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"If it's hard to believe we'd make a show with evil people and senseless violence, you really haven't been paying attention.", upon the release of Superjail

"Stupid Adult Swim only plays it on Saturdays now."

"Adult Swim is kind of like 4chan. In the beginning they were both small corners of the world where American Anime fans could congregate. Then a bunch of anime-haters hop onboard and complain about the content that started it all."

"Remember they used to run 'What-A-Cartoon'? Now it’s 'Where’s-the-Cartoons?'"
Jerry Beck, Cartoon Brew, on an article about the UK version of The Office being premiered on Adult Swim.
"Maybe I'm suffering from 90's baby "Who Moved My Cheese?" syndrome, but Cartoon Network may want to focus on CARTOONS. […] Even Adult Swim sucks. With the exception of The Boondocks, the Anime-Satruday blocks, and few other shows, it's horrible. Tim and Eric aren't funny. The World Around You is not funny. Where is my adult-oriented funny?!? "
Jhenne Tyler B. , Et Tu Cartoon Network?

Shin: Hey, mister. Do you know where I can hide and no one would find me?
TV Manager: 2 AM, Saturdays?

Shin: Thanks for being such a jerk!
"O hai Adult Swim! We got the results of the test back. We definitely have April Fools."
Tom; during the April Fools' Day Toonami revival.
"Attention Toonami Faithful: We heard you. On 05.26.12 #ToonamisBackBitches"

"Watching Adult Swim for the first time was a rite of passage for kids back in the day."