Big Time Rush/Ho Yay

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Was this really necessary Carlos?

  • Give it time.
    • Time's up. The boys are all very touchy-feely at times, even when not on the set. On top of that, they admit to having real "bromance" even off screen.
  • The show is currently in its second season and the Ho Yay (and its shippers) are going at insane levels.
    • For example when the daughter of the record company exec, a Rich Bitch decides to date each one of the boys, Kendall actually, seriously, THROWS DOWN with her when she tries to date Logan. And James noticeably reacts when she tries to date Carlos. And they all look frightened of her. Because that's how you act when a pretty, rich girl who will further your success decides to date you/your friends.
    • For another example Logan practically jumped into Kendall's arm who carried him bridal style when the set designer proceeded to demolish their apartment ceiling.
  • There are already two main ships: James/Carlos and Kendall/Logan.
    • And then of course the OT4...
  • There are four of them. If you support any pairing at all then the worst is over, and you might as well have some closure.
  • Rounding off the leftover two has really been the main basis behind James/Carlos from the beginning. Up until Big Time Concert, James has been no closer to Carlos than he has been to Logan.
    • The Super Hollywood Party Kings of Hollywood, anyone? The dino nugget wars in Big Time Mansion? James Diamond and Carlos Garcia's obvious Beta Couple status to Kendall and Logan is only eclipsed by James Maslow and Carlos Pena, the latter of whom infamously told the press that everyone should watch the show, "[Because] James is just so pretty." Wow.
  • This tropette feels she needs to mention Big Time Girlfriends, which really brought the Jogan- big time. She had an easier time believing Logan had been cheated on by James than Camille. And really, a Brokeback Mountain-esque spitball fight?
    • The Jogan was out in full force in Big Time Sneakers with all the hand-holding, groping, and rolling around on the floor. It was even Lampshaded in-episode, with Mrs. Knight catching them in compromising positions and taking a "I don't want to know" attitude about it. One wonders what that Running Joke was supposed to be if not this...
  • The entire episode of Big Time Songwriters.
    • Special mention must be made for how James and Logan came up with the lyrics to the "Yeah" song: Logan mentions that James is great with words when talking to girls and James agrees... then proceeds to look at Logan, dress him up in drag, and sing to Logan dressed as a girl.
  • Les Yay: Between Jo and Camille.
    • In the season one finale, Big Time Concert, Jo kisses Kendall, and Camille dreamily exclaims that "wow, she is really good at goodbyes." Because that's exactly how friends usually react to their friends' kissing skills.
    • In Big Time Party, Jo remarks that "it might be fun to star in Camille's fantasy movie."
  • James and Logan get an awkward, but very Ho Yay-ful moment in the new prom episode, which ends in Logan being Prom King and James in drag being Prom Queen.
    • And then they dance. Together. Yeah.