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"I kissed a boy and they liked it/ Got all the honeys in the club excited"
—"I Kissed a Boy" by Cobra Starship
"Everything I know about sex, I learned from Yaoi fanfiction."
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I wanna see you boys get down with each other
I wanna see you do your lil nasty brother
Just one thing i can't compromise

I wanna see you work it guy on guy
Peaches "Two Guys for Every Girl"
KARISAWA-SAN! It's all because of people like Karisawa-san who pair guys up every time they see two guys fight or become friends! You're the reason so many animes are trolled and called fujoshi-pandering shit just because they've got more male characters than female ones! Serious reflection! I demand some serious reflection on your part!
Walker, Durarara!!
There's no such thing as a girl who hates queers!
Ohno, Genshiken

(Tsubaki wanders near the doujin stall)

Tsubaki: Hey, what are these?

(Tsubaki picks up a doujin... it happens to be Rai/Konoe. As she flips through, she blushes and gets a Nosebleed.)

Tsubaki: ... That was actually kinda kinky. I'm going to hell for that, aren't I?
Bi guyz r sooo sexah!!!111
Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, My Immortal