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Edgeworth's memory of case 4 is flawed from the blow to the head he took at the start of case 3

Hence the sketchy tech level (flat screen tv+video tape).

Case 3 of AAI2 will lead directly into DL-6

More specifically, once the case goes to trial, Manfred von Karma will receive his first penalty and take his revenge on Gregory Edgeworth. We already know that the third case will feature both Gregory and von Karma, so when coupled with the precedent the first AAI set for copious amounts of Continuity Porn, it seems natural that the writers would want to tie it in to a pre-established event in the series. What other event is there besides DL-6?

Franziska von Karma will be the one to investigate and capture Shelly de Killer.[1]

More like wishful thinking; one of the games in the AAI series will involve switching to her perspective to track him down because It's Personal (In 2-4, he shot her).

AAI 3 will feature Phoenix and the Gavin brothers and the events surrounding his disbarment.

When you look at the dates, AAI 2 ends only a week before Magnifi Gramarye's death and Zak's arrest. And consider the relatively small timeframe for the two games (less than four weeks between Turnabout Airlines and The Grand Turnabout).

What the names might be if AAI 2 gets localized

  • Manosuke Naito: Chester Knight ("Knight" to represent his being the "knight")
  • Gai Tojiro: Gerard Castle ("Castle" to represent his being the "rook")
  • Shuji Orinaka: Rocky Cage. ("Rocky" to represent his being a boxer, and "Cage" to represent the reference to a prisoner in a cage)
  • Isaku Hyodo: Barry Friese ("Barry", which sounds like "Barry" to reference "digging one's own grave," while "Friese" sounds like "freeze," as a reference to ice sculptures")
  • Tsubasa Kagome: Robin Crane ("Crane" to match the reference to the rhyme)
    • Souta Sarushiro: Simon Yuki ("Simon" Because it sounds like simian and Yuki because it sounds like a monkey And it means snow something that impacted his life)
    • Teikun Ou: Rex Leonidas ("Rex" Is Latin for King and "Leonidas" Matches his Lion like appearance)
    • Tateyuki Shigaraki: Clyde Polestar ("Clyde" Can mean warm or snug referencing that he likes to hug and Polestar means the middle point in contrast to Edgeworth)

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  1. Of course, this Troper has not yet played AAI 2 and does not know if de Killer has been arrested.