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    • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is, bar none, the greatest anime This Troper has ever seen. Incredible animation, a plot that is well-thought-out and well-paced without being more complex or DEEP than it needs to be, CMOAs Once an Episode at least, and the most awesome (and humongous) Humongous Mecha ever. Say it with me now: RAW RAW FIGHT DA POWER!
      • Ohgodyes. It makes this troper want to yell, punch the air with a clenched fist and smash stuff whilst wearing Cool Shades. Whenever I hear the theme(s),I get a rush like intravenous Powerthirst. Every. Single. Time.
      • Easily one of the most pleasant surprises This Troper has ever had the pleasure to see. It was incredible and surpassed heavy expectations, with numerous characters getting excellent character development, the Rossiu subplot was one of the best in anime history, with the resolution of Simon, and Kinon saving Rossiu incredible, other Directors and writers could learn something from watching this. Death isn't something you should just throw in, it should be made incredible, each character that died did so in an amazing manner.
      • Gurren Lagann broke this troper's fucking dam. Nothing, no matter how tragic or powerful (said troper laughed off Grave of the Fireflies, for reference) could muster anything more than a shrug. And then the last episodes happened. I wept like an infant at the pure, unabashed awesome for a full hour and went catatonic for three times that. Since then, anything in media even slightly depressing harkens back to ANIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIII and the floodgates open. Congratulations, Gurren Lagann, you've given me a vagina.
      • Gurren Lagann was pretty much the first anime series that this troper has ever really liked in YEARS. It's also quite probably the only show which affected him on a personal level. You can't NOT be affected in some way by the insane determination and never-say-die-in-the-face-of-insane-odds that the characters of this series possess.
        • Gurren Lagann was a major factor in overcoming clinical depression for this troper. Absolute despair? WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?
      • Gurren Lagann is just so awesome, I don't know how to explain the amazingness.
      • There was once a man who thought anime had lost its spirit. He believed that each passing year new anime lost more and more of the spirit and the momentum anime used to have. He believed that no series in any medium, any genre could ever hold up to the nostalgia of anime he watched as a kid or the hyperactive state two hours of cartoon action and five candy bars would drive him into. Then I got my hands on GURREN LAGANN (yes, I always scream it out loud like that). And he gasped. And he weeped. And he rejoiced with GUSTO. This lurker is proud to say THAT HE IS THAT MAN and happy he just made his first entry on this site with the show he loves!
        • There was another man, a man broken and despairing. All of existence seemed to hold contempt for him, and it would not even let him die. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann changed that at the climax of its eleventh episode. In his soul, a drill began to spin, and as it spun he would travel forward with it, breaking his suicidal tendencies and piercing through to the light above the darkness! The sun, the moon, the stars, the very fabric of reality watched in awe as he rose again, no longer despairing but rejoicing, having found the strength of his own soul! And with great pride, I can say that I, User:Lord Pentium, am the man who rose again, breaking through darkness into light! Who pierced the heavens with the drill of his soul!
          • There was a teenager, who often fell into depression as he thought to himself "What REALLY IS the meaning of existence?". After he watching this anime he realized, "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. THAT is the meaning of existence!"
      • Episode 11. "Ore wa ore da! Anahori Shimon da!"
        • Gurren Lagann was enough to make me want to start watching anime again after YEARS of withdrawal to manga. Thank you, Gainax, this MORE than makes up for the disappointing parts of Eva. Hell, this isn't a reconstruction of the mecha genre, as far as I'm concerned, it's a full-blown REBIRTH.
      • This troper life was changed after watching Gurren Lagann. Yes, this sound ridiculous, but its true. The sheer Hot-Blooded determination of this incredibly cheesy show not only cheered him up, it litterally made him feel alive again! It has set him ablazed with a passion he never believed he had. AND NOW, GIVING UP IS NO LONGER PART OF HIS MENTALITY! JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK HE IS?
      • Seconding everything. This Troper, despite being a girly shoujo fan who doesn't even like Mecha Anime, fell in love with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann within one just one awesomeness-filled episode. And since she doesn't have anything to say that hasn't been said here already, she would like to add that the High School AU manga, Guren Gakuen-hen, has been described as a thing of beauty, and that description couldn't be more right. It's hilarious, refreshing, an excellent but very loving parody of the series, Lighter and Softer in a good way while remaining true to the show and the characters, has scenes like this, and the best part? Kamina and Nia meeting.
      • In serious discussion, This Troper is usually careful in describing how he likes certain anime (or any story, really), but all of that goes out the window when it comes to TTGL. If asked about it, he will respond "Gurren Lagann is the greatest anime of all time!" without any hesitation.
      • This troper sometimes feels very depressed, especially when utterly swamped with schoolwork that she just doesn't feel like she can finish. She has even gotten professional help to aid her in her depression, but nothing helped her the way Tengen Toppa Gurren Friggin' Lagann did. It helps her to look forward, always work harder, and that she should throw her whole self into whatever she does, attack it with Kamina's enthusiasm. She heard about it on the was everywhere! It sounded ridiculous! But there had to be something about it that people liked, so she decided to try and see what was so intriguing about it by watching it...and now she is unashamed to admit that she thinks it's the GREATEST SHOW OF ALL TIME! She loves...she loves ALL of it!
        • There are some who wonder why TTGL is so popular. They most frequently ask "What's so great about it? Isn't this all a bit childish?" To the question of why it's popular there is but one response: PASSION. Gurren Lagann is filled with vast amounts of passion in all of its facets. Animation. Music. Voice Acting. Writing. All of the people working on the series put their heart and soul into creating it and creating the story they would love to see. We cared about the story because the people responsible cared. And they gave us one hell of a ride!
      • This thirty one year old troper had just finished the final season of Battlestar Galactica and was convinced he had watched the pinaccle of serious Geek entertainment. The cynical approach was the only legitimate one from now on and those silly kids shows where a thing of the past. Ok, he felt like slicing his wrists but hey: thats how it goes! Then he got really bored some night and watched a few episodes of a stupid shonen show named Gurren Lagann and found himself caught completely of guard by it. Goosebumbs until it hurt! Buckets and buckets of tears! Yeah, he now felt ashamed for casually dismissing the idealistic side when it clearly was still a legitimate way of thinking. How else could this goofy mech anime move him so deeply?
      • Grognor's gushing can be found here [dead link]!

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