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    /wiki/Oda Nobunagawork

    "Destroy everything equally."

    "If faith is what prevents them from fearing death, then we shall burn that faith from their bodies. Advance and find doom. Retreat and find doom." *Evil Laugh*
    "Worship me. Die for your crime of defying the King of One Hundred Demons, and repent in the afterlife. There are none before me, and will be none after me. I am the Devil King of the Sixth Heaven, Oda Nobunaga!" (Dramatic Cape Flourish)
    Sengoku Basara anime (set to his Leitmotif of Evil)
    "Look at your Lord Nobunaga. Do you think any normal human being could achieve that kind of power in such a short period of time? That is the resurrected figure of Lucifer trying to eliminate this entire world."
    Astaros, Robo Aleste

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