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Fridge Brilliance

  • I had one about Baccano! thanks to another troper. I had previously added an example citing Claire as a Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Trailer. Another troper mentioned that this is also true of the characters connected to the Daily Days. Then a third noted the reason for this, which is where the briliance come in- reporters don't report on themselves, and the series is through the lens of that paper's reporting on the Flying Pussyfoot incident- User:Jordan
  • Another more common piece of Fridge Brilliance is the eventual reveal of why Jacuzzi, the most timid character in the whole series would have the most attention-drawing feature, his huge jagged sword tattoo. It seems especially incongruous when you see that the tattoo is being used to identify him on his wanted posters. Turns out it's a CMOH: Jacuzzi got it after his best friend and later girlfriend Nice scarred herself horribly after an explosives accident, so they could match and she wouldn't be alone in being stared at.
  • Isaac and Miria hatch a rather odd plot to steal an entire museum. It doesn't quite work out, so they just steal the door to "keep people from entering." Crazy? Maybe, until you realize that with the door stolen, the police would close the museum down for an investigation. So their plan WORKED, but maybe just not in the way they intended.
  • Also notable is that Isaac and Miria performed the post-episode trailers as if they were actually watching the show and guessing what would be in the next episode. Take into account that they're immortals living within the Naritaverse, where Baccano is actually a television show by the time the events of the Durarara!! anime start (Baccano plays on the big screen TV in the middle of town in some shots). Isaac and Miria could very well have been watching themselves on television in-universe without actually breaking the Fourth Wall at all; just talking to each other about the episodes.
    • The television show thing is just anime original material and Cameo eyecandy though, Baccano characters in fact exist and interact with the Durarara cast from time to time. There's no Show Within a Show in the Naritaverse when taking into account only the Light Novels canon.
  • If Ladd didn't talk about one day killing Lua, their relationship would be kind of.....Normal.
    • Except that both would still be insane, and it's pretty hard to put two insane people together and call that "normal".
  • One of the points brought up against Czeslaw is the time he abandoned Mary in the closet on the train. What occurred to this troper when discussing it with a friend was that though he abandoned her, he apparently went out of the way to take her to an empty, secluded area of the train when he could have ditched her the minute they were out of her mother's sight. Hiding her in the closet was a good idea, because if Mary hadn't accidentally made noise, she most likely would have been safe there. After all, who would think to go far back into the train and check the closets for people hiding? It was her knocking over cleaning equipment that caught the attacker's attention and put her in danger. This might be supported by the fact that even eighty years later, he still remembers the time he spent with her fondly. Czeslaw was trying to keep her safe, even if he didn't realize it!
  • When you only follow the anime, it seems strange that later on Claire introduces himself as formerly being Claire Stanfield and is no longer a conductor, until remembering that Dune of the Russo Family had red hair, was close to Claire's height, stole a conductor's uniform earlier and had his face completely smashed beyond recognition. Turns out the police pronounced Claire dead because Dune fit the description best!
  • A stretch and unintentional but funny when you realize it. When it comes to naming the transcontinental train from California to Grand Central Station, some genius names it the Flying Pussyfoot. You have a chortle over the name and that's that, right? WRONG. The term pussyfoot in the general sense means to walk quietly and proceed cautiously. In slang terms, we mostly know the phrase, "Stop pussyfootin' around!" This is similar to the phrase, "Stop fucking around!" Ergo, the train's real name is synonomous with the term Flying Fuck. Considering what happened on the train ride and the amount of casualties, that actually makes sense.

Fridge Horror

  • The unnamed narrator in the first book has a moment of this when he thinks a little too hard about Firo and Ennis's relationship and realizes that, since Ennis was a part of Szilard and Szilard is now a part of Firo via Cannibalism Superpower, Firo can technically be seen as screwing himself. He wisely decides not to voice this thought in front of Firo.
    • Wait. Isn't it revealed that the narrator of the first book is Firo?
      • Not him, but the unnamed Japanese tourist with the stolen camera. His narration frames Firo's narration.
  • Baccano!: The awkward moment you realise the rail tracer - Claire Stanfield - has been in the opening credits all this time.
    • Not only that, he's holding a bottle of wine. His assassin nickname is Vino.

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