Brain Bleach

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    "Of what a strange nature is knowledge! It clings to the mind, when it has once seized on it, like a lichen on the rock."

    Frankenstein's MonsterFrankenstein

    A character has just witnessed something so icky, so unsettling, so horrific, that he must express his disapproval. This Is Wrong on So Many Levels that a simple "That's gross" won't suffice — only Brain Bleach can make things right.

    The character informs the world that the continued knowledge of this subject is an unbearable affront to his sanity. He will not be at peace until he can remove his brain from his skull, scrub the offending mental image out with steel wool and mental floss, then disinfect the entire area with bleach (disinfecting his eyes or ears with fire is optional).

    In the sporking/MSTing/mocking community, there exists an offspring named Bleeprin which is a mixture of industrial-strength Brain Bleach and Aspirin — Aspirin against the headache, Brain Bleach against the Badfic. Also Bleepka, which combines Brain Bleach and vodka. Its application is obvious.

    A Super-Trope to Screaming At Squick (a specific reaction to this).

    Compare with Out, Damned Spot! (characters try to scrub away their guilt) and Kill It with Fire.

    For those subjects that make you or the audience want to reach for the Brain Bleach, don't list them here. This is for in-universe reactions only.

    Will probably be necessary after seeing No Yay, Glurge, a Gainax Ending, a Shock Site, Squick, and Fan Disservice (among many other things). Often the result of Schmuck Bait.

    This item is available in the Trope Co catalog.

    Do Not Try This At Home!!!

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