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“He is without question one of the most courageous men I have ever known. Fear was a stranger to him.”
Colonel “Buck” Lanham

American author and Nobel Prize winner. Has written some of the most famous Prose Fiction in the English language. First 20th Century writer to get away with the word "fuck". Master of Beige Prose. Fought in World War I, covered the sequel. Wrestled lions. Flew airplanes. Caught big fish. Made Mojitos and Daiquiris manly. Shot himself. Shortly before his suicide, claimed to a friend that the FBI was monitoring him. He was right.

One of the most Memetic Badass writers in western literature. (Did you see the part about wrestling lions?) The Most Interesting Man in the World is pretty much an expy of him.

Hemingway's works entered the public domain in Canada in 2012. They will enter the public domain in the UK and USA in 2032.

Works written by Ernest Hemingway include:
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