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Light (singing): It must have been when you were kissing me!
L: The probability that you are Kira just went up ever so slightly.

Light: * Insane Kira laugh* That's right... I'm hungry. Seriously, where are the potato chips?

  • and...

Light: Hey, wait a minute. You're that guy who was watching me shower this morning.
Penber: You didn't seem to mind! You freakin' smiled at me!

  • Then later, when Matsuda's at the Yotsuba building:

L (Over the phone to Matsuda): "Hey, Matsui! I'm L the L guy you L met the other L night at L the bar, L L L L L L L L L L L detective. Get it? It's Spanish."

L: If any of you should attempt to jump Watari to find out my location or identity I should warn you that he is a Kung-Fu master.
Watari: L, I am NOT a Kung-Fu master.

  • The trap:

Lind L Taylor: My name, once again is Lind L. Taylor. L-I-N-D L. T-A... This is not a trap...

Ryuk: You've just been Rick Rolled.

Light: *Face Palm* I noticed.

    • And later there's L singing "Never Gonna Give You Up" through the voice synthesizer.
  • L's inner monologue on how he plans "to get close to" Kira:

L: Ideally I would get close to Kira. For all I know he might be a really swell guy. We can go for walks in the park, play competitive sports, and maybe some other stuff... Woah, where did that come from? That could be nice. Oh yeah... I know what move I'm going to make!

Sachiko: Oh Light, I didn't realize... you see your father and I... Well you can't BLAME for thinking it...
Light: Well you're wrong! WRONG I TELL YOU!!! * weeping and door slams*

Light: I can't take it anymore!
L: YOU can't take it anymore! You're not the one who had to go a week without sleep to watch lame camera footage of you reading inappropriate magazines from sixty different camera angles... because You wanted to break the law. So don't tell me you can't take it anymore, Light Yagami.

  • This:

Light: I need to go use the deathroom... I mean restnote... I mean... I just gotta go.
L: Well don't hold it in.

  • Misa is arrested as the Second Kira:

L: Watari, is she talking?
Watari: She never stops talking! I already have a headache just from driving her around and it's only a block from where we arrested her!

L:... I see what you mean. Watari, please shut her up!

  • Misa wants Rem to kill her:

Light: Now I just have to endure a week of Ryuk without being able to respond to him... and I just have to subtly fit the phrase "get rid of it" into conversation the next time L talks to me.

One month of confinement and Ryuk's endless whining later...

L: Oh hey Light I forgot you were in there...

Light: GET RID OF IT!!!!

  • As Dead Baby Comedy as it is, "I was just practicing falling sideways out of my chair. It seems like it'll come in handy later."
  • Light loses his memories of the notebook:

Light: My eyes are round now! Kira's Japanese, you said so yourself!

  • This:

L: If there is a God, he totally hates me.
Light: Damn straight I do.

Rem: If you do anything to harm Misa than the first thing that I will do is nothing, but than I wont hesitate to do nothing. You got that? Nothing, It's really painful.
Light: Dammit!