this?
Peter Venkman, to the audience, during one of Egon's Infodumps, in The Real Ghostbusters.
(addressing the audience) Everybody got that?
Dark Helmet, Spaceballs
Could you slow down? I wasn't this lost when I read Heretics of Dune!
Yorick, Y: The Last Man
You would have thought the one concrete advantage to Dumbledore being definitely dead would be avoiding the long Dumbledore Explains The Plot chapter at the end of the book. But, no. Death just isn't the handicap it used to be in the olden days and it happens anyway. Stab me. Stab me now.
Kyra Smith (Spoiler text to avoid revealing the ending of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince)
My name is Julie! My mother's name was Susan! She was killed in a car accident with my father and they're both dead!!
The Next Karate Kid
Wow, I'm boring! Do I always explain everything like that?
Dib, Invader Zim

Seagoon: "Good. Now, about the Yehti. Tell me, are they tall and shaggy, or are they more squat with smooth skin?"
Blooknok: "Yes, they are!"

Seagoon: "Oh, and they walk upright like humans, and have the powers of telepathy, and in actual fact they are the missing link, the step from animals to man in one direction, while in another, far higher in intelligence and having the ability to possess one's mind?"

Bloodnok: (pause) "Is there any more information I can give you?"
The Goon Show, "Yehti"