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Netflix is a streaming service (formerly named "Instant Play" or "Netflix Instant Play") can be viewed via computers, internet-connected game consoles (including the Play Station 3, Nintendo Wii, and Xbox 360), and specialty set-top boxes (such as the Roku and the Apple TV), as well as many Blu Ray players and smart TVs.

They also provide a DVD-by-mail service via the U.S. Postal Service.

Available content includes both television shows, animated series, movies and original content exclusive on its service.

See also Hulu.

  • Digital Distribution: The Client-Server model.
    • They also hold the pay cable rights to Sony Pictures Animation, Relativity Media, Film District and Open Road titles; as well as rerun rights to all the major studios.
  • Never Trust a Trailer: They chose to promote the 2020 movie Cuties with what CBC writer Paula Schuck called "the most sexual image of the entire film", leading to a huge Internet backlash against both the movie and Netflix itself before it was ever shown in English.
  • No Export for You: Because of licensing concerns, Netflix offers streamed content worldwide, but because of their method of distribution, they only offer DVD subscriptions to U.S. residents, and the streaming libraries available to residents outside of the US are much different than the one within it.
  • Offer Void in Nebraska: A variation: Some episodes of shows and special non-episode DVD releases are only available on DVD. These episodes are typically grouped by disc, but some episodes are available for streaming while other episodes on the disc are DVD-only.
  • Too Dumb to Live: They, for some reason, didn't realize that hiking up their prices by 60% would mean pretty much half their customers would leave.
    • Win Back the Crowd: The company has since recovered, with 137 million subscribers worldwide as of 2018.
  • 30-Day Free Trial: Netflix offers free trials of various lengths, mostly thirty days.
  • Vanilla Edition: Some of Netflix's DVDs and all of their streamed movies and shows omit special features. Bonus Discs are not included with shipped DVDs. In some countries, English audio and subtitles are the only option because Netflix rarely translates their originals into that language (Czech, Hungarian, some Russian, some Indian languages).