Sexy Spectacles

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What Sexy Secretary, Hot Librarian, Hot Scientist or Sexy Nerd would be complete without a pair of glasses? It seems like adding a pair of spectacles to an already good-looking man or woman can increase their hotness substantially. After all, without them a character couldn't coyly nibble at the end of the ear piece or give sultry looks over the top of the lens frames. Though possibly the best thing about them is what could happen when those glasses get taken off...

The belief that "Glasses Are Hot" is a common fetish of characters, possibly because it's pretty PG as far as fetishes go, and "specs appeal" is relatively widespread in Real Life.

Compare Meganekko, when the wearer is merely cute, rather than sexy. Tends to overlap with Stoic Spectacles, surprisingly enough. The Bespectacled Bastard Boyfriend also draws powers of sexiness from glasses. Contrast Nerd Glasses, when ugly glasses decrease sexiness.

The Other Wiki suggests we see also "glasses fetishism".

Please restrict examples to those in which glasses are are noted In-Universe as being part of the character's appeal, the glasses are an inherent part of their characterization, or that have Word of God confirmation.

Examples of Sexy Spectacles include:

Anime and Manga

  • Ristorante Paradiso: Nicoletta's mom has a thing for guys in reading glasses and only hires Waiters who wear them, though she doesn't mind if they are Purely Aesthetic Glasses.
  • Bleach: Part of Nanao's appeal as a Sexy Secretary is her glasses. Kyoraku seems to agree, considering it turns out his former Lieutenant (who Nanao seemed to look up to to some degree) looked very similar and also wore glasses.

Comic Books

Fan Works


Live Action TV

  • One Life to Live: A certain assistant DA always wore glasses but eventually admitted that he had 20/20 vision. He had started wearing them in law school because he wanted to be taken seriously but kept wearing them because he found that women loved them.


  • Fujoshi Kanojo: When Y-ko finds out that the protagonist wears reading glasses, she insists that he put them on and squees over them. In the manga adaptation, her character expounds at length on the appeal of guys in glasses.

Video Games

  • Bayonetta: Invoked. To the point one can purchase her glasses. They're quite expensive.