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    Candle Jack in a rare nighttime appeara I still have the cameraman!

    Describe Candle Jack he

    As you can see, speaking or merely typing the name of this Freakazoid! villain (voiced by Jeff Bennett) will result in the speaker being abducted by said villain. Thus sentences tend to abruptly end when Candle Jack's name is spo

    A notable villain in that he had very few appearances, but was so memorable that everyone remembers the one where everyone said "Candle Jack" and

    For those of you who came here actually looking for information, not in-jokes, that guy is a villain from the cartoon Freakazoid!. He looks a little bit like the Batman villain, the Scarecrow, or the Ben 10 alien Ghostfreak, a bit like Oogie Boogie, and kind of like the Pokémon Dusclops (or Darkrai). He's pretty creepy for a children's cartoon. He only showed up in two episodes; in the first he would kidnap and tie up anyone who said his name, much to the annoyance of the hero (and ultimately defeated by his love of pie), and in the second he spent the majority of the episode scaring Professor Jones. Memetic Mutation has popularized the Candle Jack abdu

    In the original toons nobody got kidnapped in the middle of a sentence, but that's really the only way to make the joke funny in a written format. Though the general rule is that he's nice enough to hit Submit for you on the way ou

    Oddly enough, on GameFAQs, there seems to be a bit of Serious Business on whether Candle Jack deletes your signature or n

    Seriously, if you actually see someone complete their sentence after saying his name, it's a full six-pack in the drinking game. The only thing worse is when someone posts in a thread about him and disappears without ever having said his name.

    Candle Jack may or may not be a part of the SOCI

    Now somewhat of a Discredited Meme, as can be expected if everyone who uses says 'Candle Jack' disap

    Has even infiltrated theOther Wiki - see the entry for Freakazoid!

    This wave of abduction lead to an interesting question : Who clicked on the 'save' button to validate all those unfinished messages ?

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      • Oh, that's very polite of him! Thank you, kind Candle Jack, that's very kind of y
        • This is getting ridiculous; I refuse to pretend that every time I say Candle Jack he c
        • When are people going to learn that saying Candle Jack is asking for tro
        • I still don't see what's so wrong about ending a sentence with Candle Jack
        • You guys are all idiots! At this rate, Candle Jack is going to have to char
        • I wonder what Candle Jack does to the tropers he ki
        • Will I be okay if I refer to his name as a foreign one? Like Candle Jacque or som
        • Okay, this is getting ridiculous. The cartoon this guy appeared in stopped airing years ago. I honestly don't think that Candle Jack is still
        • I'm out of rope. Good going.
        • Alright, I think it's safe to say Candle Jack everyb