V (2009 TV series)/Trivia

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  • Hey, It's That Guy!: This show is shaping up to be Hey, It's That Guy!: The Series of Sci-fi Actors.
    • Firefly: Morena Baccarin (Inara Serra/Anna), Alan Tudyk (Wash/Dale Maddox)
    • The 4400: Joel Gretsch (Tom Baldwin/Father Landry), Samantha Ferris (Nina Jarvis, Hobbes' private investigator)
    • Battlestar Galactica: Rekha Sharma (Tory Foster/Sarita Malika), Michael Trucco (Sam Anders/John May), Ty Olsson (Aaron Kelly/Sniper), Roark Critchlow (Dreilide Thrace/Paul Kendrick)
    • Lost: Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet Burke/Erica Evans)
      • While he's more recognizable from this show now, Charles Mesure (Kyle Hobbes) appeared in Lost as the boyfriend who helped Shannon con her brother Boone into coming to Australia.
    • Smallville: Laura Vandervoort (Kara Zor-El/Lisa)
    • Party of Five: Scott Wolf (Bailey Salinger/Chad Decker)
      • Scott Wolf was also in the short-lived series The Nine with Lourdes Benedicto (Valerie Stevens).
    • Andromeda: Lexa Doig (Andromeda/Dr. Leah Pearlman)
    • Stargate Atlantis: Paul McGillion (Dr. Carson Beckett/Lawrence Parker)
    • The X-Files: Nicholas Lea (Erica's ex-husband/Krycek)
    • The Shield: Dutch is one of the Project Ares Men in Black.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: The V Doctor and Reverse Mole, Joshua, is Dragon Age's Sten and Gundam Wing's Heero Yuy!