The Barbie Diaries

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The Barbie Diaries is a movie.

Barbie meets Mean Girls with a touch of vaguely defined fantasy in this instalment of the Barbie Tie-in film series, an odd-movie-out in Barbie's usual fantasy oeuvre.

In this one, Barbie and her friends are a Garage Band; the main action takes place at her school.

And, as in any American high school, there is the Alpha Bitch, who is in this case named Raquelle. As the movie opens, Barbie receives the position of Raquelle's official toady for the school TV news show. And, as usual, Barbie has a crush on Raquelle's boyfriend, Todd, who she thinks is her Secret Admirer. Luck turns to Barbie's side for once, and Todd not only breaks up with Raquelle, but also hooks up with Barbie in the same day. This leads to a rise in popularity for Barbie and she effectively dumps her own friends in favour of developing a Girl Posse with members stolen from Raquelle.

Of course it turns out okay when it turns out the Secret Admirer is Kevin and she makes up with her friends to finish the movie with an Ear Worm.

Tropes used in The Barbie Diaries include: