Hood Hopping

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Car Chase meets Roof Hopping. The pursued character is getting away along a highway in a car or on a bike and the pursuer, lacking equivalent transportation, hops across multiple car hoods to close in on them. Every Car Is a Pinto can be expected.

Examples of Hood Hopping include:

Anime and Manga

Films - Animated

  • In Oliver and Company, Dodger eludes Oliver by jumping over cars. Oliver follows, but falls through the sunroof of one car.

Films - Live Action

Live Action TV

  • In Doctor Who, the Doctor does this in "Gridlock". Bonus Points for (a) it being flying cars and (b) the Doctor not only leaping from hood to hood, but actually getting in the cars through the top and out through the bottom.
  • A non-moving example: In an episode of Quantum Leap, Sam leaps into the body of Dr. Ruth Westheimer. During the climax, he is trying to stop a woman from being murdered, and the taxi he's in gets caught in a traffic jam. Having no time to spare, he exits the cab and runs to the woman's apartment by leaping from car to car; the reflection of Dr. Ruth is cast through the windows of various cars.

Video Games

  • Wet has an entire level about this, aptly titled "Vehicular Carnage".
  • The level "Route 666" in Bayonetta is like this.
  • A stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee has the fighters fighting on top of F-Zero vehicles, jumping from one to another as they got too far ahead or behind.