Ruby Quest/Trivia

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    • All There in the Manual: Of all the countless questions left unanswered, Weaver has since provided information of quite a many.
    • Audience Participation Failure: Weaver had first attempted to run Ruby Quest on the /r9k/ board, which unfortunately was going nowhere. He had later moved it to /tg/ where its interest and participation spread like wildfire among the community[1]
    • Deleted Scenes:

    "Red came back as some kind of 'force', as seen in the OP's image. Things started coming to life, including the walls themselves. Shit hit the fan. Ruby had a temporary hallucination where everything in the facility was suddenly friendly and happy, Red was wishing her a happy birthday, etc.
    Then Ruby nearly died when the Bird Zombie attacked, Tom beat the thing to death to save her but lost an arm."

    1. (and considering the impact it had on the community itself, thank God it did!)
    2. (Additionally known as "Perogra"; infrequently referred to as the "Bound Watcher", "He Who Slumbers in the Buried Dark", and the "God of the Green Throne")

    3. >This is all just Weaver doing shit for the hell of it.
    4. (And by that, I mean MS Paint)
    5. "Don't you start that bullshit again."

      "And that's game"


      ". . .
      son I am disappoint
      You think after all the bullshit from
      Ruby Quest most of us would have Weaver's trip memorized"