The Green Mile/Trivia

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The book provides Trivia of:

  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: At the time the first installment was released to the public, King hadn't even figured out the ending yet... but still a set release scheduled for it.

The movie provides Trivia of:

  • The Danza: Averted; Harry Dean Stanton was in the movie but played neither Harry Terwilliger nor Dean Stanton.
  • Dawson Casting: The actor who played Percy, who is supposed to be 21, was 39 at the time. Also, Wild Bill was 19 in the novel, and was played by a 31 year old in the movie.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
  • Scully Box: To make 6'5" Michael Clarke Duncan taller. Specifically, to tower over David Morse (Brutal, 6'4") and James Cromwell (Warden Moores); at 6'7", Cromwell is one of the tallest actors in Hollywood, but you wouldn't know it from this movie.
  • Throw It In: As Del is getting ready to be electrocuted, he recites to himself the Hail Mary prayer in Cajun French; Michael Jeter ad-libbed this.