Everything About Fiction You Never Wanted to Know.

Get comfortable and go to the bathroom because he gave us a lot to work with. Starting off:

  • The entirety of the co-op that Tatsu did with The Khold One on Super Khold World. From the very first video where Tatsu gets angry at Khold for bypassing the first couple of levels using exploits that only he would know about to even the preview where Khold dies to the very first enemy in Super Mario World and even part four where they find out that referencing a conversation from Metalocalypse helps progress.
  • "Hey, everybody, I'm Tatsudoshi." "I'm Spazzy." "And I'm a mammal."
  • Corn channeling the opening of the Lion King in a Dead Space video.
  • Every time Tatsu encounters a tank and he's not expecting it.
    • At the end of the first episode of Left 4 Dead 1, Tatsu abandons his squad. When the second episode starts, Tatsu gets smacked back by a Tank while yelling. Comments have been made that said Tatsu blew their eardrums out.

Tatsu: OH SHIT!!! OH FUCK!! OH NO! Oh no! Oh fuck!

    • In episode 5 of Left 4 Dead, both Tatsu & Corn were on their last down when Sedisp started randomly shouting "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck". Tatsu says "What is that noise?" Corn walks around and immediately gets smacked by a Tank, the thing that Sedisp was freaking out about. Later, Tatsu is in the safe room when Sedisp starts yelling. As it turns out, a bunch of zombies and a Tank were chasing him. Then when Sedisp opens the door, Tatsu has a minor Oh Crap moment and quickly shuts the door.
    • In the 20th episode of L4D 1, when Tatsu instructs Spazzy on what to do while he's setting a trap:

Tatsu: Unless something bad happens... Don't move.
Spazzy: *looking around and hearing a tank* ...Oh my god!... *sees the tank while being grazed by a thrown rock* ...TANK!!
Tatsu: WHAT?! ...Something bad has happened!
Corn: *starts laughing*

  • When Corn gets locked out of the safe room by Sedisp and Officer Bomb during the first campaign of L4D 1 leading Corn to shoot his way in.

Corn: Who's the bitch now?!

  • Tatsu was waiting throughout the entire Dark Carnival portion of the LP for Coach to say "If I ever find a Burger Tank in this place, I'mma be a one-man Cheeseburger Apocalypse" When he finally said it, it happened to be in the right situation (No zombies attacking the group, no commentary whatsoever) Tatsu was really happy.
  • When Tatsu gets abandoned by the L4D2 bots at the end of the The Parish finale after bad mouthing them through the whole LP.

Tatsu: *speaking in a Southern accent* You ignorant bastards, I will keel you!

  • During the L4D2 No Mercy LP:
    • After the others reach the safe house, Corn stops short to go smack a toaster off a shelf. The horde enters causing Corn to laugh and force him to fight to the safe house.

Corn: You'll never take me alive! *gets Jockey'd* Ahhh!! *laughs*

    • Which leads to:
      • Tatsu flips out after Zoey (a bot at 0 HP on last down) mysteriously starts teleporting and then rescues Corn from the aftermath of being a Jerkass.

Corn: I got saved by an angel. *starts laughing*

    • Which again leads to:
      • At the very beginning of the next mission, Corn kills Zoey point-blank much to the surprise of Tatsu.

Tatsu: Holy sheet. You're a monster. *gets out health pack*
Corn: *laughing and then gets healed by Tatsu* And now I'm getting healed for it. *resumes laughing*

    • And then there's this beauty:

Spazzy: Why'd you hit a Boomer in the back with a crick--
Corn: I thought he would explode.
*Tatsu pauses the game dumbfounded leading to several moments of awkward silence between the trio*

  • The Bioshock 2 LP, just...all of it.
    • Examples include the first Spam Play vid to feature the 'Nipples' conversation, Little Dergin (guest commentator) continuously saying horrifying things, Tatsu getting stuck on one gathering spot for almost an entire video, and this little gem...

Corn: *after DocSigmabot (long story) sodomizes a corpse* Apparently she was a virgin!
Tatsu: *pauses game because his brain broke*

  • Early in the Resident Evil 5 - Lost in Nightmares you would need to pull a switch to raise spikes in a small room. Corn waited until the last moment to pull the switch. "That switch. Right there. Pull the switch. Pull it. PULL IT. PULL THE FUCKING SWITCH."
  • During a stream, Tatsu and Corn gave the viewers an incentive to where every $10 dollars that they donated, Tatsu & Corn would sing a song. As it happened, one of the choices Corn made was It's Raining Men.
  • TheKholdOne randomly turning on his DS during a Mirror's Edge recording.
    • From the same video, around 1:05, Khold was discussing doing LP's on the toilet.

Khold: I wish I could do Let's Plays from the toilet. It would be invigorating.
Tatsu: It could give you a reason to sound angry, like "Oh my GOD!!"
Corn: Dammit Mario JUMP!"
Phantom: It's like keep the camera on the screen "Oh wow, this is pretty good". Move the camera two inches down "Oh my god, I'm scarred for life"

  • Corn singing along to the Castle Crashers Theme.
  • Tatsu's anti-Condemned rage, any time it pops up is a laugh riot.
  • Corn and Tatsu singing the Mercenaries 2 commercial song. 'Oh no you di'n't!'
  • From New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Spazzy: *grumbling under breath* Oh it's on now, cum gargler.
Tatsu: What!?
Spazzy: *Cutest voice possible* Oh nothing~!

All: *as the dolphin* BLAAAAAGH!

Corn: We're always fighting the Covenant and Popcorn (Nickname for the Flood)! Can't we fight like...you know...aliens?

Tatsu: *pauses the game* ...

Corn: Uhm...I mean...


  • Both Tatsu and Corn getting progressively disgusted by the PRON Folder in the Harvey Birdman Game. For good reason, it's Prawn porn. Every time he accidentally returns to the area with it, he leaves post haste.
  • This example of This Is Gonna Suck from Princess Maker 2

Princess Maker 2: You Opponent is...Leftor!
Tatsu and Spazzy (in unison): Oh fuck.

  • The entire QWOP video, which had Khold sitting in on Tatsu playing QWOP with Corn in the background. Corn probably busted a gut somewhere in there.
  • In one of their movie reviews on their main site, to illustrate how much of a low-budget movie they were reviewing was, Corn pulled out three dollars (actually four) that were revealed to be sticky as all hell. Apparently as the review went on, Spazzy gathered the dollars up, washed them and brought them back on a hanger.
  • Tatsu recently streamed the ending of Persona4, the grand finale included such gems as a deadpan 'Aw, she was pregnant' when his favorite female character was one-shotted by the final boss and a mighty cry of "FUCK YOU NETHERRRRRRRR!!!" during the final cutscene.
  • One of their most recent snack reviews featured some So Okay It's Average cookies from Germany, the general feeling of neither disgust or joy just disappointment was hysterical.
    • "Chocolate CHIP cookies, each cookie only has one chocolate chip."
  • Tatsu's recent video, Random Halo Reach Battles, has two. The first was in the first 10 seconds of the video, when Corn introed in his usual way, only to have Dergin intro in the exact same way. The second was when Dergin was hiding from Tatsu and she went out and Corn was there but Dergin didn't know that and shot out the door at the same time Corn shot in the door causing a double kill.
    • Part 2 of the same battles, has one 8 minutes in. Dergin and Corn's Running Gag for that video was singing "I... am... Ironman!" Dergin had just killed Tatsu and was pillaging his corpse and started singing that, and right as she got done, Spazzy came from behind and meleed Dergin in the back, killing her instantly to the laughing of Tatsu.
  • The latest Spam Play of Limbo features Corn (who's never seen the game before) freaking out about the giant spider boss and coming to the conclusion that the Everything Trying to Kill You aspect of the game is due to the protagonist being 'Lil Hitler'.
  • One of their most recent drink reviews has a hilarious discussion. Two words: Jack La Lanne.
  • Tatsu has now coined the phrase "Jamie Foxx is a white man trapped in a black man's body, trapped in a white man's money."
  • During Tatsu and Corn's Spam-play of Sesame Street, Once upon a monster they come to a segment where the game records and plays back what they say, naturally they abuse this feature to hell and back, the video is simply labeled Not for children.