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David Weber in 2015. Photo by "S L O W K I N G".

David Weber is a best-selling Author of Science fiction and Fantasy.

Known for showing his work in Infodumps, even when in reality Space Does Not Work That Way. Has a thing for Asian female protagonists. Due to injured hands, he dictates (into a computer) Doorstoppers of ever-increasing length since he obtained Protection From Editors. Is also a Naval Historian.

Works written by David Weber include:

He has several major series, including:

  • Honor Harrington, his most popular series, detailing the career of a starship commander. Earlier stories fall into Recycled in Space Horatio Hornblower. Space Is an Ocean is a major trope of the series, with the FTL technology designed to produce some navalish battles. Thirteen mainline books, and two spin off series and counting. The historical analogies are never played completely straight, and the correspondences change as the series goes on. For example, the equivalent of Napoleon does not come to power, because the bad-guy's secret police win an Enemy Civil War.
  • The War Gods: Fantasy novel set in an original world created by David Weber for gaming purposes. Uses the 5 Races of Man with the equivalent Orcs as the 5th race. Notable as being set After the End of a Magitek empire. The series is still being made but is on the backburner for not being as profitable. Word of God confirms a novel and novella are in the works, and a 7 part series is planned eventually.
  • Empire From the Ashes (or the Dahak series): The Moon is a Spaceship (Qualifies as a Cool Starship) from a long dead human empire across hundreds of worlds. The moon has active countermeasures to appear perfectly harmless. Modern humans are the descendants of the loyal crew from the mutiny which stranded them. The rebels are the Ancient Conspiracy controlling our history.
  • Starfire: Weber was one of the designers of the tabletop space combat game Starfire before he was an author. His first novel was essentially a compilation of some backstory for the game that that he and Steve White came up with over email. He has since co-authored three other books in the same universe.
  • Safehold: Set on a Lost Colony that was deliberately lost to hide it from the aliens who destroyed the rest of the human race, and who seem to be able to detect any large-scale use of high technology. The plan was originally to rebuild humanity and develop a way to defeat the aliens while hiding from them, but the project is hijacked by individuals who brainwash the colonists and found a new religion with themselves as gods and designed to permanently lock the world in Medieval Stasis. 800 years later the plan is starting to show cracks, and the original pro-technology faction's last-ditch effort wakes up: an android containing the personality of a young female military commander, and equipped with a very few useful gadgets...
  • Hell's Gate: War between two parallel Earths that have been exploring portals between parallel worlds. Until they meet all the worlds have been uninhabited. One side has magic, the other psychic talents. Word of God states a technological faction will be forthcoming.
  • Bolo: David Weber is one of the most prolific writers of Bolo stories since the death of the original author, Keith Laumer. Bolos are large sentient tanks with weapons in the Megatonne per second level of firing. Notable due to the large level of Humans Are the Real Monsters in the stories with the Bolos often being the most sympathetic characters.
  • Empire of Man: Co-Written with John Ringo. Royal Brat Prince Roger, third in line to the throne of the Empire of Man, is targeted for assasination. It doesn't fail by much, and he's stranded- along with the Marine battalion responsible for keeping his sorry ass alive- on Marduk. Marduk being a Death World with distressingly unfriendly natives, it gets worse from there. On the upside, Roger belatedly gets better in a big way.
  • 1632: Co-written with Eric Flint (later books only). In the year 2000, a coal-mining town from West Virginia gets hurled across space and time to Germany in the 1630s, bringing half a millennium's worth of scientific knowledge and an iron-clad belief in the equality of all human beings to the church- and aristocrat-dominated 17th century.
  • Out of the Dark: Genre-bending new series.[please verify] Aliens invade the Earth, kill 3 billion, and fight the rest as pockets of resistance. The great leader of human forces rises...
  • The Apocalypse Troll
  • In Fury Born