Paranoia Fuel/Fan Works

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  • Barney has always been a little creepy, but after reading this Dark Fic, you'll never think of him the same way ever again.
  • Odd scout. Seems harmless enough at first, but you watch all three chapters. Alone. At night. I dare you. Now, just remember that he's BEHIND YOU RIGHT NOW.
    • OHSHI-
    • Harmless first MY ASS! I watched it, in a broad daylight, turned it off in five seconds. Holy shit, that thing is creepy!
  • Luminosity. Chelsea's power was scary enough on its own, what with the cutting/enhancing relationships. Then, in the Villager chapter of Radiance, it happens to the first-person narrator. Oh, and by the way? No, it doesn't feel like she's doing anything but smiling and making small talk.

Chelsea doesn't affect moods directly.\\She doesn't have to.

  • Strung Up, a Space Channel 5 dark fic in which Purge is trapped in a nightmare and is made into a living puppet as strings are stabbed into his body and he's forced to move to see his friends/robots destroyed. The scariest part of this fic? Entity could haunt you in your nightmares, and force you to go through those things at anytime he wanted. Enjoy sleeping tonight.
  • From Imperfect Metamorphosis, Yuuka Kazami, a Eldritch Abomination inspires a great deal of this after this exchange in Chapter 31: