Calvin and Hobbes: The Series/Recap/S1/E08 The Black Turning Funnel Part 2

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Continued from The Black Turning Funnel Part 1

When we last left our heroes, they were being tossed around in the wind, a tornado close by. After some (very silly) confessions, the duo are thrown into the tornado. Activating Full Throttle mode on the box, Calvin attempts to fly out... only for the tornado to suddenly get sucked up back into the clouds.

Calvin remarks on how easy that was, but Hobbes notes that the tornado had merely touched down elsewhere. Switching to Plan B, Calvin rockets towards the tornado, circling it. Whilst doing so, the pair witness a cow and a man riding his bike fly by (the former they see twice).

Hobbes: Well. All this needs now is the Wizard of Oz theme.

Calvin: Shall I sing it for you?

Hobbes: No.

Calvin's bizarre idea actually works, and the tornado thins out once again. As he remarks on how they've saved their home (and everyone else as well), about twenty tornadoes come down to earth, one landing right on top of the duo. Being thrown across the air, they see several objects doing likewise, one of which being a tree housing two hawks. After a brief conversation/argument with the elder, Wallace, the duo Smoke Out.

Calvin attempts to think of a plan, eventually trying to transmogrify it. However, he's scooped up yet again before he can do so. He manages to shoot it, but not before realizing he's fifty feet in the air.

After landing, Calvin quickly realizes there are several barnyard animals in his front yard. And his parents are arriving home.

Needless to say, he was punished. A grumpy Calvin declares him and Hobbes to be sleeping, though it's the middle of the day.


Calvin: Well. We've saved our home from total havoc.
Hobbes: What about everybody else?
Calvin: Uh... Yeah. Them too.

Hobbes: Calvin, I rolled up your Captain Napalm comic and used it to clean out my ears!

    • This exchange, however, is definitely a Shout-Out:

Hobbes: Well. All this needs now is the Wizard of Oz theme.

Calvin: Shall I sing it for you?

Hobbes: No.

"I was just thinking. Remember that dream I had this morning? It was about a funnel, remember? We actually saw and fought against a funnel! A Black Turning Funnel!"

  1. It could fall under either Shout-Out or Plagiarism, as the author appears to be a fan of the series.