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    TV on the Radio is a Brooklyn-based band that was formed in 2000. They are known for their Genre Busting sound, often combining elements of hip-hop, soul, post-punk, electronica, and alternative rock into their music.

    Band members:

    • Tunde Adebimpe: vocals, loops
    • Kyp Malone: guitars, keyboards, loops
    • David Andrew Sitek: vocals, guitars, bass, loops
    • Jaleel Bunton: drums, vocals, loops, guitars
    • Gerard Smith: bass, keyboards (deceased)
    • OK Calculator (2002)
    • Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes (2004)
    • Return to Cookie Mountain (2006)
    • Dear Science (2008)
    • Nine Types Of Light (2011)

    David Sitek has also produced quite a few albums, including all three of the albums from Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

    TV on the Radio provides examples of the following tropes:

    Wake up in a magic nigger movie/with the bright lights pointed at me/as a metaphor/teachin' folks the score/about patience, understanding, agape babe/and sweet sweet amour

    • Mind Screw - tons of their music videos. "Province" is a particularly outstanding example.
    • Neoclassical Punk Zydeco Rockabilly: Post-punk, funk, electro, dub, Afrobeat, hip hop, progressive rock, gospel, noise rock, swing, synthpop... and that's just only a fraction of what you'll hear in an average TV on the Radio album.
    • Parody - their video for the song "You" in the video "Nine Types of Light" is a parody of Prince, possibly of the affectionate variety. In the movie, Tunde leaves the band and begins a solo career that is clearly modeled after Prince.
      • Definitely an affectionate one, seeing as how they listed Prince as one of their main influences.
    • Shout-Out - their first album, OK Calculator, was titled as a reference to Radiohead's Magnum Opus, OK Computer.
    • Signature Song - "Wolf Like Me."
    • Token Minority - David Sitek is the only white guy in a band that is otherwise entirely black.