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Take moments specific to the Phoenix arc or Apollo Justice to those pages, please.

  • All of Case 5. Continue reading for more specific examples.
  • Gumshoe's Big Damn Heroes moment in I-5, when he runs in yelling how he's sorry he's so late, bringing with him the evidence you so desperatly needed. How did he know to look for said evidence? His detective instincts nagged him into doing it. You didn't even have to ask, but thanks to him you could prove how the killer moved the body.
  • Ace Attorney Investigations has a couple of these. This troper's favorite is when Shih-na grabs Kay and uses her as a body shield and holds a gun to her head... only for the sound of ANOTHER revolver being loaded to be heard and the camera panning back and showing Badd with a gun to Shih-na's back.
    • Then Lang takes the bullet for Shih-Na, and seems to just shrug it off because he's simply that badass. He then justifies his action, saying that he has a duty to his subordinates, even if they're sociopaths who only joined his organisation so they could act as a mole.
    • At the beginning of the game, an unknown perpetrator holds Edgeworth at gun point and even gives him a warning shot. Edgeworth doesn't even flinch! It's a double awesome given that Edgeworth has some extreme issues with guns, what with spending fifteen years thinking he murdered his father and hearing the sound of the shot in his nightmares.

Edgeworth: No one gets away with committing murder in my office. No one.

    • From the same case, this line from Edgeworth.

Edgeworth: I believe the proper phrase here is, "you fail."

    • The game itself is a Crowning Moment of Awesome, the fact that we control Edgeworth, and how he took down the head of an international smuggling ring interpol agents and the Yatagarasu was pursuing for seven years, in less than 48 hours after learning the existence of said ring. Miles Edgeworth > Jack Bauer
  • In Case 5 of Investigations, Lang gets one for creating a Batman Gambit by forcing Franziska herself to be a murder suspect just so they can access THE OFFICE OF AN AMBASSADOR!
    • Also, Diplomatic Impunity? Well, we can't have that, can we, Ex-Ambassador Alba?
      • The most epic and satisfying sentance ever uttered in video game history: "Your Diplomatic immunity...has just been revoked!" It's the way he rubs it in afterwards that I loved.
    • In the same case, Lang catches Franziska's whip mid-lash!
    • Speaking about Franzy whipping, Badd dodges her in case 4! He then proceeds to make a joke about having her arrested, which makes her back down. As Edgeworth puts it...

Edgeworth: Detective Badd is really something if he can make Franziska behave...!

  • In case 5 of AAI, the big villain is prevented from escaping by previously harmless Nice Guy Ambassador Palaeno, who persuades him to stay for a while so as not to damage the relationship between their countries. Palaeno subsequently announces that it doesn't matter that the victim was a total crook, he was Palaeno's subordinate, and thus Palaeno must fulfill his duty to him.
    • In the same vein, Larry Butz and Wendy Oldbag, as ridiculous as it may sound. The two pull off a rather dramatic entrance in their Steel Samurai and Pink Princess costumes to prevent Quercus Alba from leaving and both end up giving Edgeworth some crucial information that puts Alba in his place without even knowing it! Oldbag deserves special mention as her clue (A single Samurai Dog box with a spot of blood in it) was so crucial that Edgeworth actually thanks and even bows for her!
  • The end of Case 5 of Investigations

Edgeworth: Mr. Alba, I'm afraid there is one more question I forgot to ask....
Alba: ...........
Edgeworth: This country's, or Allebahst's: Which country's court would you like to face first? Either way, it's game over for you.


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