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  • Ascended Fanon: The Predacon base's name, "Darksyde", came from a Fanon misinterpretation of a line spoken by Terrorsaur in the episode "Equal Measures". ("Welcome to the dark side!") It was given an official name first in the Beast Wars Transmetals video, and then in the Prequel video Dawn of Future's Past.
  • Fan Nickname: Dinobot is Raptor Jesus!
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • Promoted Fanboy: Benson Yee, operator of the popular web site and convention visitor. He was approached for G1 knowledge and received a 'consultant' credit in certain episodes. There's a lesser version of this where several fans get minor mentions in-series (usually in the names of sectors on the map and such).
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Waspinator was going to be sacrificed at the beginning of the second season, but his popularity as The Chew Toy saved him, with Terrorsaur and Scorponok being the sacrificed ones.
      • If he had died there, the plan was to make a surviving Terrorsaur a Transmetal. Since this wouldn't mesh well with Waspy's Butt Monkey status, he was dropped into a CR Tank and 'shielded' from the Quantum Surge.
    • "Dark Glass", a very dark episode since scrapped that would've filled in a nasty little Plot Hole dealing with Dinobot's Evil Knockoff during the series' finale.
    • For the series finale, Mainframe wanted to have the Maximals fly the Ark and engage the Nemesis. On top of that, the Nemesis would have been manned by revived Decepticons Thrust, Dirge and Ramjet. Budget and time constraints force them to drop the idea.
      • On top of that, it was originally intended that the two-part Grand Finale was meant to only conclude Season 3 - except as a three-part story. It would have explained Tarantulas' past and motives in greater detail and revealed the reasons for his hatred of the Vok. When Executive Meddling (the desire to create the controversial Beast Machines) kicked in, resulting in Season 3 being the last season (dropping a potential Season 4), this idea was scrapped (though remnants of this do appear in the Spin-Off comics).
    • In The Agenda part 2, the writers wanted Frank Welker to reprise his role as G1 Megatron. Sadly, m. Welker had a very busy schedule and the cost involved for just a few lines prompted the writers to drop the idea. Gary Chalk filled-in for the role.
      • In this very same episode, when Ravage transforms in cassette mode, the original Transfomers cartoon theme song was meant to be played. However, copyright issues complicated things so the idea was scrapped.
    • Insecticon - one of the first Predacon toys to be released - was originally going to be featured in this series, most likely as part of the original Predacon line-up. This appears to have been learned when Ben Yee's website featured a script draft of "Power Surge" in which Insecticon had dialogue.
    • "Fallen Comrades" was originally going to introduce Wolfang. Of course, between a certain new toy about to come out, Wolfang's own toy being old news and that tinkering Cheetor's existing character model/design would save time and money, Tigatron was used instead.
    • Along with Dark Glass, there were two other episodes that never got made.
      • The first, A Greater Ape, would feature Optimus believing himself to be a real gorilla after a blow to the head. He would later join a gorilla troop and fall in love with a female ape before an attack by the Predacons would jog his memory. It wasn't made due to the number of new models that would have to be made for the episode.
      • The second, called Bitch Wars, (which was hopefully just a working title) would have Airazor and Blackarachnia leaving their factions, then teaming up and start their own all-female faction. It was not made because the writers had no idea how to deal with the concept realistically.