Aliens Steal Cable/Quotes

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We have long studied your puny Terran broadcasts and analysed every detail of your primitive speech. Now, take me to your leader. Take me to ... Tinky Winky.
Know what I hate about deep space? Crap radio stations from two centuries back. Gosh, we were idiots.
Jeff "Joker" MoreauMass Effect 2[1]
We are communicating across the vast chasm of space. Do we truly want the phrase "Robot Pornography" to be broadcast across the cosmos to become some distant, advanced Alien civilization's first impression of mankind?
Carl SaganAtomic Robo
Okay, so they've got a sports draft and The Wizard of Oz on Zeist? Are there any other anachronistic references to Earth culture that you wanna make that you'd have no realistic way of knowing, like "Elvis has left the building", or "Lucy, you've got some 'splaning to do"?

Graeme: Suppose the aliens got their whole idea of what humans are like through watching television!
Bill: Good grief! They probably think we're a race of Nicholas Parsons.
Graeme: If they've got any moral feelings at all...
Bill: They'll blast us out of the universe!

The Goodies, "U-Friend or UFO"
"It's a fairly well known fact that the Earth's television transmissions bounce around the atmosphere and off satellites positioned around the Earth's orbit. Some of these signals are beamed far into space where they could, potentially, be picked up by aliens. What? You don't believe in aliens? You better think again. The Earth is being threatened by something, and it's sure not human..."

Kid Flash: “Wait. Hello, Megan! is a TV show?”
Robin: “I just thought it was something she [Miss Martian] said all the time.”

Young Justice, "Image"