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Spy6teen began as a contestant in DC Comics' now-defunct web comic initiative, Zuda. After the folding of the imprint, the team continued the story, intending to release it as a print comic; but seeing the opportunities available in the digital realm, elected to instead distribute in the webcomic realm.

The comic follows the adventures of Cally Calhoon, a model high school student who moonlights as an international spy. Difficulties arise as she realizes her two worlds are merging, despite her attempts to maintain a "normal" life.

Spy6teen is now defunct. It formerly updated on Tuesday, with writer Tim Simmons providing a supplemental blog entry on Thursdays. However, the last strip was released in November 2012, and the site registration expired at some point between December 2015 and May 2017. It can still be read at the Wayback Machine here.

Tropes used in Spy6teen include: